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New "Stepping Into the Ring" Workout Series: Train Like a UFC Fighter

Ready for a workout challenge? If you own a Liteboxer Floor Stand or Wall Mount you can join us in our newly launched “Stepping Into the Ring” 10-class workout series. This boot camp-like series is led by Liteboxer Trainer and pro-MMA Ultimate Fighter Christina Marks. 

The "Stepping Into the Ring" series takes you through a variety of strength, conditioning, boxing, and MMA workouts. It’s unlike any other class on the Liteboxer app because the series gives you the chance to train like a real-world UFC fighter. 

There are 10 total classes in the series, and each workout lasts 10 minutes. But don’t let the short class time fool you! Each one will challenge you in a different way as you build up your cardio, strength, and boxing skillset. 

We recommend starting with workout 1 and progressing from there because each workout builds on the next. 

Here’s the “Stepping Into the Ring” 10-class workout series:

  1. Intro to Strength Training
  2. Arms & Abs
  3. Contender Conditioning
  4. Lower Body Strengthening
  5. Shadow Boxing 101
  6. Upper Body Strengthening
  7. Intermediate Shadow Boxing
  8. Dumbbell Core Strengthening
  9. Total Body Conditioning
  10. Final Fight Workout

Let’s dive into what to expect with each workout: 

Intro to Strength Training

Ready to train like a fighter? In your very first workout in the series, Christina breaks it all down so you’re ready to step into the ring with proper form and execution. Throughout this first class, Christina reviews how to get into your boxer’s stance, breaks down every punch and defensive move, and walks you through safe form for your squat, lunge, and plank. 

And as she’s reviewing it, you’re doing it. So not only is it a great overview of proper boxing form and technique, but a great workout as well. You’ll start throwing some boxing combinations, you’ll challenge yourself to rep after rep of squats and planks, and you’ll finish up with an MMA exercise. This workout sets you up for success so you’re ready to go with the rest of the series.

Arms & Abs

Review time is over! It’s time to get to work on those abs and arms in this upper-body challenge. Christina kicks it off with some plank exercises that target both your arms and core. Then she mixes in some arm exercises like single-arm bent-over rows and renegade rows. 

Lastly, she’ll finish out the workout by burning out your core with Russian twists, V-ups, and mountain climbers. Throughout the class, Christina challenges you to add speed to your reps. But she also offers modifications so you can dial up or dial down the intensity to match your needs. It’s an awesome workout and a great way to kick off the series.

Contender Conditioning

You’re getting right into it with this workout, so make sure to warm up briefly before this and every workout in the series. And get ready because this workout challenges your cardiovascular endurance and strength. 

You’ll get your heart rate up with exercises that keep you moving like jump squats, fast twitch lunges, boxer sit-ups, and running in place. You’ll also challenge your strength with exercises like alternating shoulder taps and push-ups before you finish out the workout with some ab-burning drills. As the name of the workout promises, this one will get you in fighting shape. So, press play and get ready to sweat.

Lower Body Strengthening

It’s all about the legs and glutes in this Lower Body Strengthening workout. No equipment is necessary, just your body weight. And we guarantee you’ll feel the burn with this one. This class is loaded with lunges, squats, and explosive moves inspired by Christina’s days on the track team. 

Your glutes, quads, and hamstrings will be on fire by the end as you pulse, hold, and rep out squat after squat. But all that hard work pays off in the ring when you translate that power and strength into your punches. 

Shadowboxing 101

Workout 5 is all about learning the shadowboxing basics. This zero-equipment workout is a chance to practice your boxing combinations, footwork, and stance. Making it great for beginners or those looking for a high-intensity workout.

Christina walks you through both offensive and defensive moves in the ring, introducing one punch at a time as you build up to more complicated combos. And sprinkled between is jump roping cardio that’ll keep your heart rate up the entire class. This is definitely not a workout to miss. So press play and get ready to level up your boxing skillset as Christina breaks down the basics of shadowboxing. 

Upper Body Strengthening

You’re picking up the dumbbells in this workout. But even if you don’t have dumbbells available, with or without weights this workout is an excellent upper-body challenge. But prepare yourself because Christina dives right in, wasting no time as she kicks it off with the first exercise. 

In just 10 minutes you’ll target all the muscles in the upper body including your back, shoulders, and arms. You’ll rep out exercises like wood chops, shoulder presses, half-Turkish get-ups, tricep extensions, and more as Christina offers modifications, form adjustments, and encouragement along the way. 

Intermediate Shadowboxing

This intermediate shadowboxing class takes things up a notch from our earlier shadowboxing workout. So if you’re ready for the challenge grab your egg weights (or any 1-2lb weight) and press play. In this class, prepare to master your hook, uppercut, and cross combos while working on speed and footwork. 

And there’s no resting between rounds as Christina keeps you moving the whole class with her signature active recovery exercises: jump ropes and high knees. It’s the perfect class to practice those offensive and defensive shadowboxing moves while getting in a great, quick-hit workout. Trust us, you’ll be sweating in no time!

Dumbbell Core Strengthening

While it might seem like training for upper body strength is the most important aspect of a boxer’s workout, it’s actually your core that powers your fight. All moves start and end with your core, which is why boxing requires a strong foundation to be successful. 

To help build this strong foundation, join us for this Dumbbell Core Strengthening class. But be prepared, because this isn’t your typical ab workout. This class features functional core exercises like woodchoppers, windmills, and plank dumbbell drags that help build core stabilization and strength. Using functional movement vs static builds a stronger core that’s ready to throw and take a few punches in the ring.

As the name implies, you’re going to need dumbbells for this one. But if you don’t have dumbbells available, you can also go without them. 

Total Body Conditioning

To step into the ring and win the fight you need to do more than just practice your boxing combinations. To be a successful boxer you need to add strength and cardio to your workout routine. And that’s exactly what this Total Body Conditioning workout is all about. This class is a high-intensity strength challenge that’ll work the full body including your shoulders, legs, arms, and core. 

We recommend grabbing a pair of dumbbells for this workout. But body weight works just fine as well. Christina moves you through two rounds of each exercise with moves like shoulder presses, lunges, bicep curls, jump squats, and crunches. The class also features compound exercises like squats with curls and lunges with front raises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. It’s going to be a tough one, but Christina is with you the whole time, encouraging you to make it all the way to the last rep. 

Final Fight Workout

It’s the last workout in the series! And we’re tying it all together for one last fight in the ring. This class combines everything you’ve worked on so far in the series: upper and lower body strength, explosive endurance, and powerful punches. 

After a brief warm-up, you’ll start the workout with a two-minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) featuring burpees, knee tucks, push-ups, and one-two punches. Following your AMRAP series, you’ll end the class with some boxing combinations including both offensive and defensive moves. It’s 10 full minutes of power, strength, and endurance that’ll challenge you all the way to the last minute. 

Ready to get started? If you own a Liteboxer Floor Stand or Wall Mount, head to your Liteboxer app to join Trainer Christina Marks in this ultimate 10-class workout series. We’ll see you in the ring!

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