Announcements · Feb 16, 2022

New in the App: Changes to the Profile Screen and Leaderboards

We’re always hard at work improving the app—and taking your feedback into consideration!—so that you’re having the best Litesport experience possible. 

That’s why on February 16 we’re adding more small but mighty changes to the Litesport app Profile Screen and Leaderboards. Each change makes your user experience that much easier, so you can get right to your workout. 

Make sure to check out some of the other new features we’ve added to the Litesport experience including Community Challenges and head-to-head Matches

Profile Screen

Completed Community Challenges 

With this update, we’ve also added completed Community Challenges to your public profile. Now, when you click on another person’s profile—or they click on yours—you’ll see a carousel of their completed Community Challenges and your Matches history together. In the Matches history, you can view all one-on-one Matches you’ve completed with this person and their final results. 

Community Challenges on Profile Screen

Find fighters and showcase your wins

You’ll also notice in this latest app update that we’ve made a few changes to the top of your profile. These include: 

  • Find Fighters: Now it’s much easier to discover and find other fighters right from your profile
  • Match Wins: Totals up all the times you came out victorious in a Match
  • Leaderboard Top Tens: Keep track of how often you’re on the top of the Leaderboard

Profile Screen with Match Wins and Leaderboard Standings

This top section of your profile is viewable to anyone else on the app, making it easier to share your all-time stats with friends and find other fighters in the Litesport community. 

Plus, now you have even more motivation to up your game knowing that you’re not just showcasing your punches and weekly streaks, but how often you’re winning Matches and making it to the top of the Leaderboard.

With this addition, your profile now includes:


Thanks to this latest app update you can now view a Trainer Class or Punch Track Leaderboard before you start your workout. Check out the top score so you know what—and who!—you’re trying to beat.

Leaderboards on Workout Preview Screen

What changes would make your Litesport experience even better? Let us know here or join our Facebook community to provide your feedback through user polls and interactive questions. Plus, get the chance to vote on your favorite artists and songs you’d like to see next in the Litesport app.

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