Announcements · Virtual Reality · Dec 02, 2022

Litesport Mobile App Now Available for VR Plus Community Hub Launches

Attention all Litesporters! November was an exciting month for VR with two brand-new updates to your workout experience: an in-app new Community Hub plus a new version of our mobile app featuring a world for our VR fighters.

Read on to learn more: 

Community Hub: See What’s New in the VR Community

Now there’s a dedicated space for all things community in our brand-new in-app Community Hub, available only for Litesport VR. 

In the Community Hub you can:

  • See what’s new in the VR community
  • View your active or pending Matches
  • Challenge any fighter in the community to a new Match
  • Find and follow other fighters
  • Get access to a list of suggested followers (we’ll suggest fighters that have similar music taste or leaderboard scores)
  • Try and beat our Trainers' high scores 
  • View your followers
  • And more!

The Community Hub makes it easier than ever for new (and veteran!) VR members to find, follow, and engage with other fighters in the community. 

For example, if you know someone’s username you can now find and follow them easily in the Community Hub. Once you’re following them, you can send them a Match and challenge them to beat your score on any workout you complete. You don’t have to be online at the same time. Matches work asynchronously so you can easily compete and challenge friends and family wherever they are in the world. 

Or skip the followers and experience a Match by trying to beat our Trainers’ high scores. Ready to check it out? Head to the home screen of your Litesport VR in-headset view to explore the new Community Hub.

New VR World in the Litesport Mobile App

On November 30 we launched a new version of our mobile app featuring a world for our VR fighters. This means you can plan your next VR workout straight from the Litesport mobile app on your phone or tablet. 

All you have to do is select VR on the mobile app’s home screen and you can browse VR-only workouts, save your favorite classes, create workout playlists, view your past activity, update your profile, and more. This lets you personalize your VR workout experience without putting on your VR headset. 

Here’s how it works… 

Liteboxer mobile app

How to Access VR in the Litesport Mobile App

If you already downloaded the Litesport mobile app, you’ll notice three different worlds are now available on the mobile app’s home page: Liteboxer, Liteboxer Go, and now Liteboxer VR. 

And that’s because whether you’ve got our original Liteboxer Floor Stand or Wall Mount, the portable Liteboxer Go, or Litesport VR, it’s all the same app! This makes it easier to switch between modes if you have multiple Litesport products. Select the VR world from the selection screen to get started.

But if you’re new to Litesport or haven’t yet downloaded the Litesport mobile app, you can find it in Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store on your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Once downloaded, select Litesport VR from the app’s landing page and you’ll be guided through an onboarding sequence to get you set up. 

What’s Available in the VR World of the Litesport Mobile App

There’s a lot you can do in the VR world of the Litesport mobile app! Here are all the features available today:

  • Browse all VR workouts
  • Star or save your favorite classes
  • Find and follow other fighters in the VR community
  • Send challenges from past workouts
  • Create workout playlists 
  • View your profile and workout stats 
  • Easily edit settings like your profile picture, username, and location
  • View your past activity and workout achievements, and share them on social

With the Litesport app on your phone, you can get push notifications like reminders for your next workout or updates such as when another fighter challenges you to a Litesport Match. All without having to put on your VR headset! This allows for easy, on-the-go Litesport VR access. 

Introducing Cross-World Stats

Are you an all-access member with more than one Litesport product? If so, we’ve got exciting news for you. With the addition of Litesport VR in the mobile app, your stats are now blended. This means your achievements will combine across the different products instead of having different stats in each one.

For example, you can now….

  • Maintain your streaks when away from your Litesport hardware by taking your Liteboxer Go or Litesport VR with you on a trip
  • Hit achievements and reach your daily and weekly punch goals even faster since these stats now combine across all products 
  • Unlock new achievements and badges like “longest streak” or “total punches” with your scores automatically combined together 

This update joins each Litesport product together into one master score. So now your hard work on one platform translates to another for a better all-in-one workout experience.

What changes would make your Litesport experience even better? Let us know here or join our Facebook community to provide your feedback through user polls and interactive questions. Plus, get the chance to vote on your favorite artists and songs that you’d like to see next.

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