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Which VR Fitness Game Is Best For You? Litesport vs Supernatural vs FitXR

The world of VR fitness is exploding with an increasing range of options to maximize your workout in the metaverse. In this blog, we’re comparing three of the top subscription-based VR fitness games including Litesport, Supernatural, and FitXR with a quick overview of each plus a look at their pros and cons. 

Let’s get started:


What is Litesport?

Litesport, formally Liteboxer, combines hit music, game dynamics, and expert training to create the world's most immersive workouts. By combining innovative boxing, full body, and strength training workouts, Litesport creates the ultimate virtual reality fitness experience. And Litesport is the only VR fitness platform to place real, certified trainers in the convenience of your own home. 

What can you expect?

There are three categories of workouts with Litesport, each with unique benefits:

  • Boxing: Improve your form, enhance your boxing technique, and get expert instruction and motivation in trainer-guided classes and Mitt Drill workouts. Or test your rhythm and strength with Punch Tracks as you throw punches in time to the lights and beat of a single song.
  • Total Body: Follow along with your trainer as you take on full-body exercises that incorporate exciting and responsive VR elements. You’ll slam battle ropes, rack up points on the speed bag, avoid overhead ropes with ducks and squats, and engage your entire body for a complete workout. 
  • Strength: This unique-to-VR dumbbell-based workout challenges you to build strength the right way. In these Strength classes, certified trainers guide you through tried-and-true weight-lifting and strength exercises, ensuring correct form. 

Biggest pros

  • Real-life trainers working out alongside you
  • Chart-topping music with a wide selection
  • Variety of workouts with new content dropping daily
  • Full-body cardio and strength training
  • Head-to-head matches with other players
  • Motivating leaderboard and workout stats
  • Hand-tracking and passthrough mode options
  • Extra focus on correct form to reduce injury and improve the effectiveness of your workout
  • Build your own playlists and customize your workout

Biggest cons

Ready to give Litesport a try? Download the app and start your 7-day Premium trial today and cancel anytime. 


In Supernatural, you’re smashing targets or boxing to the beat of the music while immersed in a beautiful background like the Isle of Sky in Scotland, the surface of Mars, a volcano in Iceland, or the ruins of Machu Picchu. Like Litesport, the workout is an immersive experience that feels more like a game than an actual workout. With live-action coaches and top music, Supernatural is a popular way to work out in the metaverse.

What can you expect?

Supernatural features several options to break a sweat, recover, or reduce your stress:

  • Flow: In these signature workouts, you’re using the two batons in your hands to hit targets of corresponding colors as they fly toward you, all to the beat of a song or playlist. You’ll exhaust your full range of motion as you swing to hit high and low targets, squat through triangular barriers, and move 360 degrees in a beautiful environment.
  • Boxing: This is one of Supernatural’s most recent additions to the platform. In boxing workouts, you’re punching to the beat of a song or playlist with music-synced moves and boxing combinations.
  • Meditate: Step away from reality and into a world of calm as you reduce stress through guided meditations in captivating environments. 
  • Stretch: In these short recovery classes, coaches provide you with one-on-one routines to feel your best, whether you're warming up, cooling down, taking an active recovery day, or getting ready for bed.

Biggest pros

  • Coaching from top trainers
  • Beautiful and immersive backgrounds
  • Chart-topping music with a wide selection
  • Easy to get lost in the music and enter what users call a “flow-like state”
  • Full-body cardio

Biggest cons

  • Very little instruction on form
  • Doesn’t use Meta’s controller-free hand-tracking or passthrough mode
  • Limited library for classes outside of Flow
  • Lacks community with a Leaderboard that only features people you follow
  • Can’t compete head-to-head against other players
  • Very little performance tracking data
  • Zero curated playlists 



FitXR is a like a fitness center in the metaverse complete with a variety of options from boxing to low-impact pilates-inspired workouts to dancing and more. It’s guaranteed to get you sweating with a wide selection of workouts, including newly released HIIT and combat classes. 

What can you expect?

FitXR has several workout modes including:

  • Boxing: Throw punches like the jab, cross, and hook as you smash targets flying toward you and squat under obstacles. 
  • Sculpt: Low-impact, high-burn conditioning workouts that feature pilates and barre-inspired moves. 
  • HIIT: A high-intensity interval workout that tests your agility, endurance, speed, and more with heart-pumping challenges that have you doing everything from hitting targets to lunging side to side. 
  • Dance: It’s like Dance Dance Revolution in the metaverse as you dance along with your trainer to the beat of the music. 
  • Combat: A martial arts-inspired workout that incorporates moves from Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and more.

Biggest pros

  • Multiplayer mode that lets you face off against friends
  • Variety of workout options
  • New classes released daily
  • Leaderboard and performance stats offer motivation both during and after the workout

Biggest cons

  • Little to no interaction with real trainers
  • Workouts often feature an avatar of a trainer and not a real trainer live in front of you
  • Generic and instrumental tracks only 
  • Very little instruction on form
  • Only offers cardio workouts with no options for strength training
  • Doesn’t use Meta’s controller-free hand-tracking or passthrough mode


Litesport vs. Supernatural vs. FitXR: What’s the Difference?

Supernatural is a rhythm game that utilizes the full body, FitXR is a fitness platform in the metaverse, and Litesport is a mix of the best of both. But what are the major differences? Let’s compare these VR fitness games side-by-side. 





Live-action coaches meet you face-to-face in virtual reality and are by your side throughout the workout.

Live-action coaches join you for the warm-up and cool-down of the workout and offer voiceover support but they’re not with you throughout the class.

Aside from the random callout of encouragement, there is little to no interaction with a real trainer. And most classes that do have a trainer, like dance or HIIT, are an avatar and not a real-life person.


Wide selection of licensed, chart-topping tracks

Wide selection of licensed, chart-topping tracks

Generic music and instrumental tracks

Types of workouts



Total Body










VR features

Offers A/R passthrough mode and hand tracking

No hand-tracking or passthrough mode

No hand-tracking or passthrough mode


View your force, timing, accuracy, and other real-time metrics in the Litesport app. And you can track your progress over time with 7- and 30-day performance views, and more. 

Plus, new Strength workouts feature an interactive muscle map that helps you target different muscle groups.

Post-workout stats measure total points, accuracy, and speed. However, scoring often feels random and Supernatural offers little insight into how they calculate those scores.

Leaderboard displayed during the workout indicates your score, streak, accuracy, and more. Then, post-workout you can track your calories burned, total hits, average punch speed, and more.


Yes, track your performance in the Litesport community with Leaderboards for every workout.

Yes, but you can only compare your performance against the people you follow.

Yes, track your score, streak, and position on the leaderboard both during and after the workout. 


Compete head to head against other players in Litesport Matches.

No daily or weekly challenges and can’t compete head to head against other players

Compete against up to six other players in multiplayer mode.


Yes, Litesport has an active online Facebook community

Yes, Supernatural has an active online Facebook community

Yes, FitXR has an active online Facebook community.


Available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and 16 locations in Europe

Only available in the United States and Canada

Available anywhere in the world


$14.99/month premium membership or $0 basic membership. Premium comes with a 7-day free trial.

$18.99/month or $179.99/year and comes with a 7-day free trial.

$9.99/month or $83.99/year and comes with a 7-day free trial.

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