· Nov 18, 2021

Liteboxer vs. Other At-Home Boxing Equipment: What’s the Best Option for You?

Boxing is an addictive full-body exercise that offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a cardio and strength workout to add to your current regimen or you’re craving a fun new way to stay in shape. Not only can boxing build strength and improve your cardiovascular health, but it can also act as a great outlet for punching out any anger, frustration, or stress

With at-home boxing equipment, there are so many ways to reap these benefits without stepping out of your home. There’s no need for an intimidating boxing gym or restrictive fitness class schedule.

Here’s a list of some of the most common at-home boxing options and their benefits so you can find the right one for you and your space. 


Shadow Boxing

Shadowboxing is the most basic at-home workout solution because it requires minimal to no equipment. Throwing punches in the air is a great way to practice your boxing technique while challenging your cardiovascular fitness. However, its minimalism could result in a boring workout with very little engagement.



  • Requires zero equipment 
  • Helps practice your technique and learn new punches or boxing combinations
  • Great cardiovascular workout
  • Without a target to hit it’s difficult to develop any kind of power, strength, or accuracy
  • Feels boring and less powerful to punch the air without any kind of target
  • No way to measure or quantify your progress 

Heavy Bag

Heavy Bag

There are several types and sizes of heavy bags you can buy including free-standing heavy bags, hanging bags, wrecking balls, body opponent bags (BOB), uppercut bags, maize bags, teardrop bags, and more. 

With a fabric exterior and often sand interior, they’re great for landing punches, building strength, and practicing form. But as a big and bulky sandbag, they tend to make more sense for a boxing gym than an at-home workout. 



  • Great for developing power and strength and practicing different punches and boxing combinations
  • Can be used for almost any type of martial arts such as MMA, kickboxing, and Muy Thai
  • Its movement can help mimic the feeling of a real fight making it easier to practice your footwork, timing, and defensive moves
  • Some are great for practicing specific skills like the uppercut, making it easier to perfect your technique
  • Often expensive, especially if you want a high-quality bag. 
  • Often big and bulky and can take up a fair amount of room
  • Difficult to install depending on the type of bag and structure of your home
  • No engagement with the bag telling you where, when, and how to punch
  • Easy to get into bad movement patterns or learn improper boxing form, especially without a trainer guiding you
  • No way to measure or quantify your progress 

Water Bag

Water Bag

The water bag is a type of heavy bag that’s usually hung from the ceiling and, as the name implies, filled with water. Usually requiring minimal maintenance and coming in a wide variety of sizes and options, they're a great piece of boxing equipment. However, their price tag, installation, and risk of water leakage might not make them the best for your home. 

  • Punches are much easier on the hand than a heavy bag, resulting in fewer injuries
  • Gives you the same feeling as hitting a real human body, which some boxers training for the ring can appreciate but for your average at-home boxer isn’t much of an advantage
  • Easy to fill up in your sink and needs little to no maintenance, unlike a leather heavy bag
  • More rebound with your punch, making it easier to practice movement, footwork, defensive moves, and accuracy
  • Runs the risk of leaking or cracking and getting water all over your home
  • To avoid leakage you’d want a durable water bag, often coming with an expensive price tag
  • Installation might not be possible depending on the space and structure of your home
  • No engagement telling you where and when to punch
  • No way to measure or quantify your progress 

Speed Bag

Speed Bag

The tiniest of the bag options is the speed bag. Hung from the wall in a teardrop shape, it’s designed to quickly bounce back with every punch, perfect for speed training and hand-eye coordination. It’s an excellent tool for the boxer in training but for the average person trying to get in a good workout at home, it doesn’t make sense as your primary piece of equipment. 

  • Helps build boxer speed, focus, accuracy, timing, and hand-eye coordination
  • An excellent way to build strength in your shoulders and arms
  • Helps train you to keep your gloves up at your chin the entire fight
  • Often used in tandem with other forms of training; might not make sense as sole piece of equipment 
  • Focusing on speed means you’re not focusing on power or strength
  • Can feel very repetitive, with little variance in how you use it
  • Doesn’t teach you proper boxing technique 
  • No way to measure or quantify your progress 

Double End Bag

Double End Bag

The double end bag is a basketball-sized ball attached to both the ground and the ceiling. The rebound of this double-ended bag means it bounces back at you, giving you the feeling of boxing with an opponent. And while it’s far more engaging than other bag options, it might not be the best choice for beginner boxers or those looking for more guided instruction. 



  • Its movement simulates a real fight making defensive moves and footwork part of the training
  • Helps build reaction-time, hand-eye coordination, and speed
  • Can help you train proper boxing form and technique 
  • Not a beginner-friendly bag because it’s a lot harder to land punches on a moving target
  • No engagement telling you where and when to punch
  • Easy to get into bad movement patterns or learn improper boxing form, especially without a trainer guiding you
  • No way to measure or quantify your progress 


Liteboxer Wall Mount and Floor Stand

One look at Liteboxer lets you know we’re not just another heavy bag. With Liteboxer, we elevate the boxing bag experience with cutting-edge simulators that sync with your favorite music, adapt to your goals, track your progress, and keep you motivated. 

We’ve taken the best parts of the boxing workout and paired them with an interactive beat-driven experience that has you punching in time with the music. Compete against yourself and others as you climb the Leaderboards, achieve your Personal Best, and up the ante across three different levels of difficulty. 

Here’s how we’re different from other types of at-home boxing equipment:

Unlimited Beginner to Advanced Class Content

Unlike several of the solutions above, Liteboxer offers a challenge for all fighters, with 600+ class options and levels of difficulty tailored to everyone from the beginner to the experienced boxer. You can sweat it out in Trainer Classes, Sparring Sessions, beat-driven Punch Tracks, or specialized boxing skill classes, and more

You can adjust the experience to match your fitness level so your workout offers just the right amount of challenge for you. Then all you have to do is listen to your Trainer’s cues, follow the lights, and get lost in the music.

“Liteboxer is great for any skill level. You don’t have to be a pro boxer to have fun and feel your workout...I’d highly recommend this for anyone with extra angst and space.”

– Abby W. 

Beat-Driven Workouts

Music powers the Liteboxer experience, challenging you to keep up with the beat as you find your rhythm. Our team of DJs and programmers work with the best labels and artists in the game, guaranteeing a wide variety of options from hip hop to rock to dance remixes. 

With 100 beat-choreographed Punch Tracks and 1,500+ songs featured in our Trainer Classes and Sparring Sessions, there are options for everyone (and every mood). And it’s not just fun to punch to the beat of your favorite songs, it’s actually more effective. So no matter what song you’re boxing to, the music is going to motivate you to punch harder and go for longer. 

“I am really enjoying Liteboxer. It gives me a great workout without being boring. Enjoying all the songs that are available. Since I am new to boxing I enjoy that there are easy options to start.” 

– Sherri B. 

Real-Time Results

The Liteshield, an innovative blend of hardware and software, is at the center of every session. Its force-detecting LED light pads sync with the rhythm of the music and track your hits, telling you in real-time whether you’ve thrown an accurate punch or not via the green and red light indicators. It delivers a captivating experience that’s tough, fun, and rewarding. 

After your workout is complete, you can view your punching force, accuracy, and stamina. With our Liteboxer Scoring System, you can try to beat your best score, compare your results with friends, and watch yourself get stronger with every class. 

“Extremely pleased so far. I’m enjoying the trainer-led workouts as well as punch tracks. I love having a score to try to beat each time. Makes it a personal challenge for me.”

– Erin R. 

Community Competition

Shadowboxing or facing off against a stationary heavy bag can be a very isolating and repetitive exercise. With Liteboxer, you can compete head-to-head with family, friends, and other members of the Liteboxer community to see who gets the highest score (and bragging rights). 

You can also join our Liteboxer community for access to accountability coaching, fitness motivation, challenges and competitions, and the opportunity to connect with and get feedback from our Liteboxer Trainers. This kind of community competition and support unlocks a whole new level of motivation, making it easier to fit a workout into your busy routine. 

“Just started using it, and it’s awesome. So much fun and a great challenging workout.” 

– Andrew Y. 

World-Class Trainers

Our Trainers have years of fitness experience and come from a variety of backgrounds including boxing, careers as professional athletes, and dancing. With these pros, you can get some of the best total body fitness instruction and feel more agile, stronger, and more confident. 

Throughout each class, the Trainers are calling out what to do as you strike down the punch pad’s lit-up force sensors. It’s like having a personal trainer right in your living room, coaching you on correct boxing form and technique while pushing you to never give up the fight.

“Best. Workout. Ever. I got ½ way through an instructed session and was gassed! Been getting better at it and it is a HUGE relief of stress after the workday.”

– Daniel G. 

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