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How To Make Exercise Fun: 8 Tips for Spicing Up Your Workout Routine

It’s easy to get in a rut with your workout routine. Whether you’re doing the same exercises week after week or struggling to find motivation, we could all use a little more “fun” in our workouts. 

There are plenty of ways to liven up your sweat sessions so they feel less like a chore. From setting goals to inviting friends to turning up the music, here are 8 tips for inserting more energy into your routine. Plus tips on how to incorporate these ideas into your Litesport workout! 

1. Choose Workouts You Actually Enjoy

Rule number one of having fun while working out is choosing a workout you enjoy. You won’t have fun if you feel like you’re forcing yourself to do something. 

Luckily, exercise takes many shapes and forms. Whether that’s dancing in your living room, taking your dog for a walk, or stepping into the ring with Litesport there are plenty of fun ways to get in a good sweat. It doesn’t need to look like your typical workout or gym session. As long as you’re moving your body (and having fun while doing it) then that’s the goal.

How this works with Litesport:

Having fun is a huge reason why we started Litesport. Shadowboxing or facing off against a stationary heavy bag can be a very isolating, boring, and repetitive exercise. But one look at Litesport lets you know we’re not just another boring workout. 

We’ve taken the best parts of boxing and paired them with an interactive and beat-driven digital experience that matches the exhilaration of boxing in the ring with a sparring partner. The result is a workout that's as much fun as it is effective.

2. Switch up Your Workout

Part of having fun while working out is switching up your workout routine or adding new activities into the mix. Doing the same workout day in and day out is not only boring, but it doesn’t challenge you mentally or physically. 

Try a workout you’ve never done before, that pushes you outside your comfort zone, or challenges you in a new way. You might find that the switch up to your routine was just what you needed to insert more energy and fun into your workout.

How this works with Litesport:

At Litesport, there’s unlimited potential for a fun and engaging workout with several options to switch it up and sweat it out, including:

  1. Trainer-led boxing workouts
  2. Beat-driven Punch Tracks
  3. Sparring Sessions, a hybrid between Trainer Classes and Punch Tracks
  4. Specialized boxing skill classes
  5. Full body Strength classes

3. Add in Some Healthy Competition

Nothing elevates a workout like a bit of competition. It doesn’t matter if you’re competing against yourself or a friend, if there’s a chance of winning (or beating your personal best!) then your workout goes from a chore to a game in no time. 

How this works with Litesport:

With Litesport there’s no shortage of healthy and fun competition:

  • Matches: Challenge other Litesport community members to a head-to-head battle right in the Litesport app
  • Community Challenges: Join other fighters in a challenge to complete a set of workouts before time runs out
  • Leaderboards: Check out how your score compares to other fighters in the Litesport community (and see if you can make it to that elusive top spot!)
  • Facebook Community: Join our community for access to motivation, challenges, competitions, prizes, and more

4. Set Goals and Track Your Progress

Goals provide a sense of meaning, purpose, and excitement to your workout. Instead of another round of boxing in the ring, it’s about beating your personal best or getting one step closer to your health or fitness goals. 

Establishing your “why” and making progress toward those goals motivates you to make time for your workout (and not dread doing it either!). Because it’s easier to find enjoyment in a workout (or push through the difficult moments) when you know you’re closing in on a goal that’s important to you. 

For help deciding on and sticking to your fitness goals, head to our 7-step guide to better goal setting.

How this works with Litesport:

With Litesport you can set targeted goals, challenge others, and track your progress with our real-time results. 

Here are some of the metrics you can track across a 7, 30, or 90-day period right in the profile of your Litesport app:

  • Calories burned
  • Activities completed
  • Total active time
  • Total punches
  • Good hits (how many accurate punches you throw across your workout)
  • Average force (how hard you’re hitting)

You can also view your monthly active days, your daily streak, and your weekly streak. Plus you can view your full activity history. This makes it easier to not only track your progress but to view each workout as part of a larger goal. 

With real-time results and a motivating goal to work toward you’ll go from thinking about working out as a chore to thinking about how to improve your score. 

5. Make It a Game

If your workout feels more like a game than an actual workout, then not only will you be having fun but the time will fly by. Navigating a set of rules, plotting your next move, or mastering your hand-eye coordination keeps your mind busy, entertained, and engaged. 

Exercise doesn’t always have to be a boring run on the treadmill or lifting weights at the gym. There are ways you can build game dynamics into your workout, like setting up a challenge with friends, implementing a point system, or using lights and music to dictate your next move. You’ll be so absorbed in the game that you’ll forget you’re working out.

How this works with Litesport:

This is a question we asked ourselves from the beginning at Litesport: How can we replicate the motivation and enjoyment we feel competing in a sport with an at-home workout?

We found the answer by combining hardware, game dynamics, hit music, and expert training all into one high-intensity workout. So whether you’re boxing on our Floor Stand, Wall Mount, or in the metaverse with Litesport VR, it’ll feel more like you’re playing a video game than working out. Only in this video game, you’re building cardio, strength, and mental acuity as you play. 

6. Workout With Friends

Invite a friend to work out with you or join a fitness community. You’re going to enjoy your workout so much more when you’re sweating it out with friends versus going it solo. 

Not only does your workout become a social event but it’s also super motivating to have someone there to help hold you accountable to your fitness goals. It’s hard to cancel when you have someone waiting on you to show up and put on the boxing gloves for another workout. Plus, a little bit of healthy competition can go a long way! 

How this works with Litesport:

There are plenty of ways to workout with friends on Litesport:

  • Join our Facebook community for access to our community of Litesporters plus motivational resources, personalized tips from our Trainers, fitness challenges, and more 
  • Compete in Community Challenges with members of the Litesport community
  • Go head-to-head with family and friends in a Litesport Match
  • Set up multiple profiles on your account so family members can join you (and compete for the top score!)

Liteboxer Trainers

7. Turn up the Music

The right song can turn any workout into an exciting one. Music that you find motivating or exciting can help you work through your exhaustion and improve your perceptions of how the workout went. Instead of focusing on how tired you feel or how sore your muscles are, you’re focusing on moving your body to the music or punching in time to the beat.

Not only that but music helps motivate you to go harder and work out longer. This isn’t a fluke of nature. There is scientific proof that music can distract you from feelings of pain and fatigue, boost your mood, elevate your endurance, and even improve your boxing rhythm. 

How this works with Litesport:

Our Rhythm Technology syncs lights and programming to the beat of the music for an immersive and powerful workout experience. Try on different genres, playlists, and artists to see what style of music works for you. 

After all, the right song can make the biggest difference in your boxing workout. And we’ve got plenty of top-charting songs to choose from so turn up the volume, elevate your workout, and get your heart rate pumping. 

8. Workout With a Trainer

Sometimes it’s time to bring in the pros! Working out with a Trainer is not only a great way to get in an effective workout, but it can also help insert more fun into your routine. Your Trainer can help boost your motivation, offer improvements, and build a workout routine that matches your needs and interests. This makes working out easier and more fun versus trying to figure it out on your own. 

How this works with Litesport:

You can improve your form, find your limits, and get hands-on support and motivation with over 300+ of Litesport's multi-level Trainer Classes. Each class features professional Trainer instruction, top-charting music, and endless options to sweat it out both on and off the platform. 

Our Trainers have years of fitness experience and come from a variety of backgrounds including boxing, dancing, physical therapy, and careers as professional athletes. With these pros, you can get some of the best total body fitness instruction leaving you more agile, stronger, and confident. 

Learn more about working out (and having fun) with Litesport. Plus check out our blog for more fitness and boxing tips and strategies!

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