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Tracking Performance and Results with Litesport

Litesport isn’t your average workout. Not only do we offer several unique ways to build up a sweat—from boxing to strength training to total body—but we also measure and track your progress with every punch, rep, and squat. These real-time results and performance tracking metrics help improve your workout experience—making it easier to set goals, challenge yourself, and get stronger and fitter. But perhaps more importantly, it makes your workout fun! 

But how exactly do we score your workouts and measure your progress? Here’s a quick guide to performance tracking and results on Litesport, and what they mean for your workout. 

How We Score Each Workout: Real-Time Metrics

Keep track of your score or reps throughout each Litesport workout with real-time metrics. Here’s how we score each class: 

Boxing: Punch Tracks, Mitt Drills, and Trainer Classes

There are two major metrics we’re tracking in real-time throughout your Punch Tracks, Mitt Drills, and Trainer Classes:  

  • Good hits: This is how many accurate punches you throw during your workout by punching the right target at the right time. You know you got an accurate hit when the Liteshield targets turn green. If you hit the wrong target or hit the target too early or too late, the lights flash red and you will break your streak.
  • Streaks: This is your consistency or how many good hits you get in a row. When you’re in the flow you can bring in a high streak score. Hitting the wrong sensor or missing the beat throws off your streak. 

The score you see at the top of your screen during your workout is a combination of these two metrics. Each “good hit” or target you successfully punch in time earns you a base of 10 points. You’ll also get extra points for streaks or when you’re in the flow and nailing multiple successful punches in a row. The more you punch, the more points you accumulate. This is why content with more punches will have a higher score ceiling compared to those with fewer punches. Want more points? Challenge yourself to a longer or more advanced class.

At the end of your workout you’ll see a results screen featuring a few stats from your workout:

  • Good hits: number of accurate punches
  • Score: your final points tally
  • Best streak: the number of good hits you get in a row
  • Calories: total calories burned during the workout
  • Velocity: showcases the average punch speed during your workout
  • Location: your percentage of good punches out of the total
  • Create a match: challenge another Litesport athlete to try and beat your score in a Litesport Match!

Also, when you achieve a high score in a Punch Track, Trainer Class, or Mitt Drill we’ll celebrate by sharing a personal best flag on both your results screen and workout history. This makes it even easier to track and be proud of your latest accomplishments with Litesport. 

Total Body

Total Body workouts are scored similarly to our boxing workouts, with points awarded for correctly completing moves plus bonus points for accuracy and timing. And just like in other Litesport workouts, there are bonus points awarded for streaks. Get multiple accurate hits in a row and we’ll multiply your points as you go. 

Here’s how we score each exercise in our Total Body workouts:

  • Duck Ropes and Lunge Lines: Duck or lunge without the rope or gradient hitting your head and you’ll score 25 points each.
  • Battle Ropes: Each swing of the rope that hits the target at the right time gives 8 points if you’re standing and 10 points if you’re down in a squat. And we’ll award bonus points for staying on the beat!
  • Rope Swings: You get 8 points for each accurate swing of the rope. And like Battle Ropes, you get bonus points for swinging your rope while staying on time with the music.
  • Speed Bag: Each hit gives you 5 points. There are no beat-based bonus points here because the goal is to hit the speed bag as many times as you can before the element disappears.

You can view your final results for each Total Body Workout in the results screen pictured at the end of your workout. On this screen, you’ll see your overall score, percentage of good hits, your longest streak, calories burned, and a breakdown of the good hits you got for each specific workout element. Keep in mind that these scores rely on the accurate positioning of your headset. So make sure everything is set up correctly before you start! 


Instead of good hits and streaks, our Strength workouts are a competition against yourself. Throughout the class, a muscle diagram will highlight the specific muscles you’re working on while our workout timer tracks the time you have remaining for each movement. 

After your workout, the results screen displays your total calories burned, muscles worked, reps completed, and the time spent on each muscle group. If you enter the weight of your dumbbells, the app will also calculate your total weight lifted during that workout. If you didn't enter or use any weights, the results screen will display your total reps instead. When you complete 5 sets of an exercise for a specific muscle, it’ll glow at 100% on your muscle map. This will slowly fade to 0% over the next 5 days. 

Your profile combines your workout results over 1, 7, 30, and 90 days, encouraging you to establish a regular workout routine and keep coming back for more. This also makes it easy to compare different workouts and achieve balance across different muscle groups. All these results and progress-tracking stats encourage you to come back for another workout so you can keep that muscle map glowing bright and get stronger with each class.

Your Performance Dashboard

With Litesport, it’s not just about tracking your real-time results during a workout. With our performance dashboard, you can monitor your progress across all workouts. Head to your Litesport main home screen to view your score and overall performance stats. 

This stat board includes: 

  • Current score (total number of points you’ve ever accumulated)
  • Global rank (what percentile you rank in across the entire Litesport community)
  • Monthly and weekly active days (you can scroll through previous months as well)
  • Daily and weekly streak totals
  • Total calories burned
  • Activities completed
  • Active time
  • Punch goals
  • Punch performance across a 7 or 30-day timeframe (features velocity, timing, location, good hits, and total punches)

Use your performance dashboard to track your progress over time so you can see how much you improve and challenge yourself to do even better (or beat your personal best!) next time. And with over 1,000+ classes in the app and new ones dropping daily, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish or how much you can improve your score.

Whether your goal is to lift heavier weights, punch harder, build endurance, or just have fun, these performance trends and real-time results are critical because they help you track your progress over time. And they keep you motivated so you’re excited to come back for more. Ready to get started building your own performance dashboard? Sign up today for your 7-day free trial.

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