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September Fighter of the Month: Chauncey McNeil

Being a fighter is about pushing yourself, believing in your abilities, and valuing your worth and health. Our Fighter of the Month is someone from the Litesport community who steps into the ring with this fighter spirit and mentality.

You don’t always need to be at the top of the Leaderboards to be a fighter. But that’s exactly where you’ll find Chauncey McNeil, our first-ever Fighter of the Month.

Fighter of the Month: Chauncey McNeil

Chauncey McNeil is our Summer Fitness Challenge Grand Prize Winner. He completed all three weeks of our Summer Fitness Challenge, locking in the top spot on multiple workout Leaderboards and taking home the grand prize. 

But what really makes Chauncey our first-ever Fighter of the Month is his determination to grow, learn, and be the best version of himself. He’s a great example of what it means to work hard in accomplishing your goals. 

We sat down with Chauncey to ask him a few questions about his Litesport experience. Here’s what we learned about this fighter and why he chooses Litesport for his workout:

How did you discover Litesport? 

Chauncey has always had an interest in boxing and even had some experience boxing at his home gym. But it wasn’t until he received Litesport as a Christmas gift that he had the opportunity to really give the workout a try. 

Like all new Litesporters, it was challenging at first to learn the basics. But it wasn’t long until he was topping the Leaderboards. 

“I honestly loved it, at first it was difficult for me to learn the basics because I was new of course. As time went on, I fell in love with Litesport and got addicted.”

What do you enjoy most about Litesport?

It’s not about winning competitions or getting Litesport swag in the mail. For Chauncey, the best part about Litesport is how the workout helps him grow, learn, and improve. 

“I enjoy the exercises and learning new combos and moves, and increasing my endurance with each workout. I love that I can push myself to be great and keep on improving as time goes on.”

And he certainly is growing and improving! One look at Chauncey’s Litesport profile and you’ll be quickly convinced of just how far he’s come from his very first workout. Chauncey’s scored an impressive number of Litesport badges like 100K Punches Thrown, 200 Days Played, and a 150 Daily Streak

And he’s not stopping anytime soon!

Screenshot of all the badges Chauncey has earned in the Liteboxer app

What’s your current workout routine and how does Litesport fit in?

So how does this fighter stay in boxing shape? Chauncey incorporates Litesport into his daily workout routine. He works out an impressive three times a day, and Liteboxer always makes an appearance. 

“Litesport is another way for me to work out my entire body and get stronger with each workout I complete while also improving my skills as a boxer.”

Why do you step into the ring?

For Chauncey, his motivation for working out is more than just staying in shape. It’s about creating the best version of himself. And through the Leaderboards, progress tracking, and scoring Chauncey can see his improvements live in the app.

“I love the thrill of climbing the ranks on the Leaderboard. I also step in the ring because I want to be the best version of myself that the younger me always wanted to be.”

Do you have a favorite Litesport workout, Trainer, or class type?

Chauncey’s favorite Litesport workout is any Trainer Class. With so many options to choose from, he loves that there’s always something new to try. Whether it’s a new difficulty level, Trainer, or a longer class. 

And Chauncey isn’t afraid of a longer workout! He’s a regular in 45-minute classes and even gave our challenging 10-song Sparring Session a try.

As for Trainers, Chauncey’s not picking any favorites. He loves them all! 

“They all teach me different things, different combos, and different exercises. They always push me to be the best version of myself and they motivate me because they’re in the ring with me.”

Do you have any goals you’re working towards right now with Litesport?

Chauncey has set and met a ton of Litesport goals so far.

  • Getting number 1 on a Leaderboard: He’s done it several times over
  • Getting 100% hits on each difficulty level: Check!
  • Scoring almost 60,000 in an advanced level class: He did it in a 45-minute 10-song sparring session!

So what’s next for this Fighter of the Month? 

“I have only one goal in mind, and that is to reach a 5/5 average force.”

With how this Fighter of the Month goes after his goals, it's no surprise that he just checked this goal off the list too.

Screenshot of Chauncey's post-workout stats with a 5/5 force rating 

Do you know of someone in the Litesport community who should be our next Fighter of the Month? Submit a request to nominate a fellow athlete. 

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