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Litesport Trainer Spotlight: Lissa Smith

Meet Lissa Smith, a professional dancer, entrepreneur, and fitness instructor with over seven years of fitness training experience. As a dancer, Lissa brings her own special rhythm and energy to each Litesport workout, encouraging you to have fun and not take yourself too seriously as you punch your way towards your fitness goals. 

As your Litesport trainer, Lissa’s on your side and ready to level up your workout one class at a time. Learn more about this best-in-class trainer and where you can join her in your next Litesport workout:

Quick facts about Lissa

  • Favorite Litesport workout: “Any 20-minute trainer class or Hip Hop or EDM sparring session!”
  • Favorite Litesport songs to workout to: “One” by Swedish House Mafia and “I’m Different” by 2 Chainz. 

“I love working out to Remixed music, EDM, Pop, Hip Hop/Rap. They get me in the zone and make me feel unstoppable.”

  • Boxing inspiration: “Muhammad Ali, the GOAT!”
  • Favorite boxing advice: “Throw light but sharp punches and don’t hold your breath. Exhale on the punch!”
  • Favorite way to cross-train: Indoor Cycling and HIIT 

“I love workouts that make me forget how hard I’m working. In my opinion, the best workouts are the ones that have you feeling like you’ve left reality for the moment. Getting to the end of a workout and being so confused how 45 minutes went by so quickly is when you know it’s good!”

  • What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this year? 

“I’m looking forward to going deeper in my work and enjoying the process along the way. I’m also really excited to start back with my dance companies again. I’ve missed the feeling of being a dancer and moving my body in that creative way this past year and a half.”



Get to know Lissa

Lissa is a NYC-based fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and professional dancer. A Miami native, Lissa grew up on the stage while attending performing arts schools. Today, dancing and fitness have become her professional focus and lifelong love. She’s even started her own business called project relentLISS, an electric, beat-based, full-body workout experience. 

Her journey to Litesport and starting her own business began with indoor cycling when she stepped into her first class in the summer of 2013. She quickly fell in love with the physicality, musicality, and adrenaline of a workout class. 

This left her craving more, so she worked hard to become a cycling instructor. It wasn’t long after this that Lissa found her way to boxing and she became obsessed with her newest fitness find. 

“I love the focus and athleticism that boxing requires. It’s such a therapeutic feeling to quite literally throw punches. Boxing combines everything I love about working out. It transports my body and mind to a place where I can turn the rest of the world off and center myself in the moment. Boxing makes me feel like a fighter, and feeling like a fighter reminds me of how strong I am.” 


What to expect in Lissa’s classes

With over seven years of experience as a fitness instructor, Lissa is not afraid to push you to dig deeper, punch harder, and never give up on yourself. Her training style is powerful, energetic, soulful, and motivational. With her big energy and encouraging instruction, it’ll be easier than you might expect to give it your all in Lissa’s classes and have fun in the process.

“I hope that anyone who takes my class leaves with a feeling of ultimate achievement. If you can take my class and surprise yourself even one time with what you’re able to do (no matter how big or how small) then you’re winning.”

Growing up as a dancer, Lissa has always felt comfortable expressing herself through movement. She brings that movement and confidence into the ring, making her a powerhouse while training and teaching. With Lissa, you’ll be sweating through some full-body fitness with a focus on fun and form over perfection. 

“I don’t care about “perfection” or ability. I care about your determination, willingness, and mindset! My goal is for people taking a class with me to feel energized and powerful.”

And if you’re feeling nervous as a new boxer? Lissa is the perfect trainer to get started with. She wants all boxers, especially those new to the ring, to feel welcome and safe. 

“It's really easy to give in to fear because of the intimidation of trying or practicing something new. We all started in the new phase at one point, so we all know what that feels like. The best part of trying something new is when you start to find your groove and figure it out. And one day, it won't be new anymore. As your trainer, I have your back!”

How to box with Lissa

Lissa is excited to bring you one punch closer to your fitness goals in her high-energy classes. Get ready to have fun, not take yourself too seriously, and bring the heat in your next workout. Join some of Lissa's classes today by signing up for a 7-day free trial

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