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Meta Quest 3 Now Available: 6 New Features That Will Elevate Your Workout

Big news in the VR world: Meta Quest 3 is officially available! This next-generation virtual and mixed-reality headset from Meta hit the shelves on October 10. Meta Quest 3 features double the GPU processing power, higher-resolution displays, full-color passthrough, enhanced controller haptics, a slimmer and more comfortable design, and more. Pricing starts at $499.99, making this a more accessible and affordable option compared to other Meta headsets like the Meta Quest Pro

Here are the new features you can expect in this powerful new headset and how they’ll impact your Litesport experience: 

Full-Color Passthrough

Meta Quest 3 features cutting-edge Meta Reality technology that seamlessly blends your physical world with the virtual one. The new headset features two RGB color cameras, innovative machine learning, and a depth projector for better spatial understanding. The result is a full-color and fully immersive passthrough experience that intelligently understands and responds to objects in your surroundings. This means that with Meta Quest 3 it’s easier than ever to interact with virtual content while navigating with ease in your very real physical world. 

With full-color passthrough enabled, it feels like your trainer is right there in the room with you in your Total Body, Strength, and Mitt Drill workouts. Combining the real with the virtual creates a fun, immersive experience that turns your workout into something much more exciting. Simply tap the side of your Meta Quest 3 headset to go from a fully immersive VR experience to a mind-blowing blend of virtual and reality.

High-Resolution Display

Quest 3 boasts a 30% higher resolution display than Meta Quest 2 thanks to pancake optics and its 4K+ Infinite Display with 25 pixels per degree and 1,218 pixels per inch. In other words, the visuals will practically pop off the screen. It’s Meta’s best resolution out of all their Quest devices. This clearer, sharper display means that your workouts with Litesport are that much better. From ultra-realistic interaction with the speed bag and battle ropes to mesmerizing visuals on the Liteshield, this next-level clarity and lifelike immersion is a game-changer for your Litesport workout

Next-Generation Snapdragon Chipset

Powering that full-color passthrough and high-resolution display is Quest 3’s next-generation Snapdragon chipset, developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies. The new Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 platform gives Quest 3 double the GPU processing power for a faster and smoother gaming experience. Get ready for lightning-fast load times, crisp details, and incredibly immersive visuals unlike anything you’ve experienced before. On Litesport, this creates a seamless and fast-action workout experience where you can go from one class to the next with no lag or loading time to slow you down.

Slimmer & More Comfortable Design

The Quest 3 headset features a 40% slimmer optic profile and better weight distribution compared to the Quest 2, without compromising on visual immersion. This new, thinner headset offers maximum comfort, which is crucial if you’re using your headset for fitness games like Litesport that involve a lot of moving and sweating. Comfort is also key if you plan on wearing your headset for longer periods, like back-to-back Trainer Classes or a 10-song Sparring Session. Quest 3 also offers plenty of customization options thanks to an adjustable strap design. You can easily adjust the lens positioning and pupil distance to accommodate glasses, face shape, hairstyle, and more.  

Enhanced Sound Clarity

Music is a crucial component of the Litesport experience, and Quest 3 helps amplify that experience with a new level of 3D spatial audio and a 40% louder volume range than Quest 2. In other words, the sound clarity of Quest 3 is unparalleled. This enhanced sound quality and spatial audio improvement creates a far more immersive experience that makes you feel like you’re not just listening to the music but like you’re part of the action. We can’t wait for you to press play on your first Punch Track in Meta Quest 3 — the sound will get you punching and moving like never before. 

Redesigned Controllers With TruTouch Haptics 

Meta also upgraded their Touch Plus controllers with the launch of Meta Quest 3. Say goodbye to the bulky outer tracking rings and hello to a sleek, ergonomic design that feels like a seamless extension of your hands. They’ve also included enhanced haptic feedback with their TruTouch technology. This means you’ll feel every punch on the Liteshield and experience every slam of the battle rope. The new ring-free design also makes your movement feel more natural so you can react more intuitively and punch with more accuracy. But if you don’t want to use controllers, the Quest 3 headset also offers enhanced hand tracking for a fun, controller-less experience. 

From maximum comfort to enhanced visuals to full-color passthrough, there’s a lot to experience with the new Meta Quest 3 headset. Ready to give it a try? It’s now available to buy on Meta starting at $499.99. Looking for a lower price point? With this launch, Meta also lowered their price for Meta Quest 2 to $299.99. This gives you even more options to join the metaverse, have fun, and achieve your fitness goals with Litesport. 

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