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Litesport Workouts: Mitt Drills

Face your trainer head-on in Mitt Drill workouts or classes that mimic pad or focus mitt training. It’s an exciting way to stay in shape while improving your boxing form and reaction time. Learn more about Mitt Drills and try this workout for free today

What Are Mitt Drills?

Mitt Drills center around real punch combos that your Trainer will build on progressively as you box to the beat. It’s the next best thing to having a Trainer in the room with you. Because, with mitt drills, it feels like they’re really there in your living room calling out drills as you throw punch after punch. This kind of student-to-trainer interaction is brand new to the VR fitness space and we’re excited to keep exploring how these classes elevate your at-home workout experience. 

How Does It Work?

In these workouts, we've programmed the lights and music to sync with your trainer’s instructions. All you have to do is listen to their cues, follow your trainer, and get lost in the music. After your workout is complete, you can view your force, timing, and accuracy metrics in the Litesport app. By tracking your progress and pushing for that personal best, you can get stronger with every class. 

  • Increase the difficulty: Mitt Drills range from beginner to advanced, with options for every athlete.
  • What to choose: Short on time? No worries, we’ve got options ranging from a quick 5-minute sweat session to 15-minute burners. Mitt Drills are perfect for squeezing a workout into your busy schedule. 
  • Best-in-class trainers: Our trainers have years of fitness experience and come from a variety of backgrounds including boxing, careers as professional athletes, and dancing. With these pros, you can get some of the best total body fitness instruction leaving you more agile, stronger, and confident. Instead of a lonely boxing match with a stationary sandbag, our professional trainers are right there in your room calling out instructions and encouragement as you line up your punches with their mitts.
  • How to play: Choose a 5-minute Mitt Drill workout for a quick pick-me-up or add Mitt Drills to a Litesport Playlist for a longer workout. 

Train Your Reaction Time

Boxing is all about quickly and effectively responding to the movement of your opponent. That’s why reaction training (through exercises like Mitt Drills) is just as important as all other aspects of boxing training. Training quick reflexes also strengthens your mind-body connection, creating better alignment between you, your body, and your environment. 

Pad work or pad training is an incredibly common method of reaction training in any boxing gym. And Litesport Mitt Drills is the VR equivalent of pad work. It helps train your reaction time on a moving target, while also giving you the chance to practice both offensive and defensive moves in rapid succession. But instead of needing to recruit a partner, you’ve got a built-in trainer right there in your living room.

Other Ways to Workout With Litesport

Litesport is your one-stop fitness app for an immersive, fun, and effective workout. And we offer more than just boxing workouts! Litesport has boxing, total body, and strength workouts in the metaverse featuring chart-topping music and best-in-class Trainers:

  • Boxing (Mitt Drills, Punch Tracks, and Trainer Classes): Improve your form, enhance your boxing technique, and get expert instruction and motivation in trainer-guided classes and Mitt Drill workouts. Or test your rhythm and strength with Punch Tracks as you throw punches in time to the lights and beat of a single song.
  • Total Body: Follow along with your Trainer as you take on full-body exercises that incorporate exciting and responsive VR elements. You’ll slam battle ropes, rack up points on the speed bag, avoid overhead ropes with ducks and squats, and engage your entire body for our most complete workout. 
  • Strength: Our newest unique-to-VR dumbbell-based workout challenges you to build strength the right way. In these classes our certified trainers will guide you through tried-and-true weight-lifting and strength exercises, ensuring correct form. 

With over 1,000+ workouts and new content daily, there is always a new class to try as you push your fitness even further. And we’ve got plenty of Mitt Drills to choose from so turn up the volume, elevate your workout, and get your heart rate pumping. Learn more about Litesport Membership and start your free trial today

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