Trainers · Jul 21, 2021

Litesport Trainer Spotlight: GW

Meet GW, a member of our Litesport trainer team! He has over 8 years of fitness instruction experience, plus has spent time in the ring winning competitions as an amateur MMA and Kickboxing fighter! But for GW, boxing began as more than just a passion but as a means of self-defense. Get to know GW and where you can sweat it out with him in your next trainer class.

Quick facts about GW

  • Favorite Litesport workout: “Any 30-minute trainer workout!”
  • Favorite Litesport song to workout to: “Champion” by Kanye West

“Hands down hip-hop all day!”

  • Boxing inspiration: Muhammed Ali
  • Favorite boxing advice: “Be patient with yourself, don’t take it so seriously, have fun and enjoy the ride. Boxing is a journey with an infinite ceiling. It will completely change your life."
  • Favorite way to cross-train: 30 minutes of boxing and 30 minutes of Olympic Lifts: deadlifts, clean and jerks, and dips

“I’m a mixed martial artist so my training is rigorous and very demanding on the body. It consists of not only performance training but also the mental and physical strain of being under duress or dire circumstances. Two hours of combat training followed by an hour of weight or resistance conditioning. Add 8-10 mile runs a day 5-6 days a week and we haven't even scratched the surface!”

  • What’s one thing you are looking forward to this year? “Continuing my education in Physical Therapy!”


Get to know GW

With over eight years of fitness training experience and a background in Muay Thai, wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Krav-Maga, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) we’re over here wondering if there’s anything that GW can’t do! He’s even won several amateur MMA and Kickboxing fights and has competed in a few Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. 

GW’s introduction to boxing began as a way to protect himself from bullying as a kid and that practice turned into a lifelong passion as he’s moved from student to competitor to teacher. 

I’ve been boxing since I was around 10 years old, I grew up in a rough neighborhood and I had to learn how to defend myself so I wouldn't get bullied. Boxing was my first discipline and later I took up wrestling and Kenpō.”

What started as self-defense turned into much more as GW turns to the ring for self-confidence, mental clarity, and stress relief. 

“I love the mental clarity and confidence that I get after a great boxing workout. I feel stronger, more agile, and it’s such a great stress reliever. It has taught me patience and understanding not only in myself but those around me. I sleep better, I’m more alert, and have increased stamina.” 

When he’s not in the ring you can find GW with his two dogs enjoying an action movie or romantic comedy, out with friends, or enjoying live music!


What to expect in GW’s classes

With classes ranging from beginner to expert, GW seeks to share the grit, edge, and confidence boxing gave him during an important time in his life. 

“I want people to walk away with good instruction, solid knowledge and fundamentals of boxing, as well as a boost of confidence. I hope people learn to love themselves wherever they are in life, just being happy with who you are and trusting in the process.”

And with an extensive background in multiple forms of martial arts, expect a unique blend of MMA-inspired strength training and boxing in GW’s classes. His creative metabolic workouts use a combination of resistance and mobility to improve range of motion while achieving total body optimization.  

What does this mean? You’re going to work hard and sweat a lot because GW is here to push you harder than you’ve ever worked before! 

“I like to really challenge my clients. I focus on technique and performing each exercise to perfection. I'm always going to remind you that you still have a fight to win between your goals and your fears.”

That’s because for GW boxing is more than just a fight in the ring. His passion as your boxing trainer is to help you live out your full potential to reach your personal goals, both short and long-term. 

I just want to pass on all my knowledge and experience to help others realize their goals and aspirations. If that can change the path of someone's life I’ve done my job as a human being.”


How to box with GW

Perfect your boxing technique and work towards achieving your biggest goals with trainer GW! He’s here to push you to be your best both in and outside the ring. You can join GW on Litesport with a 7-day free trial

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