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VR Fitness: How to Stay in Shape in the Metaverse

VR fitness is changing the workout game. Instead of a boring run on the treadmill or a commute to the gym, you can transport yourself out of your living room into an immersive and interactive virtual environment. And the workouts offer some serious cardio

VR Fitness: The Future of Fitness

In 2020, researchers at the University of Minnesota found that VR fitness showed a positive effect on physical fitness, muscle strength, balance, and extremity function. They even found that VR exercise could help ease fatigue and reduce stress, tension, and depression while boosting your sense of calm.  

And the best part about virtual reality fitness is that you don’t even realize you’re working out. Slamming battle ropes, ducking under obstacles, and punching a virtual punching bag while racking up points feels more like a game than a workout. Yet, get to the end and it might surprise you how much you’re sweating and how many calories you burned. 

And while the VR fitness space started as a specialty, high-end item it’s now far more accessible and affordable. Especially with free VR workouts like our Litesport Basic membership! It’s less than a gym membership, you can work out at home, and you’ll have fun while you’re doing it. We expect it won’t be long until VR equipment like the Meta Quest headset becomes your standard at-home workout gear. 

Litesport VR Fitness Workout Options

But what kind of workouts can you expect in the metaverse? Here are four VR fitness workouts that we offer in Litesport VR. Ready to get started? Join for free today

Mitt Drills

Mitt Drills are a VR-only workout experience where your Trainer is right in front of you guiding your punches just like real-world pad or focus mitt training. It’s the next best thing to having a Trainer in the room with you. Because, with virtual reality, it feels like they’re really there. 

This kind of student-to-trainer interaction is brand new to the VR fitness space and we’re excited to keep exploring how these classes elevate your at-home workout experience. And with Premium, you have over 100+ Mitt Drill class options to choose from. Find your favorite Trainer and press play to level up your boxing skills, improve your form, and have a blast working out. 

Total Body

We're excited to introduce Total Body Workouts, Litesport's first virtual reality full-body workout. With Litesport Total Body, Premium VR members can take on full-body exercises that incorporate exciting and responsive VR elements. You’ll slam battle ropes, rack up points on the speed bag, avoid overhead ropes with ducks and squats, and engage your full body in every workout. 

Like Mitt Drills, Total Body Workouts position your Trainer right in front of you in the metaverse, guiding your every move and providing clear, expert instruction. Only, these workouts aren’t centered around the Liteshield.

Instead, this VR workout will get your arms and legs moving with new dynamic and interactive elements. These accessible and fun movements make full body training even more exciting and motivating for everyone from the beginner to the expert. 

Punch Tracks

Music is the heartbeat of the Litesport experience and it’s our Punch Tracks that power the beat with an ever-growing library of music’s biggest hits. With Punch Tracks, you can find your flow with the latest charting music as you choreograph your punches to the beat of a single song. 

Our team of DJs and programmers work with the best labels and artists in the game, guaranteeing a wide variety of options. With over 150+ tracks and new ones dropping daily, there is a Punch Track for everyone (and every mood). Our Punch Tracks cover a variety of genres, from hip hop to pop to dance remixes.

They’re perfect if you’re short on time and want to sneak in a workout or if you just want to lose yourself in the music. Punch Tracks not only challenge you to keep time to the beat but elevate your workout experience one song at a time.

And with our brand-new Liteshield 2.0 punching the air never felt so good! The new VR Liteshield has more depth to it, and physics built in so that when you punch, the pads move as if they’re absorbing the impact. The pads also respond differently depending on the speed of your punch. When combined with haptic feedback plus visual and sound effects, this delivers a much more satisfying VR workout experience.


Trainer Classes

VR Trainer Classes are your chance to sweat it out in the metaverse with one of our best-in-class Trainers. You’ll find them right there on a screen to your left, coaching you on correct boxing form and technique while pushing you to never give up the fight. 

In these classes, our Trainers lead you through rounds of VR boxing, interspersed with cardio and strength training exercises such as lunges, squats, or skater hops. We've programmed the lights and music to sync with their instructions. All you have to do is listen to their cues, follow the lights, and get lost in the music. 

Throughout the class, you can expect a focus on boxing technique, proper form, and the opportunity for plenty of modifications. These workouts build your strength, cardio endurance, and mental acuity while leveling up your boxing skills. Trainers also incorporate active recovery warm-up and cool-down stretches, ensuring you get a full workout from start to finish. 

Join Litesport for Free Today

And you can experience all this VR fitness for free! With a freemium Litesport subscription, which we call Basic, you get access to a curated selection of 65 free workout options to give you a taste of the Litesport VR experience. It’s free, you don’t need a credit card to sign up. 

But, when you’re ready to upgrade your workout we also offer a Premium membership option. With Premium, you unlock access to 500+ workouts, top-charting music, new content added daily, plus other Premium features. Still not sure? Try our 7-day Premium free trial to experience all that Litesport VR Premium has to offer.

We’ll see you in the metaverse! 

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