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Liteboxer Trainer Spotlight: JD

Meet Trainer Julian Devine “JD”, an amateur boxer, personal trainer, and YouTube sensation hailing from Apple Valley, Minnesota. He’s one of our newest Trainers, and we’re super excited to have this boxing pro join the Liteboxer team.

With a 7+ year background in boxing, this Trainer is ready to share his love for the sport. His passion for boxing is super contagious. Just take one class with JD and you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about!

Learn more about this best-in-class Trainer and where you can join him in your next Liteboxer workout:

Quick facts about JD

  • Favorite Liteboxer workout: “The VR Mitt Drill sessions are my favorite thing to do so far. You have the trainer holding for you and taking you through some of my favorite tracks.”
  • Favorite Liteboxer songs to workout to:That’s a tough one… I love Post Malone, Drake, & Dragon Force”
  • Boxing inspiration: My inspiration is none other than Ukrainian fighter Vasily Lomachenko. He’s a beast of a fighter and is feared throughout his division. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him fight in person and it’s quite the spectacle to see.”
  • Favorite boxing advice:Don’t get discouraged, get encouraged. Not everything is going to be perfect right out the gate, but understand the more you do something, the better you will get.”
  • Favorite way to cross-train: I love lifting heavy things. I’m pain-free and stronger than ever because of it.”

Get to know JD

JD might have been born and raised in Apple Valley, Minnesota. But today you’ll find him in the big apple of New York City where he trains with two-time world champion Joan Guzman out of the famous Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn. The same gym where they filmed Martin Scorsese's "Raging Bull" in 1980 and Clint Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby" in 2004.

“My boxing journey began 6-7 years ago. I started at Shadowbox NYC and later pursued an amateur career through Gleason's Gym in Dumbo Brooklyn. From there, coaches Joan, Jose, & Charlie Guzman introduced me to their style and technique.”

When he’s not training, you’ll find JD at The Strength Club in New York City where he works as a personal trainer. He also teaches boxing and strength training classes where he helps students learn proper technique, build strength, and improve boxing endurance. But no worries if you’re not from the big apple because now you can train with JD right on your Liteboxer!

And this amateur fighter has his own fitness goals he’s working towards as well. He’s currently embarking on a journey to 225 that he’s documenting on his YouTube channel. His goal is to lift 225 in the big three: squat, bench, and deadlift. 

“Over the next 11 weeks, I'll be putting my body through a specialized program that will allow me to build strength and endurance. I set a number to lift and that is 225. I want to hit that in my big three: squat, bench, and deadlift.”

Learn more about his journey in his YouTube video here: 

What to expect in JD’s classes

As your Trainer, JD is ready to coach you all the way to the finish line. He’s encouraging, uplifting, and super knowledgeable and passionate about the sport of boxing. With over six years of boxing experience expect a focus on boxing form, technique, and endurance in his classes. And get ready to walk away from each class with a new skill or newfound confidence. 

Expect to always learn something new. Whether it’s with your boxing technique or strength training. I’m not here to reinvent the wheel, I’m just here to make it a little nicer.”

Boxing is JD’s therapy. It’s the sport that picked him up when he needed it most. And as your Trainer, he hopes boxing can have the same impact on you. He brings that passion, confidence, and motivation to every class, helping you make it through your toughest days. 

I’ve always felt better after moving. I want everyone that takes my class to leave feeling energized, inspired, and ready to take on more. The biggest lesson I’d want everyone to take with them is that if you keep showing up you’ll see results. It’s as easy as that.”

 With his inspiring energy and encouraging instruction, it’ll be easier than you might expect to give it your all in JD’s classes and have fun in the process.


How to box with JD

JD is excited to bring you one punch closer to your fitness goals. Get ready to have fun, learn something new, and elevate your boxing technique in your next workout with JD.

Join our newest Trainer in one of his classes today with a Liteboxer Membership. Learn more about Liteboxer Membership and unlock your access to premium content today with our 30-day membership trial.

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