Announcements · Litesport 101 · Jul 28, 2022

New in the App: Hit a Milestone and Unlock a Badge

In this latest app update, we’re increasing your motivation to get in the ring. Starting July 28, you can start earning Badges right in the Litesport app after hitting personal milestones. You can unlock badges for completing a daily or weekly workout streak, for throwing a certain number of punches, and for your total days spent boxing in the ring with Litesport. 

Badges are a gauge of your Litesport performance. They’re like trophies on the shelf, reminding you how far you’ve come and how hard you worked to get there.

Here’s how it works:

Start Earning Milestone Badges

Hit a personal milestone and you’ll earn a Milestone Badge, located right in your Litesport profile. Badges are a way to quickly and easily track your progress along your Litesport journey toward that next tier of punch achievement. 

And when you’re this close to earning another badge, they’re also an excellent motivator. Badges could be the encouragement you need to get back in the ring and push for that next milestone. So if you needed a little motivation to squeeze in a workout, this could be it! 

Today, there are over 40+ badges to unlock in the Litesport app. Badges fall into four different categories: Daily Streak, Weekly Streak, Punches Thrown, and Days Played

Which badges are you close to earning? 

Daily Streak

Complete at least one workout a day for consecutive days in a row to earn a Daily Streak badge. 

  • 3 Daily Streak
  • 5 Daily Streak
  • 7 Daily Streak
  • 10 Daily Streak
  • 20 Daily Streak
  • 30 Daily Streak
  • 45 Daily Streak
  • 60 Daily Streak
  • 75 Daily Streak
  • 100 Daily Streak
  • 150 Daily Streak
  • 200 Daily Streak
Daily Streak Badge

Weekly Streak

Complete at least one workout a week for several weeks in a row to unlock a Weekly Streak badge.

  • 3 Week Streak
  • 5 Week Streak
  • 10 Week Streak
  • 20 Week Streak
  • 30 Week Streak
  • 40 Week Streak
  • 75 Week Streak
  • 125 Week Streak
  • 156 Week Streak
  • 1 Year Streak
  • 2 Year Streak
Weekly Streak Badge

Punches Thrown

Unlock a Punches Thrown badge for throwing as many punches as you can across all Litesport workouts. 

  • 500 Punches Thrown
  • 1K Punches Thrown
  • 3K Punches Thrown
  • 5K Punches Thrown
  • 10K Punches Thrown
  • 25K Punches Thrown
  • 50K Punches Thrown
  • 100K Punches Thrown
  • 250K Punches Thrown
  • 500K Punches Thrown
  • 750K Punches Thrown
  • 1MIL Punches Thrown
Punches Thrown Badge

Days Played

Days Played badges celebrate your total number of days spent in the ring, consecutive or not.

  • 5 Days Played
  • 10 Days Played
  • 30 Days Played
  • 50 Days Played
  • 100 Days Played
  • 120 Days Played
  • 150 Days Played
  • 300 Days Played
Days Played Badge

View Your Latest Achievements in Your Profile

If you’ve hit any of these Milestone Badges, they’ll appear in your Litesport app profile starting July 28. You can quickly view your top three Latest Achievements right below your weekly calendar view. Or click “All Achievements” to view all your Milestone Badges on one screen. 

Overview of Badges

By clicking on a badge you can learn more about how and when you achieved it. Or share it on social media to brag about your latest weekly streak or punch count! 

10k Punches Thrown

Milestones are also viewable in your public profile so you can share your achievements with the broader Litesport community. By clicking on another fighter’s profile you can view all their Milestone Badges plus other Litesport stats, Community Challenges, and Match results. 

This could help fuel your competitive fire as you try and earn more badges than your friends or family.

Ready to see what milestones you’ve achieved? Head to your Litesport profile to find out. And get punching today to push for that next level of achievement. 

What changes would make your Litesport experience even better? Let us know here or join our Facebook community to provide your feedback through user polls and interactive questions. Plus, get the chance to vote on your favorite artists and songs that you’d like to see next in the Litesport app.

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