Workouts · Jan 03, 2022

3 Exercises for a Stronger Core

Ready to make six-pack abs your 2022 fitness goal? We’ve got you covered with three powerful core exercises from our trainers that’ll leave you feeling sore and strong. We’ll also dive into why a strong core is so crucial for boxing and everyday life. 

Benefits of a Stronger Core

Whether or not it’s a six-pack you’re going for, we can all benefit from a stronger core. Your core muscles, which include your abs and the muscles all along your torso and back, are stabilizer muscles that connect your upper and lower body. 

As you move, these muscles in your core help support your spine and torso and keep you balanced. This is important because most movement originates from your core. Whether you’re getting up out of bed, bending down to pick something up off the floor, or landing a punch with Litesport, you’re using your core muscles. 

A weak core can cause pain in other parts of your body as different muscles try to compensate. A common example of this is lower back pain resulting from your back muscles attempting to do the work of weaker core stabilizer muscles. Better balance and stability with a stronger core can help prevent injury.

A strong core leads to more powerful movement patterns, better posture, less pain, and greater balance and stability. But you don’t need washboard abs to have a strong core. (Although it doesn’t hurt to try!) 

Why Do You Need a Strong Core for Boxing?

While it might seem like training for upper body strength is the most important aspect of a boxer’s workout, it’s actually your core that powers your fight. All offensive and defensive moves originate from your core. 

You need strong stabilizer muscles to land a powerful punch, to stay quick on your feet, and to duck, slip, and roll out of the way of your opponent. All moves start and end with your core, which is why boxing requires a strong foundation to be successful. 

3 Core Exercises to Add to Your Workout Routine

Boxing itself is a great core workout. But if a stronger core is your 2022 fitness goal, then adding these exercises to the end of your routine could be the extra push you need.

These are three of our favorite exercises from our trainers, all of which are focused on building ab strength and tightening your core. They might look simple, but trust us, these exercises are deceivingly tricky and will challenge all the muscles in your core, back, and abs. 

Start adding these to the end of your Sparring, Trainer, or Punch Track workouts and you’ll notice a stronger foundation not only in your Litesport workouts, but in all your favorite movement activities: 

  • Six Spider Climbers
  • Six Knee Tucks
  • Eight V-ups



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Start with our recommended rep count above, but as you get stronger you can increase your reps to go for an even greater core challenge. 

Press Play On Strength

If you have Litesport, join us in one of our Strength classes, a VR dumbbell-based workout that helps you build strength the right way. These classes will get you ready to step into the ring — and into the world! — with more power, strength, and confidence. 


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