Announcements · Virtual Reality · Dec 14, 2022

New in Litesport VR: A/R Passthrough Mode, Brand-New Litesport Studio, & More

November was an exciting month for Litesport with a brand-new Community Hub and a new version of our mobile app featuring a world for our VR fighters. But the updates didn’t stop there! 

On December 8th we released several new features in Litesport, including: 

  • A new Litesport studio environment
  • An A/R (Augmented Reality) passthrough mode available for all users
  • An interactive onboarding tutorial
  • And speed bag improvements for better gameplay

Keep reading to discover more about these latest feature updates and how they can improve your Litesport workout: 

New Litesport Studio Environment

Get ready for a new forever sunset high-rise studio environment! We’ve updated the Litesport studio environment and, as you might guess, it’s giving that “just before sunset” vibe. This forever sunset studio environment features a lighter, brighter, bigger, and more immersive studio. With the last of the evening sun shining through the window, you'll find that it’s an inspiring place to work out. 

But don’t worry if you’re a big fan of our original studio environment because that’s not going anywhere. The old Litesport studio environment “Trainer Stage” is now available through the Environments menu for those who prefer it to the new forever sunset high-rise studio. 

You can give this new VR environment a try today in the Environments menu on Litesport. 

A/R (Augmented Reality) Passthrough Mode

Passthrough mode is a Meta Quest feature on Litesport that allows you to step outside your view of virtual reality to see a real-time view of your surroundings—without ever taking off your headset. In other words, it blends your physical and virtual environments for an A/R (augmented reality) experience. 

Originally, this feature was only available from the pause menu for premium-only users. But as of December 8th, A/R passthrough mode is available to all Litesport users. With augmented reality layering Litesport on top of your real-world experience it will feel like your Trainer is right there in front of you in your living room.

Not only does this offer an unparalleled workout but it also has some safety benefits. With A/R mode on, you’re less likely to accidentally bump into or hit kids or pets running around the house.

Many users also find that it helps reduce feelings of nausea that often occur after using a VR headset for long periods. And if you’re working on your form, you can position yourself in front of a mirror to watch your reflection. 

Head to the Environments menu to toggle on passthrough mode and experience the thrill of augmented reality. 

New User Onboarding Tutorial

For those brand-new to Litesport, you can now expect an interactive onboarding tutorial to welcome you to the world of virtual reality. 

Head Trainer Anthony will greet all new users who open the app for the first time with a walk-through of everything you need to know from how to throw a punch to how the shield works and more. The goal is to give you a quick yet informational taste of Litesport so you can start your first workout knowing exactly what to expect. 

Speed Bag Revamp

The speed bag is a popular element in our Litesport Total Body workouts. The goal is to punch the speed bag as quickly as you can while racking up points for maximal force and frequency. And as of December 8, we’ve revamped this element in our Total Body workouts to make punching the speed bag smoother and more fun. 

Not only did we improve your gameplay, but we’ve also made it so that your streak will rise incrementally as you go. This means you can increase your streak bonus and get a higher score—giving you even more motivation to go hard on the speed bag.

Join Litesport for free today to experience these and other amazing features. Or try our Premium Membership with a 7-day free trial. We’ll see you in the virtual ring! 

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