Trainers · May 20, 2021

Litesport Trainer Spotlight: Max Karp

Meet Max Karp, one of the newest members of our Litesport trainer team! As a former baseball player and current running coach Max will have you working hard and having fun in the ring. 

With over four years of boxing and fitness training experience, Max is here to level up your at-home workout with Litesport. Get to know Max and where you can sweat it out with him in your next trainer class. 

Quick facts about Max

  • Favorite Litesport workout: Any trainer workout with bands!

“The addition of the bands adds so much diversity and possibility to the strength portion of the workout. Bodyweight movements are amazing, but doesn’t it feel great to isolate your arms or back with some banded curls or rows?”

  • Favorite Litesport song to workout to: “POWER” by Kanye West

“There’s something about the song that fires me up every time I hear it as if the only option is to give 110%!” 

  • Boxing inspiration: Muhammad Ali

“Aside from his talent in the ring, I really admire who he was and what he stood for. I appreciate his resilience and his perseverance as not just a boxer, but also as an activist and even an entertainer. His life story and experiences both in the ring and outside of it have served as lessons for me to learn from.”

  • Favorite boxing advice: Be patient!

“Most people think that boxing is about being on the attack when in reality it is just as important to be on the defense. Boxing is all about discipline. While it’s easy to want to throw endless punches, I encourage people to sit back and hone in on the timing of the punch.”

  • Favorite way to cross-train: Triathlons 

“I’m an endurance junkie and have a serious passion for the triathlon! So, when not boxing you can find me on the bike or getting in a run.” 

  • What’s one thing you are looking forward to this year?
“Racing! Up first: Ironman 70.3 Virginia’s Blue Ridge on June 6th.”



Get to know Max

Max Karp is a Jersey boy turned New York City fitness professional. As a former Division I college baseball player, Max brings his on-the-field experience into the ring for a tough but rewarding workout. 

After graduating from Indiana University in 2017, Max stepped into the world of personal training and fitness. He has experience as a lead instructor at Presher Fitness, a Founding Trainer at GRIT BOXING, and Barry’s Bootcamp. Today, Max joins us as one of our newest Litesport trainers!

When he’s not in the ring you can find Max on a bike, in the water, or going for a run training for his next triathlon… or wearing matching sweaters with his adorable dog Dax. 


“Triathlon has become a serious passion of mine and an outlet to take out my competitive energy. I had big plans and goals for the 2020 season, and while those plans shifted when COVID-19 hit and races canceled left and right, my journey took a real turn when I was hit by a car during a long bike ride mid-summer. I still have a ways to go before I’d call myself 100% recovered, but I’m back to training and have my sights on a few “starting lines” in the coming months!” 

Max isn’t a stranger to injury and hard times, but he always knows how to land back on his feet. From baseball injuries to bad breakups, Max understands that happiness and emotional wellbeing are things you have to work hard for every single day. And for Max, fitness has always been a part of that journey to personal fulfillment. 

What to expect in Max’s classes

Max is a best-in-class trainer because he cares about his students and about building a better you, one punch at a time. He’s here to make you smile, make you sweat, and build up that boxer grit and determination. 

“I love that boxing has no barriers other than a poor mindset. Anyone can wrap up, glove up, and step in the ring — especially at Litesport. Just like a pair of shoes can make you a runner, a little grit and determination can make you a boxer. I also admire how boxing is as much a skill as it is a workout, and with that comes attention to detail, discipline, and both a mental and physical fortitude.”

Max's classes are full of high energy, a positive attitude, and Bieber fever. In his own words, Max describes his training style as “very straightforward with a major emphasis on PMA— Positive Mental Attitude.” 

Yes, his classes are going to be hard but he promises that they will never be discouraging or negative. Max strives to create an environment where everyone can find success and celebrate their wins instead of their misses.



Expect to walk away from Max’s classes stronger than you walked in. But not just physically stronger, mentally too. 

 “I want people to see and understand how capable they truly are. And I want them to embrace the challenges that come their way — both in the workout itself as well as life outside the ring. I always say “get comfortable being uncomfortable” because I truly believe that our perception and interpretation of things strongly affect how we react. If we approach every obstacle as an opportunity we can better position ourselves to find success in everything we do.” 

 “So the biggest takeaway I hope to leave you with is realizing that you are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for and channeling that strength in moments of doubt or discomfort.”

How to box with Max

Get ready to have some fun and bring the heat to your next class with Max! As Max says, “Let’s get in, let’s work hard, and let’s have a great damn time.” Start your free trial to join Max in one of his workouts.

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