Trainers · Jun 15, 2021

Liteboxer Trainer Spotlight: Chris Vo

Meet Chris Vo, one of the newest members of our Liteboxer trainer team. Chris joins us from Equinox with over 12 years of fitness experience — not to mention his time on the Broadway stage! Chris combines his performer and kickboxing background to bring a fast-paced and beat-based workout into your routine. Get to know Chris and where you can sweat it out with him in your next trainer class. 

Quick facts about Chris

Favorite Liteboxer workout: 10-Minute Express 

“My favorite workout I’ve filmed for Liteboxer so far is my 10-minute express trainer workout.”

Favorite Liteboxer song to workout to: “With Every Heartbeat” by Robyn

Boxing inspiration: “Anyone who has the determination to put on a pair of gloves and learn to punch.”

Favorite boxing advice: Focus on your intention behind the punch.

“Give yourself the grace to not be perfect. Obsess over the “why” behind a punch. Be specific about intention and timing. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! It’s not rocket science — let’s light up this ring!”

Favorite way to cross-train: “I love yoga and tennis!”

What’s one thing you are looking forward to this year? “I’m looking forward to getting more time in the ring with YOU!”



Get to know Chris

Chris is a fitness professional and performer based out of New York City with a passion for enriching the world through movement. He has over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry as a founding lead trainer, content creator, master educator, and group fitness instructor at Equinox and EQX+. And now, he joins us as one of our newest Liteboxer trainers!

Chris has an effervescent spirit and a relentless passion that is contagious in every single class. Not only that, but he brings to the ring a wide range of fitness experiences including dance, martial arts, kickboxing, and Powerstrike.

“I’ve always been dedicated to enriching the world through movement and have been beat-driven ever since I can remember. The moment I stepped foot into a fitness studio, I knew that teaching fitness would be part of my fabric.” 



Parallel to his fitness career, Chris is a performer with experience on the Broadway stage, feature films, and television. He's performed in shows including Chess at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, Miss Saigon on Broadway at the Broadway Theater, The King and I on Broadway at the Lincoln Center Theater, and his Broadway debut in On the Town. Chris was also a featured dancer during Season 2 of the NBC show Smash.

As for boxing, Chris’s journey began with kickboxing through Ilaria Montagnani, creator of Powerstrike kickboxing where he has since become a Powerstrike instructor. Chris also studied Wing Chun and trained in martial arts for one of his performances, making him an even bigger powerhouse in the ring.  

But what makes Chris the perfect Liteboxer trainer is his love for music and how it combines with the workout for an amazing experience. 

“I love the combination of mental endurance, fortitude, and physical challenge when boxing. Especially when paired with music — the cathartic feeling is unparalleled.”

What to expect in Chris’s classes

Chris’s classes mesh his Broadway, dancing, kickboxing, and love for music into a beat-driven, positive, and motivational experience. In his class, Chris hopes to pave the road for his students to a stronger and healthier body and mind. He knows it will be challenging at times, but the journey is worth it.

“I want people to walk away feeling challenged, accomplished, and ready for more. Boxing is for everyone! My hope is that once you take one of my classes, you remember the way you FEEL. And hopefully, that feeling is a fun mix of sweat and joy.”

Instead of focusing on perfection, Chris wants you to obsess over your “why” for every punch in his class. It’s all about intention and timing as you light up the ring and punch to the beat with Chris in his one-of-a-kind classes. 

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