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Litesport Trainer Spotlight: Aliyah Sims

Meet Aliyah Sims, one of the newest Litesport Trainers to join our team. This Florida native turned New Yorker has 6+ years of boxing and training experience, not to mention 10 years of competitive cheerleading. 

And she’s live in the Litesport app today! She's ready to lead you through your next workout with a positive attitude and upbeat teaching style that’ll get you moving to the music in no time. 

Learn more about this best-in-class Trainer and where you can join her in your next Litesport workout:

Quick facts about Aliyah

  • Favorite Litesport workout: “This is a hard one! I’m a sucker for a good beat and Mitt Drill.”
  • Favorite Litesport songs to workout to: “DMX or Nicki Minaj”
  • Boxing inspiration: “Growing up it was my bother but currently Claressa Shields”
  • Favorite boxing advice: “Give yourself some grace! Boxing is never easy and you don’t get better overnight. Do the work.”
  • Favorite way to cross-train: “My top favorites would definitely be strength training and yoga! I traded in lifting cheerleaders above my head for dumbbells. Building strength helps me last longer in the ring and yoga helps me stay grounded and limber. I do both throughout my week.”

Get to know Aliyah

Aliyah grew up around boxing. As a young girl, she would sneak a peek at her brother and Uncle as they trained in their garage every day, hitting the heavy bag as DMX and Nas blared in the background. Yet, it wasn’t until she was an adult living in New York that she ever picked up a pair of boxing gloves and started boxing herself. 

“Boxing was something I thought I would never be able to do, it seemed like a man’s sport since I was never really encouraged.”


Even though she didn’t grow up boxing, Aliyah is no stranger to challenging sports. She spent 10 years in competitive cheerleading and has experience dancing, playing volleyball, and weightlifting.

Her hard work ethic, stamina, and fitness background easily translated to the New York fitness scene where she started working at the front desk of a Rumble boxing studio. Her first introduction to the studio was through a female boxer and mentor who invited her to her first class at the gym. She fell in love with the sport and the rest is history! 

“Long story short, I fell in love with boxing all over again. All that I had seen as a child and teen translated and I began to take it more seriously at Gleason's….I finally mustered up the courage to audition and teach. Here we are about 6 years later and I wouldn’t change a thing!”


And what does Aliyah love most about boxing? She loves how boxing is a sport that challenges you while lifting you to new levels of confidence. 

“What I love most about boxing is that it challenges the mind, body, and soul in numerous ways. You can apply all that you learn in training to life. While training I feel strong, disciplined, challenged, and most importantly… I’m learning self-defense. Boxing has taught me to never stop learning and has helped me gain a sense of peace from within, which is something I’ve struggled with my whole life.”


And that’s the kind of energy she brings to her classes with Litesport as one of our newest Litesport Trainers. You can find Aliyah today in your Litesport app sharing her love of the sport with every workout.

What to expect in Aliyah’s classes

When you press play on a class with Aliyah expect to have fun as you work out! She will encourage you to keep moving and punching with her infectious positivity, hilarious honesty, and motivating instruction. 

“I’m a fun, high-energy trainer that quite literally says whatever is on her mind. When it comes to programming I like to keep it simple but VERY effective. Be prepared to sweat and smile y’all.”


And simple and effective is right. Aliyah knows how to structure a successful workout that kicks your butt but leaves you feeling great at the same time. After all, she wants you to get in a good workout, but she knows that the real goal is to have fun and feel good about yourself in the process. 

“I want everyone to walk away feeling like they just worked out with their trusted coach/bestie. I want to prove that working out is not a punishment but a way of life. We’ve been kicking since we were in the womb, why stop now? I hope you discover things about yourself through movement while getting out of your head for a bit.”

How to box with Aliyah

Ready to start boxing with Aliyah? Join our newest Trainer in one of her classes today with a Litesport Membership. Learn more about Litesport Membership and unlock your access to premium content today with our 7-day free trial.

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