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Litesport Premium Membership: Unlocking the Unlimited Workout Experience

Litesport offers two membership options: Premium and Basic. With Basic, our free membership option, you get access to a limited selection of workouts to get a feel for the Litesport experience. But with Litesport Premium you unlock unlimited access to premium content dropping daily, including Punch Tracks programmed to an always-growing library of the latest charting music and classes led by our best-in-class trainers. But Premium is more than just unlimited workouts, top music, and new daily content—it’s a front-row pass to all the latest VR features that take your workout to the next level. 

Get to know our Litesport Premium membership with a breakdown of what’s included. (Or want to dive right in? Get started today with our 7-day free trial.)

What’s Included in a Litesport Premium Membership

  • New daily content: New workouts and exclusive Punch Tracks drop daily so there’s always a new challenge ready to explore with each workout session!
  • Unlimited workouts: Get access to 1000+ boxing Classes, 65+ Total Body workouts, 50+ Strength workouts, and an ever-rotating library of Punch Tracks to keep you motivated and fit.
  • Premium music: Explore a library of the latest charting music from all genres including popular artists like Avicii, Post Malone, DMX, Ariana Grande, the Weeknd, and more. 
  • Build your own playlists: Create your own custom workout playlist by adding, removing, reordering, and saving your favorite Litesport workouts in one place.
  • Explore 5+ workout environments: Gain access to a wider variety of VR environment options. Environments are the backdrop to your VR experience—giving you the inspiration you need to go hard and give it all you’ve got in your workout. 
  • All the latest VR features & upgrades: Premium members get first access to all our latest feature upgrades, VR additions, and more! 

4 Ways to Workout with Litesport Premium

Here’s a breakdown of all the workouts you’ll unlock with a Litesport Premium Membership: 


In Strength, our certified Trainers will guide you through tried-and-true weight-lifting and strength exercises, ensuring correct form. These classes are perfect for those interested in strength training who may feel intimidated or unsure of where to start. 

With 50+ at-home weight-based workouts available in a Premium membership, there are endless options to target all 14 key muscles and filter content by the specific muscle groups that you want to focus on. These classes also leverage Meta’s mixed reality features like passthrough and hand-tracking, making your workout accessible, safe, and effective. 

Total Body

We have over 65+ Total Body workouts available in Premium. In these workouts, you’ll follow along with your Trainer as you take on full-body exercises that incorporate exciting and responsive VR elements. You’ll slam battle ropes, rack up points on the speed bag, avoid overhead ropes with ducks and squats, and engage your full body for our most complete workout. 

These accessible and fun movements make full-body training even more exciting and motivating for everyone from the beginner to the expert. And speaking of motivation, we score each class based on correctly completing moves, plus bonus points for accuracy and timing. 

Boxing Trainer-Led

Improve your form, find your limits, and get hands-on support and motivation with over 1000+ of Litesport’s multi-level Trainer-Led Classes. Sweat it out with one of our trainers in multi-round boxing workouts interspersed with cardio and strength training exercises such as lunges, squats, or skater hops. 

Each workout will build your strength, cardio endurance, and mental acuity while leveling up your boxing skills. It’s like having a personal trainer right in your living room, coaching you on correct boxing form and technique while pushing you to get the best workout possible. 

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds including boxing, careers as professional athletes, and dancing. With these classes, you can get some of the best total body fitness instruction leaving you more agile, stronger, and confident. 

Punch Tracks

With over 150+ Punch Tracks in Premium, it's easy to find your flow with the latest charting music. Our team of DJs and programmers choreograph punches to the beat so you can find the rhythm and lose yourself in the music. 

We also work with the best labels and artists in the game, guaranteeing there is a track for every fighter. Each song has a unique punch combination and three different levels of difficulty, allowing you to choose the right level for your own pace. The result is an immersive and thrilling exercise experience that challenges and motivates you.

Premium vs. Basic: Membership Plan Comparison

With Litesport Membership, you have two plan options to choose from: Basic or Premium. Here’s a breakdown of both and what you get with each one so you can choose the Litesport Membership Plan that works best for you: 






Punch Tracks

10 Punch Tracks with Production Music Only

150+ Punch Tracks with Top Charting Music

Trainer Classes

3 Sparring + 2 Trainer Classes

1000+ Trainer Classes

Mitt Drills

20-30 Mitt Drills

100+ Mitt Drills

Total Body

2 Total Body workouts

65+ Total Body workouts


3 Strength workouts

50+ Strength workouts

VR Workout Environments

2 Environments

5 Environments

New Content

No new content

New content added daily!

Playlist Builder Feature

Not available

Build as many playlists as you want!


Free, no credit card required

From $14.99/month 

Sign up for a 7-day free trial!

Not sure if Litesport Premium is for you? With our 7-day risk-free trial, you have a whole week to try out our premium membership worry-free. Learn more and get started today. We’ll see you in the ring!

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