· Jul 19, 2023

June’s Top Ranking Workouts: 15 Popular Litesport Punch Tracks & Classes

Welcome to our monthly fitness roundup! If you're on the lookout for a fresh and exciting new workout to add to your routine, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we’re featuring the top-ranking Litesport workouts of June, including all categories of Litesport fitness: Boxing, Total Body, and Strength. Each workout is designed to challenge your body, spark your motivation, and unleash your inner athlete. 

Ready to get started? Here are the top workouts of June: 

Punch Tracks

With Punch Tracks, you can find your flow with the latest charting music as you choreograph your punches to the beat of a single song. They’re perfect if you’re short on time and want to sneak in a workout or if you just want to lose yourself in the music. So what have we been boxing to in June? Here are the top tracks: 

  1. "Unholy" by Sam Smith & Kim Petras
  2. "Heat Waves" by Glass Animals
  3. "Livin' On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi

Trainer Classes

In Trainer Classes, you can improve your boxing form, find your limits, and get all the support and motivation you need to power through your workout. Each class features professional trainer instruction, top-charting music, and endless options to sweat it out. But of the hundreds of Trainer Classes available to you in the app, these three were the most popular in June: 

30 min Mixtape with Lissa (released 6/10/23)

We challenge you to add this popular 30-minute Mixtape class to your next workout. It’s jam-packed with 8 rounds of boxing and non-stop action. Lissa leads you through exciting boxing combos, quick flurries, hard-hitting body shots, defensive slips, and more. It’s challenging but this fun playlist of absolute bangers will amp you up and keep your energy high. As a mixtape-themed class, you’ll get it all from pop with Carly Rae Jepsen to hip-hop with Drake to dance/electronic with AFROJACK and more. Fists up, let’s go!

15 min Mixtape: Pride Edition with Aliyah (released 6/17/23)

June was Pride month, and we went all out with a whole week of Pride-themed workouts. And this 15-minute trainer-led boxing workout was a top favorite. In this class, Trainer Aliyah gives a special shout-out to our LGBTQIA+ community with words of encouragement and high-energy music from allies and queer artists like Lady Gaga and Sam Smith. Throughout the class, expect to pick up the tempo with fun boxing combinations featuring uppercuts, flurries, double jabs, and more that build your power and speed. This workout is no breaks, all gas. Yet Aliyah keeps you going with exciting combos and endless motivation—encouraging you to get out of your head so you’re ready to say “yes” to the challenge. 

15 min Dance Pop FOCUS: 4 Punch Combos with JD (released 6/7/23)

Grab your gloves and get ready for a challenge in this 15-minute Dance Pop FOCUS class with JD. Our FOCUS classes are all about improving your boxing form by developing one fundamental boxing skill per class. And consider this workout your 4-punch combo masterclass. Throughout the 15 minutes, JD throws combo after combo at you as you box to the music of The Weeknd. You’ll start slow until you get a hang of the combo, then JD speeds it up so you can build power, strength, and speed while focusing on form. This class is all about finding growth and building your boxing skills. In other words, it’s the perfect addition to your routine!

Mitt Drills

Mitt Drills mimic pad or focus mitt training with your trainer right there in front of you guiding your punches and coaching you on correct form as you box to the beat. It’s the next best thing to a trainer in the room with you. And these three workouts ranked the highest for June: 

4 Song Mitt Drill Party Playlist with Jill (released 6/16/23)

Ready for good vibes, good energy, and a good time? Join Jill for this 4-song Mitt Drill workout featuring the ultimate party playlist. We’ve got dance floor hits, a Stevie Nicks remix, spicy reggaeton, and LMFAO chanting at you to take shots. Are you on the dance floor or in a workout? It’s hard to tell as you’re sweating it out to these power punches, flurries, and boxing combos. And throughout each round, Jill challenges you to set the bar high and beat your top score in this quick-flow workout. 

2 Song Mitt Drill Dance Pop: Pride Edition with Lissa (released 6/13/23)

Join Trainer Lissa for a 2 song Mitt Drill pop mix as you celebrate and work out to pride-empowering music including “I’m Ready” by Sam Smith and Demi Lovato and “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga. Expect to cover a lot of ground in this less-than-10-minute class. It starts with shorter boxing combinations and builds throughout both songs for a quick, fun, action-packed workout. Between the music and the workout, we guarantee you’ll find that fighter stance both mentally and physically. 

3 Song Mitt Drill Mixtape with Max (released 6/6/23)

This 3-song Mitt Drill workout with Max is a great mix of fast and slow and the perfect chance to practice your combos. And it won’t be hard to move nonstop on the beat as you throw punches to dance, R&B, Latin pop, and electronic hits from Sisqó, Luis Fonsi, and Meduza. This class has one goal: to finish up better than you started. So turn up the volume and get ready to have a good time in this quick-hit Mitt Drill workout.

Total Body

In Total Body workouts, you can take on full-body exercises that incorporate exciting and responsive VR elements. You’ll slam battle ropes, rack up points on the speed bag, avoid overhead ropes with ducks and squats, and engage your full body in every workout. And it’s safe to say that these popular Total Body workouts from June have it all:

3 Song Total Body Pop with Lissa (released 6/19/23)

Get the blood flowing and your energy levels high in this 3-song Total Body class with Lissa, featuring music from The Weeknd. In round one, you’ll start by getting nice and low in those squats before you slam the battle ropes. In round two, you’ll rotate between battle ropes and reverse lunges before hitting the speed bag as fast as you can. Then in the last round, you’ll burn out those legs and arms with a curtsy lunge to knee drive and defensive rolls to double arm battle rope slam. You’ll finish strong with the speed bag all the way to the end. It might be less than 10 minutes, but you’ll be sweating plenty in this workout. 

2 Song Total Body Mixtape with Aliyah (released 6/5/23)

Join Aliyah as you set the intention for a great workout in this 2-song Total Body Mixtape. In round one, you’ll feel those glutes working and your quads firing as you drop it low in squats and curtsy lunges. Then in round two, you’ll add a little movement to your squats with a rotational press followed by fast hands on the speed bag and battle ropes to finish it out. It’s a short and sweet workout and the techno-house and electronic hits by Navos and Tiësto will help carry you through. 

4-Song Total Body Pop Rock Advanced with Jill (released 6/22/23)

Turn up the volume and get ready to sweat because it’s time for this 4-song Total Body Pop Rock Advanced workout. In this class, Jill keeps you moving as you target those legs and core with plenty of squat pulses, standing marches, lunge to high knees, battle ropes, and quick feet. It’s a fun, fast-moving workout with artists The Score, Dorothy, The Killers, and Fall Out Boy keeping the beat. Jill is rooting for you the whole time, pushing you through each rep and encouraging you to give even more. And remember, if you’re feeling the burn that means you’re working hard! 


Strength is a VR dumbbell-based workout that helps you build strength the right way. In these workouts, our certified trainers guide you through tried-and-true strength training exercises, incorporating real dumbbells and weights. It just launched in March, but these workouts quickly became your new favorites in June:

4 Song Total Strength Pop Rock with Aliyah (released 6/20/23)

Prepare yourself for a challenge in this 4-song Total Strength workout. You’ll start with the lower body in round one as you rep out suitcase squats with dumbbells by your side, deadlifts, and reverse lunges. Then you’ll move into the upper body for round two with bicep curls, shoulder presses, and tricep kickbacks. You’ll get on the floor for round three as you target your glutes and core with glute bridges and Russian twists. And you’ll finish with a full-body finisher in round four. Mirror Aliyah the whole time to keep your form sharp, and don’t forget to have fun!

3 Song Abs Latin Hits Advanced with Jill (released 6/7/23)

Things are about to get spicy in this Latin Hits Advanced level class with Jill! And speaking of heat, your abs will be on fire after this one. Throughout this 3-song workout, you’ll rotate between crunches, bicycles, leg lifts, in and outs, and Russian twists. It’s 10 minutes of intense core action—you’ll definitely feel this one tomorrow! 

3-Song Upper Body Pop Advanced with Lissa (released 6/4/23)

It’s time for some upper body action in this 3-song Pop Advanced workout with Lissa, featuring music from the one and only Ariana Grande. In the first round, you’ll work those biceps and shoulders with bicep curls to an overhead press followed by hammer curls. In round two, get ready for different row exercises targeting your shoulders, triceps, and back. And you’ll finish the workout in round three with tricep extensions and pulses to burn out those arms. This workout isn’t about speed, it’s about challenging your muscles with slow and controlled movements. It won’t be easy, but Lissa is here to guide you through one rep at a time. 

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