Announcements · Dec 17, 2021

New in the App: Profile Revamp, Social Sharing, and Other Exciting Updates

We’re coming in hot with even more brand-new app features to improve your Litesport workout experience. Learn more about the latest exciting features — including a total profile revamp and a ringside recap of your 2021 stats! — that go live in the Liteboxer app on December 17. 

You can also check out our December 1 and November 10 app updates, featuring new changes including more ways to favorite, Leaderboards, personal best, followers, and more. Stay in the loop about these and other announcements on our blog

Profile Revamp

Your profile is getting a makeover! Changes include an overview of your all-time stats (also viewable as a public profile to other athletes), updated Punches Thrown tracking, and Performance Trends that update in real-time to track your progress and motivate you. 

And coming soon a calendar feature that captures your monthly, weekly, and daily activity so you can track your progress over time.

Public Profile

Now, the top section of your profile is viewable to anyone else on the app. You can search for other athletes by username or click on another fighter’s profile through Leaderboards.

When looking at another athlete's profile you can check out their longest weekly streak, top activity, total punches thrown, and top music genre. You can also view their total number of followers and following. And stay tuned for even more public profile updates coming soon! 

What does this mean for me? Public profiles make it easier to get to know and engage with other fighters in the Litesport community. Plus, now you have even more motivation to up your game knowing that your weekly streak and punch count are available for anyone to see. 

Can I make my profile private? Username and Litesport all-time play stats are public, but personal information like your first and last name, age, gender, height, and weight are private. You can also change your username whenever you'd like.

Profile Overview

Punches Thrown

Set daily and weekly punch targets and track your progress in our updated Punches Thrown profile section. 

What does this mean for me? The ability to easily monitor your progress towards a goal ensures you set realistic targets, keeps you on track, and motivates you to fight to the finish. The Litesport app will default to a Daily Goal of 1,000 punches and a Weekly Goal of 7,000 punches. But you can easily adjust this number to match your level of fitness and desired challenge. 

Punches Thrown

Performance Trends

You can now also track your real-time results through your profile’s Performance Trends. View your calories burned, activities completed, total punches, good hits, average force, and total active time across a 7-, 30-, or 90-day period. 

With red or green indicators highlighting whether those results have increased or decreased compared to the previous period, you can quickly see how your performance is trending. 

What does this mean for me? Need some extra motivation? No problem. Head into the Performance Trends to view your results. When you see the hard work you’ve put in and how much it’s paying off, that lights the fire you need to step into the ring for another round. 

How do I calculate my calories? Calories are calculated for Punch Tracks, Trainer Classes, and Sparring Sessions. They’re based on a formula that considers your weight, length of play, and level of activity difficulty. To input your weight, select the edit icon next to your username to edit your personal information. Calories from past workouts will be back-calculated using this first inputted weight, while any changes to weight will be applied to future workouts.

Performance Trends

2021 Ringside Recap

The 2021 Ringside Recap offers an easy-to-share and save overview of your past year with Litesport, located right on the home screen of the Litesport app. Your personalized Ringside Recap features your top activity and genre, as well as your total punches thrown, total active time, total number of workouts, and your percentage of good hits across the year. 

What does this mean for me? It’s been an exciting 2021 and you’ve been working hard this year. Now it’s time to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished by sharing or saving your 2021 Ringside Recap, featuring your top stats. Go ahead and be proud of your hours spent sweating it out in the ring and hit that share button. 

How long can I view my ringside recap? Your 2021 Ringside Recap will be available on the home screen of your Litesport app from December 17– January 1. But you can save your Ringside Recap right to your phone so you always have it. 

Ringside RecapRingside Recap on Homepage

Share to Social

There’s no better feeling than crushing a personal best or powering through a heart-pounding and heavy-hitting workout. With our Share to Social app update, you can celebrate your achievements by sending your results to family, friends, or the Litesport community. 

What does this mean for me? After you finish a class, hit that “share results” link to send a fun visual of your workout results through SMS message, email, Facebook, or Instagram. Post to your story, brag to your friends over text or celebrate your results with a post in our Litesport Facebook community. No matter how you choose to share, this app update makes it easier than ever to celebrate. 

Share Results

What changes would you like to see next? Submit a request here or join our Facebook community to provide your feedback through user polls and interactive questions. Plus, get the chance to vote on your favorite artists and songs you’d like to see next in the Litesport app.

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