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New FOCUS Class Series: Improve Your Boxing Technique and Sharpen Your Form

We’ve just launched brand new FOCUS class content in Litesport. What are FOCUS classes and where can you tune in? Read on to learn more.

What are FOCUS classes?

Our FOCUS classes are all about improving your boxing form by developing one fundamental boxing skill per class

Whether it’s speed, power punches, strength, or boxing combinations, these specialized classes dedicate time to helping you grow your boxing skills with Litesport, all while getting in a great workout that’ll leave you sweating. 

While our trainer classes and sparring sessions offer a great foundation for boxing fundamentals, our FOCUS classes elevate that boxing foundation with a more in-depth focus. Providing a dedicated space to practice your Litesport boxing technique makes it easier to zero in on the skills that need sharpening. 

Who are FOCUS classes for? 

FOCUS puts a special emphasis on the skills and techniques that every fighter needs to master in the ring with Litesport, whether it’s your first time gloving up or you’re a seasoned pro. 

If you’re interested in investing time in your boxing fundamentals and getting the most out of every Litesport workout, these classes are perfect for you. 

Try out a FOCUS class today

So whether you need a refresher or more of a guided breakdown, press play on one of these FOCUS classes today. While each one is focused on a separate skill, they all offer a full-body workout, top-charting music, and step-by-step trainer instruction to improve how you move in the ring.

15 min Mixtape FOCUS: Speed with Anthony

If you’ve got a need for speed then it’s time to hit play on this FOCUS class. Throughout the 15 minutes, Anthony works with you on finding the rhythm, staying on tempo, and layering in speed with precision in your boxing form. 

Expect a fast-moving class with double and triple time tempos but not without a focus on correct boxing form and technique. With a chance to reset in between jabs and crosses, you’ll learn how to effectively master your speed without sacrificing your form. 

So get ready for those fists to fly as you practice flurries, uppercuts, and the art of the jab to some fast-moving hits from the early 2000s. 

15 min Mixtape FOCUS: 3 Punch Combos with Anthony

Perfect the art of the three-punch combo in this 15-minute FOCUS class with Anthony. Three-punch combos are all about staying on beat while delivering power and speed with every head and body shot. You’ll practice changing levels as you throw both offensive and defensive combinations. 

Some combos will move fast while others are focused on slower and more hard-hitting punches. And with a lineup of Axwell and Ingrosso, Migos, Beenie Man, and Justin Bieber you’ll be turning up the music as you tune into the fight of this workout.

10 Minute Express FOCUS: 4 Punch Combo with Max

It’s time to master that four-punch combo in this 10-minute Express Maroon 5 themed FOCUS class with Max. You’ll practice following the light and punching the light as you perfect every four-punch combo that Max throws your way. 

Each one will start slow at first with a reset in between each round. After you’ve aced the combo, you’ll go nonstop until every punch in the sequence feels like second nature. And although this class might only be 10-minutes, Max wastes no time getting right into it and delivering a hard-hitting and sweaty workout. 

10 min Express FOCUS: Power Punches with Mary

The FOCUS of this Express workout is maximum power as you work on harnessing the force from your entire body and releasing that energy through your fists. Throughout the class, Mary walks you through the basics of the power punch every step of the way. 

Teaser: it’s more than just arm strength! Power generates in your legs, builds in your core and is driven out through your fists. 

To execute a powerful punch, you need to control the body. And by the end of this ten-minute electronic dance music workout, you’ll be mastering that control and utilizing your full body to not just punch at the shield but through the shield. 

Start your 7-day free trial or head to Litesport to press play on one of these workouts today. And stay tuned as we launch even more FOCUS content. 

Looking for more skill-focused Litesport workouts? Head to our Litesport Beginner Guide where we break down the best resources for making the most of your Litesport experience. 

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