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Submit a Video of Your Punch Track Workout and Get Free Swag

We’ve seen you climbing the Leaderboards and putting in the work with your Litesport. You’re giving it all you’ve got in the ring, finding your flow, and having fun in the process. And we want the world to see you in action.

We’re looking for all fighters—from the boxing pros to the first-time Litesporters—to create a short video of your Litesport Punch Track experience. 

Then, upload your video to social media, tag @Liteboxer on IG or @litesportvr on TikTok and #Litesport, and we’ll give you Litesport swag—for free! It’s that easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a Video - Grab your phone and show us what you’ve got in the ring. Film yourself punching to the beat of your favorite Punch Track on level Medium or Hard for about 12-15 secs. 
  2. Post to Social - Share your video on your Instagram or TikTok account, and make sure to tag @Liteboxer on IG or @litesportvr on TikTok and #Litesport. You can also post your video in our Litesport Facebook group for the added bonus of boxing form tips, pointers, and encouragement from the Litesport community, including our best-in-class trainers.
  3. Get Free Swag - Once we see your tagged post on social media, someone from our team will reach out to you for your shipping address and hook you up with some free swag. 

Share Your Liteboxer Workouts

It really is that simple! All it takes is filming the Punch Track workout you’re already doing on your own. Show the world what it looks like to build strength, power, and confidence one punch at a time, all while having fun. 

Not sure what to film? There’s something for everyone with Litesport, which means every fighter’s experience is going to look a little bit different. Here are some suggestions from the Litesport community for the Punch Track experience you could share: 

You can create multiple profiles on your Litesport account, meaning the whole family can join in on the fun. Is someone in the family hogging your Litesport? Film them in action boxing it out to the latest Punch Track:  

Are you letting off some steam with Olivia Rodrigo’s “good 4 u”? Show us how you’re punching away the stress:

@fuelwithkay @Liteboxer i’m hooked 🥊 #boxingtraining #liteboxer #videogameworld #boxing ♬ original sound - Kayla

Have you been boxing with us for a while? Let’s see that top-notch form you’ve been working on:

It’s hard not to forget your first time trying the highest level of difficulty on a Punch Track. It feels like you’re barely hanging on as those LED runway lights speed across the Liteshield. Film that moment when you step up to the plate of the ultimate “Hard” challenge: 

@thabostonboss Wth @liteboxer ♬ original sound - Kwaku

Did you just get your Litesport? Give us a feel for what day 1 looks like in your first-ever Punch Track: 

Are you upping the ante to the next level of Punch Track difficulty? Show us how it’s going: 

@amandaglennthegood Still love my @liteboxer ♬ original sound - Amanda

Ready to get some free swag delivered right to your door? Film your next Punch Track workout, upload to social media, and tag us. We can’t wait to see you in action! And don't forget to check out our blog The Ring for all kinds of boxing tips and even more exciting updates, announcements, and competitions.

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