Announcements · Dec 02, 2021

New in the App: Play Again Button, More Ways to Favorite, and Other Post-Workout Updates

Did someone say new app updates? That’s right, we’re rolling out brand-new features as a part of our latest app update launching on December 1. And these aren’t the only recent new changes in your Litesport app. On November 10, we rolled out Leaderboards, Personal Best, Followers, and other competitive features that you can learn more about here.

Here are the latest feature updates you’ll find in the app starting December 1 and what they mean for your Litesport workout experience.

Play Again Button

Finished a Punch Track and feeling ready to go again? Now there’s an easy way to repeat a workout you just completed by hitting the “play again” button on the end screen of your latest workout. 

What does this mean for me? Now you can replay the same content without having to go back in the app to find the workout again. Just finish a class or Punch Track and didn’t get the high score or top spot on the Leaderboard that you were looking for? Time for round two. 


Play again button

Favorite Button

While all Litesport workouts get the fists flying and the heart rate pumping, sometimes you come across a Trainer Class, Sparring Session, or Punch Track that you can’t get enough of. Whether it’s the trainer, the music, or the combos, it never fails to elevate your mood and leave you sweating. 

With our Favorites feature, you can save your go-to workouts for easy access from your home screen (make sure you favorite five or more workouts to see your personalized home screen carousel). And with the latest app update, you can favorite a workout right after finishing it by tapping the star button. 

What does this mean for me? Now you can favorite any workout in the Litesport app the minute you finish a class so you never forget which ones you loved the most. 

Can I favorite a class anywhere else in the app? Yes! You can favorite a workout anywhere you see that star button. 

Where can I find my favorites? You can filter by your favorites when choosing a workout or you can find your favorites in a carousel right on your home screen. However, this carousel will only pop up after you favorite at least five workouts.

   Post-workout favorite button

Improved Granularity for Average Force

After you finish a workout you can view your average force rating on the end screen alongside your best streak and good hits. Only now, we've calculated your average force rating to even greater granularity with the inclusion of one decimal place, calculated when your final metrics are shown after a workout.

What does this mean for me? With your Force Rating, it’s not just about how accurate your punches are, but also how hard you’re hitting. So punch like you mean it because now that your average force rating for a workout is down to the decimal, you can see a more accurate representation of the power behind your punches.

Why decimals? With an average force rating calculated to one decimal place as opposed to a whole number, see more score differentiation as you compete against yourself and others on the Leaderboard, all while getting more insight into your own power. This is something we know you’ve been asking for!

Post-workout average force rating

Preview Songs

Did you know that you can preview a song before you commit to a Punch Track? While not a new feature in this latest app update, this is a great function in the app that not everyone knows about. By clicking the play icon to the left of a Punch Track you can listen to a 15-second clip of the song. 

What does this mean for me? With Preview, it’s quick and easy to choose the right Punch Track for your mood or discover new songs you’ve never heard before. Press play and get a feel for what’s ahead before you start your Punch Track workout. 

Preview song button

What changes would you like to see next? Submit a request here or join our Facebook community to provide your feedback through user polls and interactive questions. Plus, get the chance to vote on your favorite artists and songs you’d like to see next in Litesport.

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