Trainers · Aug 26, 2021

Liteboxer Trainer Spotlight: Myles Rodney

Meet Myles Rodney, a musician and Liteboxer Trainer with over five years of fitness instruction experience. Known for his encouraging and contagious energy in the ring, Myles knows how to keep you punching, leaving you stronger than when you started. 

Learn more about this best-in-class trainer and where you can join him in your next Liteboxer workout.

Quick facts about Myles

Favorite Liteboxer workout: “30-minute Advanced workouts with a good hip hop playlist!”

Favorite Liteboxer song to workout to: “I’m Upset” by Drake

Boxing inspiration: Mike Tyson

Favorite boxing advice: “Learn to use your feet. Your power is all in your legs.”

Favorite way to cross-train: Rowing and strength/conditioning

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this year? “Getting my own Liteboxer!” 



Get to know Myles

Myles was born and raised in the town of St. Joseph, just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. But it wasn’t long before he traded the small city for the big city, heading to Los Angeles right after high school to pursue a career in acting and modeling. Luckily for us, Myles fell into boxing after searching for a fun way to tone up for acting and modeling gigs. 

“Like most people, I found it hard to get active and enjoy the gym! That was until I had a friend who taught me how to box. He held up mitts for me and taught me the proper technique. He told me to have more power in my punches, I should start lifting weights. I was also put through speed drills to become quicker with my combos.” 

This very same friend ended up opening a gym called Crubox in West Hollywood and hired Myles as one of the instructors. The rest is history as Myles discovered his passion not just for the sport of boxing, but for fitness as a whole. Now, after over five years of experience as a boxing and fitness instructor, Myles is coming to you as one of Liteboxer’s best-in-class trainers.  

“I love the technique of boxing, the strategies, and the mind behind it!”

When he’s not in the ring as your boxing instructor, you can find Myles in the studio writing or recording his latest track. Check out his recent release, “For The Thrill” on Spotify:



What to expect in Myles’ classes

Known for his swagger, energy, and style you’ll quickly fall in love with all of Myles’ classes. He knows how to keep your energy high between boxing rounds with his contagious energy, constant smile, and supportive call-outs. 

His training style is fast-paced, entertaining, and encouraging, but challenging. Keeping you on your toes the whole time, he reminds you that you’re a lot stronger than you might think. At the end of his workouts, he wants you to leave the ring knowing that you are all that you need (while getting the hard-hitting sweat session that you need).

Myles knows how to inspire both inside and outside the ring as he himself simultaneously pursues his dreams as both a musician and fitness instructor. 

“I’ve been working on doing things I truly love…. getting over fears, getting over doubts, and making things happen for myself. I don’t always know what I’m doing, I’m just having fun with it!”

And we can guarantee that you’re going to have fun in Myles’ classes. With a love for hip hop, EDM, and fast-paced combos, it won’t be hard to have a good time as you’re sweating it out in the ring with Myles.

How to box with Myles

So are you ready to catch Myles’ contagious energy and have some fun in your next workout? Here are some of Myles’ classes that you can punch to today with your Liteboxer Membership: 

  • 30 Min Hip Hop Advanced with Myles
  • 20 Minute EDM with Myles
  • 10 Min Express Alt Rock with Myles
  • 2 Song Sparring Rock with Myles

Get unlimited access to best-in-class trainer classes like these plus top-charting Punch Tracks with a Liteboxer Membership. Learn more about our Liteboxer Membership and unlock your access to premium content today with our 30 day membership trial.

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