Trainers · Feb 17, 2021

Litesport Trainer Spotlight: Anthony Crouchelli

Meet Anthony Crouchelli, one of the members of our Litesport team. Anthony joined us this year as Lead Trainer and Director of Talent. With 20+ years of boxing experience at GRIT Bxing, Rumble, Barry's Bootcamp, and Equinox — plus features in Men's Health, Pop Sugar, and USA Today to name a few! — Anthony knows how to turn a workout into a transformation of mental and physical growth. We work with only the best boxing trainers at Litesport and Anthony Crouchelli is exactly that!

Anthony not only knows how to get you in the best boxing shape, but he also brings star power and an impressive fitness background to his classes. Get to know Anthony and where you can sweat it out with him in your next trainer class. 

Quick facts about Anthony

  • Favorite Litesport workout: Anything with GW!

“I am a huge fan of GW! Love his ability to cue with such clarity, as well as his attention to detail inside boxing fundamentals in each class.”

  • Favorite Litesport song to workout to: “What's My Age Again?” by Blink 182 

“I know it's weird, but it brings me back to my childhood!”

  • Boxing inspiration: Gervonta Davis

“I'm an east coast boy, and this man is an absolute beast in the ring. The true definition of GRIT.”

  • Favorite boxing advice: Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. 

“Boxing in the early stages can be very confusing, frustrating, and difficult...It’s not always about getting to the finish line as fast as you can, but more importantly to build your foundation so you can see the staircase of success that is right in front of you.”

  • Favorite way to cross-train: Functional Strength Training

“In my early lifting career, I was so focused on putting up heavy volume in the weight programs that I was constantly overworking my joints, as well as creating a ton of impingements. I quickly shifted my focus to functional strength, and soon discovered a great balanced workout that allowed me to grow from the weight room to the ring.”

  • What’s one thing you are looking forward to this year?
“I am the most excited for Litesport to show the world that you can grow mentally and physically one punch at a time.”



    Get to know Anthony

    Anthony’s path to boxing started at the age of 7 when he joined a local boxing program and immediately fell in love with the sport. A natural athlete, Anthony was a professional soccer player for many years. Known for his drive, intuition, and passion, Anthony credits a lot of his boxing mentality to his time on the field. 

    “I was never the biggest or strongest on the pitch, but I was constantly working, and practicing to be better than yesterday which helps me constantly inside the ring.”

    Anthony also knows how to put on a show, with some acting experience on both the big screen and in the theater. Some of his appearances included hit TV shows such as The Good Wife and Law and Order SVU, as well as performances on the stage including Saturday Night Fever and Legally Blonde

    Today, you can find Anthony on your Litesport app, calling out punch drills in rapid succession as you sweat trying to keep up. With over 10+ years of boxing training experience and numerous fitness certifications, Anthony knows how to build strong boxers and understands the importance of a strong boxing foundation over everything else. 

    “My biggest strength as a coach that I can give to clients, and athletes is the ability to “break down the bare bones”. Growing up in my training with my coaches for the first year I never threw a punch. We drilled footwork, defensive mechanics, and discovered my “root in the ring”. My training boils down to connecting to the root inside every single movement.”

    What to expect in Anthony’s classes

    In Anthony’s classes, you can expect this focus on boxing foundation as well as a journey to self-discovery. With Anthony, you aren’t just learning how to box, you are focusing on your own personal growth. 

    “In my classes, my biggest focus is not to always think of the sprint, but instead focus on growing more than yesterday. Focusing on the foundation, and engine of your success, as opposed to just the flashy exteriors.”



    After all, Anthony knows that there is more to boxing than just punching. “Boxing is the one sport where EVERY single time I enter a training or sparring session I feel as if I learn more about myself in the ring than I have outside. Boxing challenges you mentally, physically, and emotionally which has helped me discover clarity in the hardest of times. Sometimes all it takes is to believe in yourself in life, and I can say for a fact that boxing has the ability to elevate you one punch at a time.”

    With Anthony’s  boxing workouts expect to work hard and sweat a lot as you improve your fitness, technique, and mental stamina. And of course, expect a big focus on that all-important boxing foundation. 

    How to box with Anthony

    A boxing champ with a ton of experience and an actor who knows how to work his camera angles? What more could you ask for in a trainer! With Anthony, you can get stronger, faster, and more confident one punch at a time. Get your gloves on and join one of his classes in Litesport today.

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