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The Latest in Virtual Reality: Hand Tracking & Passthrough

Litesport is at the forefront of two brand-new Meta Quest features: Hand Tracking and Passthrough. These virtual reality features make Litesport different from any other VR boxing game

Curious to learn more about how they work? Join us as we dive into the details:

Hand Tracking

What is it?

Hand Tracking is a feature built into your Meta Quest or Meta Quest 2 headset that allows you to use your hands in place of your Touch controllers. No need to grip bulky hardware! Hand Tracking software captures your every movement for a controller-free experience making workouts that much easier. 

How does it work?

Four sensors built into the headset detect the position, orientation, and movement of your hands and fingers. Once detected, you’ll see a digital version of your hands in the headset. With Hand Tracking, your hands become your controllers. You can poke, pinch, swipe, scroll, punch, and make all kinds of movements in the metaverse as the headset tracks your every move.  

But if you prefer the haptic feedback of your Touch controllers, it’s super easy to switch back and forth. Once enabled in your settings, all you have to do to toggle between them is pick up or put down your Touch controllers. Box with the Quest controllers for an extra tactile feel or take them off and the Hand Tracking software automatically kicks in for a controller-free workout.  

Experience Hand Tracking in Litesport

Hand Tracking is still a new feature, which means that not every Meta Quest game offers it. And there are only a few games today that use Hand Tracking 2.0—Meta Quest’s latest update to controller-free VR. 

Litesport is at the forefront of this latest upgrade as one of the first five VR games to support it. Our team worked directly with Oculus to create the ultimate boxing VR workout using the latest features from the Hand Tracking 2.0 upgrade. 

With advanced Hand Tracking technology, your hands become your boxing gloves as the sensors track your accuracy, timing, and power with every punch. In other words, there’s no other game out there quite like Litesport. 

And with our latest freemium subscription model, you can experience what it feels like to box in the metaverse for free. All you need is a Meta Quest VR headset.

Download Litesport for free today in the Meta Quest store to get started.


What is it?

Passthrough is a Meta Quest feature that allows you to step outside your view of virtual reality to see a real-time view of your surroundings—without ever taking off your headset. In other words, it blends your physical and virtual environments for an augmented reality experience. 

How does it work?

With Passthrough mode enabled in your settings, the Quest 2 cameras on your headset can detect and display your real-world surroundings and incorporate them into your virtual reality. It’s like you’re looking directly through your headset into the real world.

This opens up a ton of possibilities for mixed reality experiences. Like collaborating with virtual coworkers while typing on your real-world keyboard. Or fighting virtual reality zombies popping out from behind the desk in your actual bedroom. 

Or, with Litesport, boxing to the beat of top-charting music with a best-in-class Trainer who looks like they’re standing in the center of your living room.

Experience Passthrough on Litesport

Passthrough is a brand-new experimental Meta Quest feature, and Litesport is one of the first to incorporate it. With Litesport you can choose different workout environments like a boxing ring or gym setting. Or you can use Passthrough mode to box in the metaverse surrounded by your real-world living room. 

Plus, we’re one of the first-ever VR platforms to have real Trainers working out alongside you. With this blend of physical and virtual reality, it’s like your Trainer is right there in the room with you. This elevates your workout because it immerses you in the experience, pushing you to give it your all and fight to the finish. 

Download Litesport and join us in the metaverse for free today or unlock our 7-day free trial to get a taste of Premium Membership. 

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