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Litesport Workouts: Sparring Sessions

It’s time to step into the ring with your favorite Trainers and punch it out to music hits of all genres in our interactive beat-driven Sparring Session workouts. These Trainer Classes create the physicality, rhythm, and emotion of sparring in a ring with a partner, but from the comfort and convenience of your own home. 

And it’s not just fun to punch to the beat of your favorite songs, it’s actually more effective. So no matter what Sparring Session you choose, the combo of the music and our best-in-class Trainers are going to motivate you to finish the fight. 

Learn more as we dive into all there is to know about our Sparring Sessions. And get started today with a Litesport Membership to experience this immersive beat-based workout right in your own living room. 



What Are Sparring Sessions?

Sparring Sessions are great for mastering your boxing technique in a programmed punch sequence that combines the best of Punch Tracks with Trainer Classes. In a Sparring Session, your Trainer is the DJ, walking you through different punch combinations before you spar on your own to the beat of the music. These classes challenge you to find your rhythm and flow, to follow your Trainer’s instructions, and to not give up the fight. 

How it works: Your Trainer starts by walking you through different punch combos you’ll throw in that round, offering guidance and technique tips. Then the Trainer’s chosen Punch Track plays so you can practice that combo on your own in a one-song round before popping back on with your Trainer to demo the next combo. 

Sparring with the Liteshield: With each song, you’ll practice timing your punches to the beat as our LED lights radiate from the Liteshield’s center to one of our six targets. Think of those targets on your Liteshield as your sparring partner. The top three are swings to the head while the bottom three are body shots. No matter where you’re punching, you’ll know you’ve made an accurate hit when the lights turn green.

What to choose: You have options for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 song Sparring Sessions so you can pick the workout duration that’s right for you. Sparring Sessions also cover a variety of genres, from hip hop to R&B to rock, so there’s something for everyone (and every mood). 

Increase the difficulty: Sparring Sessions range from beginner to advanced, with options for every fighter. You can adjust the fight to match your fitness level so your workout offers just the right amount of challenge.

Real-Time Results

The Liteshield, an innovative blend of hardware and software, is at the center of every Sparring Session. Its force-detecting LED light pads sync with the rhythm of the music and track your hits, telling you in real-time whether you’ve thrown an accurate punch or not via the green and red light indicators. Then, after your Sparring Session is complete, you can view your average punching force, accuracy, and stamina right in the Litesport app. 

Beat your best score: With our Litesport Scoring System, you can try to top the Leaderboards, compete with friends, and watch yourself get stronger with every Sparring Session. 

Community competition: You can also join our Litesport community for access to accountability coaching, fitness motivation, challenges and competitions, and the opportunity to connect with and get feedback from our Litesport Trainers.

Classes for Every Fighter

Here are some of today’s top-rated Sparring Sessions, with options for every fighter from beginner to advanced. Unlock unlimited access to these classes and more with a Litesport Membership.


Make sure to start on the Home screen of your Litesport app with our Litesport Technique introductory videos. These offer a great orientation to Litesport so you know exactly what to expect before you dive into your first workout.

Once you’re ready to get punching, head over to Chris’s 15-minute Hip Hop First Time Beginner class. This is for our fighters stepping into the ring and hitting the Liteshield for the very first time. Chris breaks everything down, including how to follow the lights and where to throw every punch.

After that first class, you’re ready for some great beginner Sparring Sessions:

  • 2 song Hip Hop with Myles
  • 3 song 2000s Pop with Dillon
  • 3 song Breakup Hits with Jill
  • 3 song Dance with Max
  • 4 song Pop Icons with Dillon


Once you’re feeling more confident in the ring and ready to turn up the heat, you can try one of our intermediate Sparring Sessions:

  • 2 song EDM with Lissa
  • 2 song ‘80s Throwbacks with Chris
  • 4 song Funk vs. Soul with GW
  • 4 song East Coast Hip Hop Battle with Chris
  • 4 song Hair Metal vs. Heavy Metal with Max
  • 4 song Motown with Anthony


In our Advanced Sparring Sessions get ready to sweat as the runway lights travel at a faster frequency to increase the difficulty and our trainers line up longer punch combos. These are great for our more experienced boxers or those looking for a challenge:

  • 2 song Mixtape Advanced with Mary
  • 3 song EDM Advanced with Lissa
  • 3 song Remixes Advanced with Max
  • 4 song ‘90s Rock Advanced with Jill
  • 4 song Pop Advanced with Chris
  • 10 song Classic Rock with Anthony

There are over 200+ Sparring Sessions available in the Litesport app, with new workouts being added daily. So turn up the volume, grab your gloves, and get your heart rate pumping during one (or all!) of these classes. Learn more about a Litesport Membership so you can get started today. 

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