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Why VR Premium? 5 Reasons to Upgrade Today

Litesport comes with a free membership option for those that want to get a taste of the action. But did you know that you can upgrade to Premium and score access to 300+ workouts, top-charting music, new content, the latest VR features, and more? 

Learn more about Litesport Premium, and why it’s time to upgrade your membership (or give it a free trial!) today.

What is Litesport?

Litesport offers boxing, strength training, and total body boot camp workouts in the metaverse, featuring chart-topping music and best-in-class Trainers. 

Enter a virtual boxing ring for a full sensory workout. Engage your full body as you slam battle ropes and squat to avoid obstacles. Or get your heart rate up with both upper and lower body conditioning. 

Not only is there a wide variety of workouts, but with Litesport, your Trainers are right there with you in your living room coaching you on correct form while pushing you to give it your all in every class.

What is Litesport Premium?

With Litesport Premium, you can unlock full access to the immersive, interactive, and engaging world of virtual reality. It’s more than just unlimited workouts, top music, and new daily content—it’s a front-row pass to all the latest VR features that take your workout (and your fun) to the next level.

Our free Litesport Basic membership gives you access to a limited selection of workouts to get a feel for the Litesport experience. But Litesport Premium flings the door wide open, and there’s always something new to explore. 

Here’s what you get with our Basic and Premium membership options:



Punch Tracks

25 Punch Tracks with Production Music Only

150+ Punch Tracks with Top Charting Music

Trainer Classes

33 Sparring + 2 Trainer Classes

20+ Trainer Classes

Mitt Drills

20-30 Mitt Drills

100+ Mitt Drills

Total Body

2 Total Body workouts

50+ Total Body workouts

VR Workout Environments

2 Environments

5 Environments (including our brand-new sunset studio!)

New Content

No new content

New content added daily!

Playlist Builder Feature

Not available

Build as many playlists as you want!


Free, no credit card required


Sign up for a 7-day free trial!

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Litesport Premium 

Why upgrade to a Premium VR membership? Here are a few reasons why you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to give Premium a 7-day free trial

1. Get Access to New Content Released Daily

One of the biggest perks of a Premium membership is unlimited access to every single VR workout we have. Unlocking premium is like releasing the floodgates of VR, with 150+ Punch Tracks, 20+ Trainer Classes, 100+ Mitt Drills, 50+ Total Body workouts, and more at your fingertips.  

That’s over 50+ hours of workouts—and that doesn’t even include all the new content we’re adding to the app every single day. Because with Premium, nothing is holding you back from experiencing all that Litesport has to offer. 

This means you can:

  • Challenge your friends to a 1 vs 1 Litesport Match as you try to climb the Leaderboard on hundreds of premium workouts
  • Workout with all your favorite Trainers as you level up your boxing skills in beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes ranging from 5 to 45 minutes
  • Experience the full action (and menu!) of Total Body workouts as you duck, squat, slam battle ropes, and rack up points on the speed bag
  • Mix up the genre and length of your Mitt Drill workout with 100+ premium options
  • And more!

2. Workout to Top-Charting Music

With Premium, you can also say goodbye to production music and hello to a rotating list of 150+ Punch Tracks featuring top-charting artists like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, DMX, Blink-182, and more. We partner with Universal Music Group to bring you the best music in the industry. This means that no matter your music genre of choice, you’ve got options to choose from with Premium. All you have to do is find the right genre for your mood, select your Punch Track difficulty, and enjoy nonstop Punch Tracks on shuffle without interruption.

3. Build Your Own Playlists 

Premium also makes customizing your workout even easier. With a Premium VR membership, you can create your own custom workout playlist. This means you can add, remove, reorder, and save any and all of your favorite Litesport workouts in one place. Add in your combination of Punch Tracks, Trainer Classes, Total Body, Mitt Drills, Strength, or Sparring Sessions. Then, reorder, remove, and save to customize the ultimate workout experience.

With playlists, you can replay your favorite combination of workouts again and again. No more scrolling through the app to find your next workout between Punch Tracks or Mitt Drills. Now you can combine it all in one place and advance seamlessly from one workout to the next without ever taking off your VR headset. All you have to do is press play and get punching. 

4. Give Intermediate & Advanced Levels A Try

In a Basic membership, you’re only challenged to Beginner and Intermediate level Total Body and Trainer Classes. And you only get one Advanced level Sparring session and a handful of harder-level Mitt Drills. 

This limited selection and restricted difficulty level make it harder to advance, grow, and get stronger as you work out. But with Premium, you have Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and even Expert level classes and Punch Tracks. This means you have more options to filter by the level of difficulty that works best for you and your fitness goals. With Premium, you can challenge yourself with a new Trainer style, music tempo, or difficulty level as you literally push your workout to the next level. 

5. Explore 5+ Workout Environments

Last, but certainly not least, is the wider variety of VR environment options you can choose from in Premium. Environments are the backdrop to your VR experience—giving you the inspiration you need to go hard and give it all you’ve got in your workout. 

When you put on your VR goggles, it’s like you’re right there in that workout environment. So having more options to choose from is a big perk. With Premium, you get access to 5 different and unique workout environments, plus new environments as they launch. 

Current options include:

  • Litesport Studio
  • Trainer Stage
  • Boxing Ring
  • Hangar
  • Fitness Club

One of our newest VR environments is our forever sunset high-rise studio featuring a lighter, brighter, bigger, and more immersive studio experience. With the last of the evening sun shining through the window, you’ll find that it’s an inspiring place to work out. Or you can use Passthrough mode to box in the metaverse surrounded by your real-world living room. With Premium, you’ve got options!

Test Out Litesport Premium With a 7-Day Free Trial

Still on the fence? Give Litesport Premium a try with our 7-day free trial. This means you get 7 days of free access to Premium features, classes, music, and more. And there’s zero obligation to continue after your 7 days are up. It’s a chance to give Premium a try, risk-free. 

Plus, when you sign up for a free trial we’ll send you a free 7-day workout plan to help get you started. All you have to do is sign up for your free VR Premium trial, and we’ll deliver 7 days of workouts straight to your Inbox. These workouts get you in great shape while helping you experience everything that Litesport has to offer. 

Ready for the full VR experience? Unlock Premium today or get started with a 7-day free trial. We’ll see you in the virtual ring! 

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