Workouts · Oct 09, 2023

September’s Top Ranking Workouts: 15 Popular Litesport Punch Tracks & Classes

Welcome to our monthly fitness roundup! If you're looking for a fresh and exciting new workout to add to your routine, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we’re featuring the top-ranking Litesport workouts of September, including all categories of Litesport fitness: Boxing, Total Body, and Strength. Each workout is designed to challenge your body, spark your motivation, and unleash your inner athlete. 

Ready to get started? Here are the top workouts from last month:

September’s Top Punch Tracks

With Punch Tracks, you can find your flow with the latest charting music as you choreograph your punches to the beat of a single song. They’re perfect if you’re short on time and want to sneak in a workout or if you just want to lose yourself in the music. So what have we been boxing to in September? Here are the top tracks: 

  • "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj
  • "California Gurls" by Katy Perry (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
  • "Girls Like You" by Maroon 5

September’s Top Trainer Classes

In Trainer Classes, you can improve your boxing form, find your limits, and get all the support and motivation you need to power through your workout. Each class features professional trainer instruction, top-charting music, and endless options to sweat it out. But of the hundreds of Trainer Classes available to you in the app, these September releases were the most popular: 

30 min Mixtape FOCUS: Defense with Jill (released 9/7/23)

Our FOCUS classes are all about improving your boxing form by developing one fundamental boxing skill per class. This class is all about working on those ducks, rolls, slips, and other defensive moves. It’s 30 minutes of nonstop boxing and defensive skill work with Trainer Jill, and once you start there’s no turning back. Because boxing is not just about throwing hands but about protecting yourself from punches coming your way. But don’t worry about staying motivated because this class throws it back to some major hits like “Who’s That Girl?” by Eve, “Murder She Wrote” by Chaka Demus and Pliers, and “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Thelma Houston. 

15 min Mixtape with Lissa (released 9/14/23)

This trainer-led class has 15 minutes and 4 rounds of non stop boxing with Trainer Lissa. Prepare to have fun with this mix of EDM, hip hop, and pop featuring artists Jonas Blue, Kardinal Offishall, Akon, Ariana Grande, Tiësto, and more. Plus, throughout this class, you’ll work on everything from offensive to defensive moves. It’s a tough workout but Lissa reminds you to push through the fatigue because you can always do a little more than you think you can. 

15 min Dance Pop with Max (released 9/21/23)

It’s time to glove up and have fun with this 15-minute Dance Pop Mixtape workout that Trainer Max threw together for you. Max starts you off in that first track with a fun boxing combo that builds throughout the song. Then you’ll close it out with uppercuts for speed. Throughout the next few rounds, Max runs you through all the boxing basics. Expect a fun variety of offensive and defensive moves and a killer dance floor playlist featuring artists like Fergie, Kardinal Offishall, Amy Winehouse, Taio Cruz, and more.

September’s Top Mitt Drills

Mitt Drills mimic pad or focus mitt training with your trainer right there in front of you guiding your punches and coaching you on correct form as you box to the beat. It’s the next best thing to a trainer in the room with you. And these three September workouts were the most popular: 

2 Song Mitt Drill Mixtape with Anthony (released 9/18/23)

This is a 2-song Mitt Drill where you can practice those combos, flows, and flurries with Trainer Anthony. Flows are always on single-time tempo while flurries are on double-time. Combos are when you throw multiple punches in a sequence. You'll flow, flurry, and rep out combos to the beat of “Red Lights” by Tiësto and “Come & Go” by Juice WRLD & Marshmello. Throughout the workout, Anthony encourages you to have fun while aiming to be a little better than you were yesterday. 

2 Song Mitt Drill Hip Hop Battle with Lissa (released 9/4/23)

Get ready for big combos and an Akon vs. Fergie face-off in this 2-song Mitt Drill workout with Trainer Lissa. As Akon and Fergie keep the beat, you’ll focus on staying on time with your punches as you hit all 6 targets on the Liteshield. It’s a short face-off, but the combos are long and the beats are hot. So join Lissa for this artist battle as you have fun dancing, moving, punching, and maximizing your time in the ring. 

3 Song Mitt Drill Mixtape with JD (released 9/11/23)

This 3-song Mitt Drill workout with Trainer JD is a great mix of fast and slow as you practice your head shots, body shots, and fast combos. You’ll also find your flow as you box to the beat of EDM and pop hits featuring Jack Ü, Skrillex, Diplo, Justin Bieber, Tiësto, Juice WRLD, and Marshmello. It’s an EDM party you don’t want to miss! So glove up, turn up the volume, and get ready to have some fun in this workout. 

September’s Top Total Body

In Total Body workouts, you take on full-body exercises incorporating exciting and responsive VR elements. You’ll slam battle ropes, rack up points on the speed bag, avoid overhead ropes with ducks and squats, and engage your full body in every workout. And it’s safe to say that these popular Total Body workouts from September have it all:

4 Song Total Body Hip Hop vs. Pop Rock with Max (released 9/6/23)

You’ve got four rounds with Trainer Max to work hard, have fun, and get that body moving! In the first round, you’ll rotate between sets of squats, slips, battle ropes, and as many reps as you can get on the speed bag. In the next two rounds, you’ll do some single-leg work, targeting the left leg in round two and the right leg in round three. Then you’ll finish up in round four with narrow to wide squats, battle ropes, and alternating lunges before you empty the tank on the speed bag. It’s nonstop action and a major lower-body muscle burnout, but we promise the effort is worth it. 

3 Song Total Body Hip Hop with Aliyah (released 9/20/23)

Trainer Aliyah wants you to go all in without holding back in this 3-song Total Body workout. You’ll start in round one by working those legs with squats and alternating reverse lunges. Then you’ll slam the battle ropes and go for speed on the speed bag. Round two is short but spicy as Aliyah starts with a balancing challenge before you work on some defensive moves including slips and rolls. Then, it gets extra hard in round three as you finish up with some squat holds, battle ropes, and speed bag work. Push through the discomfort and let the beat of hip-hop artists Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, and Coi Leray motivate you to make it all the way to the end.

2 Song Total Body Hispanic Heritage Month with Jill (released 9/30/23)

This isn’t any normal Total Body Workout—in this class, we’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Trainer Jill! As a dancer, Jill has always loved Latin music. And that love shines through in this workout. It might only be two rounds, but this class is nonstop energy the whole time as Jill leads you through squat pulses, knee drives, battle ropes, reverse lunges, and more. You’ll feel the burn as you hold steady in those squat pulses. And if it feels hard, let the music from artists Don Omar and Daddy Yankee take you to that next level (and maybe that new high score!). 

September’s Top Strength

Strength is a VR dumbbell-based workout that helps you build strength the right way. In these workouts, our certified trainers guide you through tried-and-true strength training exercises, incorporating real dumbbells and weights. And these September workouts quickly became the new favorites:

3 Song Total Strength Pop with Myles (released 9/12/23)

You only need one dumbbell for this 3-song Total Strength workout with Trainer Myles. In each round, you’ll rep out two sets of compound exercises that target your full body. In round one, you’ll start with reverse lunges into a curl then a curtsy lunge to press. In round two you’ll rotate between goblet squats and sumo squats to press. Then, you’ll finish up the workout with some upper body work in round three featuring a push-out to press and a half-curl to full curl. If you can’t already tell, the theme of this workout is the “press”, an excellent exercise for building upper body strength. Combine the press with a lower body exercise and some pop hits from Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, and Billie Eilish and you’ve got yourself the ultimate strength training challenge! 

2 Song Core EDM Advanced with JD (released 9/5/23)

Join Trainer JD for this 2-song Strength workout with a focus on your core. Throughout the 7 minutes of this class, you’ll rotate between several rounds of ab strengthening exercises using a medium to heavy dumbbell. These include marching in place and side bends before you head to the ground for a seated twist and toe touches for the burnout. These exercises might seem easy at first but your abs will definitely be sore after this one!

3 Song Upper Body Hip Hop with GW (released 9/26/23)

It’s time for some upper body action in this 3-song Hip Hop workout with Trainer GW, featuring music from Kevin Rudolf, Lil Wayne, Don Toliver, and Roddy Ricch. In the first round, you’ll work your back and shoulders with dumbbell rows, overhead presses, lateral raises, front shoulder raises, and squats to hammer curls. GW throws some lower body in there for round two with a curtsy lunge to reverse lunge and split stance deadlift. Then you’ll finish the workout in round three with some dumbbell uppercut punches, a lunge to lateral raise, and tricep extensions. It won’t be easy, but GW is here to guide you through one rep at a time. 

Are you excited to try these top-ranking workouts? It’s super easy to join Litesport. All you need is a VR headset. Then, download the app on Meta Quest and start your 7-day free Premium trial

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