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New in the App: Community Challenges

In our latest app update on February 1, you’ll find brand-new Community Challenges that take Litesport competition to a whole new level. We’re also launching some exciting new changes to your Public Profile including profile pictures, location, and a workout history calendar to track your daily and weekly streak totals. 

Read on to learn about all the details of these new app updates launching on February 1, including a quick refresher on Litesport Matches

Community Challenges

Community Challenges are your chance to join other fighters in the Litesport community in completing a set of workouts before time runs out. They range from monthly to weekly challenges and often include the latest or top-rated Punch Tracks, Trainer Classes, and Sparring Sessions

In our Weekly Round Community Challenge, for example, you must complete a preset playlist of Punch Tracks before the end of the week. Then, check to see if your cumulative score is enough to get you to the top of the Leaderboard. These and other Community Challenges spice up your workout routine, creating an extra layer of excitement and competition. 

Ready to get started? We’re kicking off this update with three brand-new Community Challenges that you can join in the Litesport app today. You can find these and other Challenges as they launch in your Challenges Hub.

Challenges Hub

You can find all your Challenges, including both Community Challenges and one-on-one Litesport Matches, in the Challenges Hub. This is the “Challenges” tab on the bottom navigation bar of your Litesport app.

Challenges Hub

Within the Challenges Hub, you'll notice Community Challenges at the top of your screen in a scrolling carousel. Your Litesport Matches are featured below Community Challenges—scroll down to see them all.

Community Challenges

Within this screen, you can also toggle between your “Active” and “Completed” Challenges. All new Matches and active Community Challenges (meaning the Challenge is still ongoing) will pop up in your “Active” tab. You can find all expired or completed Matches and Community Challenges in the “Completed” tab. 

When you complete a Community Challenge a green checkmark will appear next to the Challenge in your “Active” tab. Only once the Challenge ends will it move to your “Completed” tab. 

How do you join a Community Challenge?

You can find Community Challenges right on your Litesport app home screen! Or head to the “Challenges” tab on the bottom navigation bar of the Litesport app. From the carousel, select a Community Challenge tile to open up a description of the challenge and how long you have to complete it.

Community Challenges on Home Screen

For Weekly Rounds, you’ll start by selecting your Punch Track difficulty level of easy, medium, or hard. As you click through, you’ll see the Leaderboards for each difficulty level so you know the top score to beat. Then hit “Continue” to start the challenge.

Community Round Challenges

For Completion Challenges like our February Challenge, all you have to do is tap the “Join the Challenge” button. Then, any completed workouts that meet the challenge criteria will appear. Finish as many as you can until you meet the Challenge goal!

Community Completion Challenges

Once you join a Community Challenge, the app will automatically keep track of your progress with each workout. You can also check to see how many more you need to finish before the Challenge is complete.

Litesport Matches

Have you challenged your friends to a 1:1 Litesport Match yet? If you haven’t tried this exciting new competitive feature (or you just need a refresher!), check out our blog with all the details on how you can go head-to-head with your friends.


Brand-New Profile Updates

Completed Matches

We’re also adding completed Matches to your public profile. When you click on another person’s profile you’ll see your shared Matches history. 

In the Matches history, you can view all 1:1 Matches you’ve completed with this person as well as the final results. This allows you to keep track of all your past Matches with friends and keep a running tally of your wins and losses so there’s zero confusion on who gets the bragging rights! 

Shared Matches Results on Profile

Profile Picture and Location

In our December 17 Litesport app update we gave your profile a revamp, with an overview of your all-time stats (also viewable as a public profile to other athletes), updated Punches Thrown tracking, and Performance Trends that update in real-time to track your progress and motivate you. 

In this update, we’re adding even more to your profile with the option to upload a profile picture and add your location. These changes make it easier to get to know and engage with other fighters in the Litesport community.

How do I update my profile?

Click the pencil icon next to your username on your profile. From there you can edit your photo, username, location, and other information. Details like your gender, weight, and height are not viewable on your public profile. We use these private details to help calculate the calories you burn in each workout. You can remove or make changes to your profile settings at any time.

Adding or Updating your Profile Picture

Workout History Calendar View

While the old profile only showed the number of workouts you completed, now you can track your progress over time through a calendar feature that captures your monthly, weekly, and daily activity. Through the calendar, you can view all the days you completed at least one workout. It also tracks your daily and weekly streak totals and indicates your progress compared to the previous month. 

Profile Workout History Calendar View

Now that you can view all your active days spent in the ring with Liteboxer in one place it’s never been easier to track your progress. This motivates you to work even harder to keep that streak alive. 

Difficulty Indicator

Last but not least, you’ll also notice that starting February 1, all Trainer Classes will contain a difficulty indicator in the bottom left-hand corner. This includes Trainer Classes, Sparring Sessions, and Build + Restore workouts. 

This means that as you’re scrolling through class options and deciding what to choose you can easily view each class’s level of difficulty without hitting the “filter” button. So if you’re ready for a challenge, head for those “Advanced” classes. Or go for “Beginner” or “Intermediate”.

Trainer Classes Difficulty Indicator

Get your competitive juices flowing by challenging your friends to a Litesport Match or joining your very-first Community Challenge. And check back on our blog The Ring as we post even more exciting updates and announcements!  

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