Announcements · Litesport 101 · Virtual Reality · Sep 14, 2022

Introducing Liteshield 2.0: Punching Air Never Felt So Good

The Liteshield is the centerpiece of every Litesport workout. This is why our team has been heads down working on a VR Liteshield overhaul with a very clear goal: make it feel like you’re hitting something. 

This is hard to do when you’re punching the air. But with Liteshield 2.0, that goal comes to life. As of September 14, we’ve rolled out an updated Liteshield across all VR workout modes, available to Basic and Premium users

While we’ve kept a lot of the shield elements you know and love—like streak color changing and runway lights—we’ve amped up the shield design to create a better workout experience in the metaverse.

Liteshield 2.0: Punching Air Never Felt So Good

Here are some of the major changes you’ll see in your next Litesport workout:

3D Floating Targets

The original VR Liteshield design replicated our flagship physical, freestanding Liteboxer product. Many users enjoyed the simple interface where you follow the lights to know when to hit rather than having things come flying at you. But when you’re not actually punching against a surface, hitting a flat interface just didn’t feel that exciting.  

With the new design, we wanted to keep the elements that worked—like the runway lights and streak visuals—but not be constrained by the need for the shield to look like a physical product.

New Liteshield 2.0 design in a Mitt Drill workout

The new Liteshield consists of 6 floating pads and a brand new uppercut pad for Trainer Classes. This 3D model has more depth to it, and physics built in so that when you punch, the pads move as if they’re absorbing the impact. The pads also respond differently depending on the speed of your punch. When combined with haptic feedback plus visual and sound effects, this delivers a much more satisfying experience.

And our Trainers agree! 

“I feel like [the new shield design] gives you another reason to punch a little harder. If you tap [the target] it barely moves. But if you really throw a punch [the target] moves quite a bit.”

– Trainer Anthony 

“Love it! It definitely feels like I’m hitting something.”

– Trainer GW

Immersive VR Visuals

We wanted to make sure the lights remained easy to follow so we didn’t inadvertently make gameplay harder at the expense of a new design. Just like the old shield design, lights travel from the center to one of six targets on the shield. 

When that light reaches the center that’s your cue to punch. Get on a roll with multiple accurate hits in a row—what’s called a streak—and the Liteshield shifts colors and speeds up to add an extra challenge to your workout. There’s nothing quite like building up a good streak and keeping the party lights going.

We kept these same streak color gradients in the new design. But rather than applying them to the flat shield face, they interact with an ambient mist behind the shield that helps the runway lights pop. The colors jump out at you like sparks from a firework as you throw an accurate punch, with a more dramatic effect when you throw faster punches. 

Mitt drill workout with Trainer GW using the new Liteshield 2.0 design

These extra details help you go harder for longer and motivate you not to miss a beat. This is all in service of our mission to make workouts suck less and help you, more easily, make daily movement something you enjoy and look forward to at the end of a long day.

Experience the New VR Liteshield Today

Ready to experience the new and improved Liteshield in action? This interactive shield design is now live in Litesport for both freemium and premium members. Press play on a Litesport workout and let us know what you think of the changes in our Litesport Facebook community

Not a VR member? You can download Litesport for free today in the Meta Quest store. With a freemium subscription, which we call Basic, you get access to a curated selection of 65 free workout options to give you a taste of the Litesport experience. 

But if you’re ready for more, you can upgrade to premium at any time for $14.99/month and unlock access to 300+ workouts, top-charting music, and new content added daily.

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