Announcements · Apr 13, 2022

New in the App: Recommended Workouts, Workout Filters, Suggested Fighters to Follow, and More

Across March and early April, we’ve released some new and exciting changes to the Litesport app that’ll help improve your user experience, find your next Litesport workout, and connect you to the Litesport community.

These March and April updates include: 

  • Carousel features on your home screen for recommended and recently-played workouts 
  • New ways to filter your Litesport workouts by recently played, completed vs. not completed, and duration
  • Ability to customize the workout you want with Punch Track playlist improvements 

Read on to find out more about these latest improvements that you’ll find in the Litesport app. Plus, make sure to check out past new features we’ve added to the Litesport experience including Community Challenges and head-to-head Matches

Recommended For You

Not sure what workout to start next? We’ve got you covered with our brand-new “Recommended For You” carousel on the homepage of the app, tailored to your personal workout history. This is the second carousel on your home screen, right after “New Releases.

Once we get to know you, your favorite genres, and the type of content you like to play, this feature makes it that much easier to find your next workout. It’ll also recommend popular workouts across the Litesport community that we think you’ll love!

Recommended for You Carousel

Recently Played

Ready to get back into the action of your latest workouts or press play on a recent favorite? In our latest app update, we’ve made it even easier to access your most recent workouts with two big changes:

  1. Head to the home screen of your app to scroll through your “Recently Played” carousel 
  2. Filter by “Played Date” in the “Quickplay” section of the app 

Recently Played Carousel

New Workout Filters

We’ve also added new ways to filter and find your next Punch Track or Trainer Class workout in the “Quickplay” or “Workout” sections of the app. With more options to filter, it’s that much easier to find your next workout.

Recently Played

Now you can filter by “Played Date” so it’s even easier to access and replay your most recent workouts or latest favorites. 

Played Date Filter

Completed and Not Completed

While you’ve always been able to filter by completed vs. not completed for Trainer Classes, now you can use this same filter for your Punch Track workouts. This is a great way to quickly understand your past Punch Track workouts and either go for another round of a recent new Track or weed out an uncompleted one that didn’t match your style. 

Completed and Not Completed Filter


Now you can also filter Punch Tracks - in addition to Trainer Classes - by duration. If you only have a few minutes to spare, it’s easy to search for the song length that’s right for you.

Here are the new Punch Track length filter options:

  • Less than 2 minutes
  • 2-3 minutes
  • 3-4 minutes
  • 4-5 minutes
  • Greater than 5 minutes

Length Filter

Punch Track Playlist Improvements

Thanks to our latest April 6 app update, you have more customization opportunities when creating a Punch Track playlist. Now you can remove Punch Tracks you no longer want in your playlist and update the rest time between those Punch Tracks. 

Punch Track Playlist Improvements

What changes would make your Litesport experience even better? Let us know here or join our Facebook community to provide your feedback through user polls and interactive questions. Plus, get the chance to vote on your favorite artists and songs that you’d like to see next in the Litesport app.

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