· Feb 09, 2021

Litesport Rhythm Technology: The Peloton for Boxing and the Guitar Hero of Workouts

Rhythm gaming meets Rhythm Technology™

Time travel with us for a moment back to the late 90s/early 2000s. You’re at an arcade with your friends, challenging each other to a dance battle on Dance Dance Revolution or facing off in Guitar Hero battle mode. It wasn’t just the sweet glory of winning that attracted you to these games. It was also the carefully curated soundtracks, the levels that walk you from beginner to expert, the intuitive controls, and a sense of community through competition. 

This is the power of rhythm gaming that syncs software with song, creating an experience that is so close to the real thing that it feels like the real thing. The dual hand guitar control in Guitar Hero felt like you were holding a real guitar. The dance floor of Dance Dance Revolution felt like a real dance floor. 

Crowds cheered you on with every successful guitar strum or dance step. The movements were timed to the music. The on-screen visuals brought everything together to create a very real experience. With Guitar Hero, you felt like a rockstar ready to hit the stage. With Dance Dance Revolution, you felt like a dance pro with killer reflexes and well-timed choreography. 

Combining interactive gaming with a boxing workout

At Litesport, we asked ourselves what would happen if we combined this kind of real-world interactive gaming experience with a boxing workout. This all started with founders Todd Dagres, lifelong athlete and general partner at Spark Capital, and Jeff Morin, an MIT-educated engineer. After feeling less than enthused with a stationary sandbag boxing workout at home, Todd knew that physical training could be made better with a more digital experience. 

Todd knew he couldn’t be alone in needing a more interactive workout. As a pandemic makes working out at home the norm, we understand how important it is to have a workout experience you actually look forward to. After all, this is what made Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution so popular. People wanted to play. They chose those games over other options time and time again. Why can’t your workout feel the same way? 

Shadow boxing or facing off against a stationary heavy bag can be a very isolating and repetitive exercise. Todd and Jeff wanted to take the best parts of that workout and marry them with an interactive digital experience. They wanted to connect you with other boxers, make boxing fun, and help you improve your skills while getting stronger. 

Todd and Jeff knew that the answer they were looking for existed in the power of rhythm gaming, but that nothing like this existed for a boxing workout experience. This brought about Rhythm Technology™, Litesport own patented software that combines the best of boxing and gaming. Litesport is the only connected fitness platform currently on the market today that offers full-body boxing workouts equipped with this Rhythm Technology™. 

What is Rhythm Technology™?

Rhythm Technology™ is all about syncing lights, music, and programming to create an immersive and effective experience. Or in this case, a powerful workout. Litesport's Rhythm Technology™ combines rhythm gaming with fitness, creating a Dance Dance Revolution experience for your fists.

Built and shaped like a treadmill, you begin by standing on the platform and connecting your smartphone or tablet to the built-in tablet shelf, bringing expert boxing trainers right to your living room. With six targets and force sensors, over 200 LED lights radiate from the shield’s center to tell you when and where to punch. After your workout is complete, you can view your force, timing, and accuracy metrics. By tracking your progress, you can get better every time you punch. 

This punch pad gaming system combined with fitness, or sweating as you time your punches to dance and pop music, will leave you wondering whether you finished a workout or a highly interactive video game.

Instead of dancing to the beat on a dance floor or strumming a guitar shaped control, you are boxing to the beat. Instead of willing your feet to step on the right arrow in time, you are punching our punch pad’s lit up force sensors to the beat of Lizzo, Justin Bieber, or The Weeknd. 

And instead of boxing in isolation in your living room, our professional trainers call out tips and instructions as you strike down the punch pad’s lit up force sensors that track your every movement and walk you through boxing combos. Or you can compete against your friends and family on the same workout and compare (or gloat) about the results. The result of this digital experience is that you feel like a real boxer in your living room.

Learn how to box without the hassle of learning how to box

What makes Litesport so appealing is that well designed rhythm gaming (or in Litesport's case, Rhythm Technology™) gives you the benefits of the real experience without the hassle of the real experience. 

With Litesport, you can learn to box without the intimidation and expense of a boxing gym or expensive personal trainer. Not to mention that you also avoid the possible threat of getting punched in the face. This is what makes Litesport so unique compared to a sparring partner at a gym or a lonely boxing match with a stationary sandbag.

The best of gaming and fitness

Todd and Jeff’s vision has come to life as Litesport brings the best of both gaming and fitness worlds to create a boxing experience unlike anything else. You get the competition through the app and our challenges, the power of music to power your workout, interactive gaming features that leave you sweating, and real-world boxing tips from the pros. This is the power of Litesport's Rhythm Technology™ platform.

Whether you consider us the Guitar Hero of workouts or the Peloton of boxing, know that with Litesport we are always going to bring you the best that gaming and fitness have to offer.

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