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Litesport Beginner Guide: How to Prepare for Your First Boxing Workout

Litesport offers a challenge for all fighters, with different classes and levels of difficulty tailored to everyone from the beginner to the experienced boxer. 

But for those just stepping into the ring or picking up boxing gloves for the first time, we’ve got you covered with your beginner guide to getting started with Litesport. We’ll break down what to do before you step into the ring and where to start with your very first beginner workout. 

Before you know it, you’ll be releasing your inner champ.

Boxing: The Sport for Every Fighter

If you’re shying away from boxing because you believe it’s only for the advanced boxing pros or professional athletes, it’s time to think again. Boxing is an addictive full-body exercise that anyone can enjoy no matter your age, gender, or fitness level

It’s a sport that offers something for everyone, whether you’re preparing for a fight or just looking for a fun cardio and strength workout (with a ton of physical and mental health benefits!). And the beauty of Litesport is you can adjust the experience to match your fitness level, so your workout offers just the right amount of challenge. 

So whether you’re pressing play on a beginner or advanced workout, we guarantee that the lights, top-charting music, and best-in-class instruction create an at-home workout experience that’s unlike anything you’ve tried before. 

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Preparing for Your First Workout

There are a few introductory videos, games, and boxing form basics we recommend starting with before you step onto the platform. These help you get familiar with your Litesport experience so you can step into the ring knowing exactly what to expect and how to get the most from your workout. 

Introductory Videos

Things happen quickly once you step up to the shield and press play. Flashing lights, big beat drops, and your trainer calling out instructions about numbered punches and boxing combos. 

That’s why on the Home screen of your iOS or Android Litesport app we have three introductory videos we recommend everyone watch before your first fight:

  • Intro to Litesport
  • Litesport Technique
      • Six Signature Punches
      • Footwork & Stance
      • Defensive Moves
      • Setting Up Your Bands
      • Trainer Classes
    • Intro to Trainer Classes

    Even if you already have some boxing experience, these videos offer a great orientation to Litesport and our specific terminology and technique. That way you know exactly what to expect before you dive into your first workout. 


    A great place to start getting familiar with the rhythm and timing of a Litesport workout is Thumboxer. Thumboxer is a game right on your Litesport app where you can box it out with your thumbs. 

    It’s just like our workout on the platform, only you’re timing your thumbs instead of your fists to the beat of the music. Since you only need the app to play, this is the perfect practice as you’re waiting for your Litesport to arrive or if you feel like you need some rhythm training before hopping onto the platform. 

    Boxing form basics

    Keeping your form and technique sharp is important as you’re learning how to box. Not only does this help protect you from injuries, but it also allows you to land a good punch over and over again with more efficiency and strength

    While your trainers spend a lot of time talking through boxing form and technique in every workout, it’s helpful to start learning the basics before you even step into the ring. This gives you a solid foundation to start with so you can build on that foundation with every class. 

    We’ve broken down the basics for you so you can perfect that all-important boxing foundation:

    Choosing Your Workout

    Once you’re ready to get started there are over 300+ Trainer Classes and an ever-rotating library of Punch Tracks for you to choose from in your Litesport app with a Litesport Membership

    We offer three different levels of difficulty for every fighter: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. No matter the level, all classes are going to push you to do your best and work your hardest. But if you’re new to Litesport or boxing in general, we recommend our beginner-level classes as a great place to start. 

    Chris’s 15-minute Hip Hop First Time Beginner Workout

    For our fighters stepping into the ring and hitting the shield for the very first time, we recommend starting with Chris’s 15-minute Hip Hop First Time Beginner workout. 

    In this entry-level class, Chris breaks everything down nice and slow including how to follow the lights and where to throw every punch. It incorporates the perfect amount of boxing form basics and strength training, including a breakdown of your six essential punches.

    FOCUS Classes

    Our FOCUS class series is dedicated to practicing one boxing technique per class, such as speed, power punches, or different boxing combinations. Run just like any other class, each one offers a full-body workout with a special focus so you can sharpen your technique and improve your form. 

    Here are some FOCUS class options available in the app:

    • 15 min Mixtape FOCUS: Speed with Anthony
    • 15 min Mixtape FOCUS: 3 Punch Combo with Anthony
    • 10 Minute Express FOCUS: 4 Punch Combo with Max
    • 10 min Express FOCUS: Power Punches with Mary

    Beginner Punch Tracks

    With Punch Tracks, our team of DJs and programmers choreograph punches to the beat so you can find your flow with the latest charting music.

    Each Punch Track has a unique punch combination and three different levels of difficulty, allowing you to choose the right level for your own pace. The sequence and speed of the runway lights and the PPM (punches per minute) are what distinguish Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of a given Punch Track. 

    Runway lights are the LED lights radiating from the shield’s center to one of Litesport's six targets, telling you when and where to punch. The runway lights travel at different speeds for the same song depending on the level you choose. 

    The faster the runway lights, the more punches you have to throw throughout the Punch Track. This increases the difficulty of the workout. 

    Beginner Trainer Classes

    Improve your form, find your limits, and get hands-on support and motivation with hundreds of Litesport's multi-level trainer classes. In these classes, you can sweat it out with one of our best-in-class trainers in multi-round boxing workouts, sparring sessions, or Strength classes. 

    It’s like having a personal trainer right in your living room, coaching you on correct boxing form and technique while pushing you to never give up the fight. 

    Each Trainer class is either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. You can filter by the level of difficulty right in your Litesport app to find the perfect class for you. What separates a beginner trainer class from an advanced one is the trainer style, music tempo, or level of difficulty of the workout or boxing combinations. 

    Here are some great beginner trainer class options to try:

    • Myles – 10-minute Express Hip Hop Beginner
    • Jill – 10-minute Glutes and Abs Beginner
    • Dillon – 15-minute Mixtape Beginner
    • Jill – 3-song Sparring Session Reggae Remixes
    • GW – 3 Song Sparring Session Hip Hop Beginner
    • Anthony – 15-minute Nu Metal Beginner
    • Kristi – 20-minute Glutes and Abs Beginner

      Still not sure which workout to choose? Check out our articles below for extra help deciding: 

      Unlock Your Litesport Membership

      It won’t be long before you’re ready to tackle all levels of workouts in the Litesport app. To unlock unlimited access to premium content make sure you’re set up with a Litesport Membership

      A Litesport Membership gives you access to:

      • New daily content: New workouts and exclusive Punch Tracks drop daily so there’s always a new challenge ready to explore with each workout session.
      • Unlimited workouts: Get access to 300+ Trainer Classes and an ever-rotating library of Punch Tracks to keep you motivated and fit.
      • Premium music: Explore a library of the latest charting music from all genres including popular artists like Avicii, Post Malone, DMX, Ariana Grande, the Weeknd, and more. 

      Learn more about Litesport Membership and all you can do in the Litesport app:

      We know there’s a lot to think about when you’re just starting with Litesport or if you’re new to boxing. But the most important thing is to have fun and lose yourself in the music. And remember that your trainers will be right there with you the whole time, reminding you to keep your core tight and your hands light— along with a bunch of other words of encouragement. So glove up, press play, and get to work fighter! 

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