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Litesport Annual Throwdown 2022: Compete in the Workout You Can Win

Let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions suck. So, instead of making resolutions this month, we’re challenging you to put commitment to the test with our first-ever 2022 Annual Throwdown competition featuring our latest feature in the app: Litesport Matches

2022 Annual Throwdown

This year’s first-ever Throwdown is a 4-week challenge that runs from Monday, January 10 until Sunday, February 6. Each week the fighter with the most completed Matches will earn a prize. 

At the end of the four weeks, the fighters with the most overall Matches won will be entered for a chance to compete in the first-ever Litesport Match Madness bracket competition. The final four will have an opportunity to compete LIVE at Litesport HQ in March. 

Will you win big in the ring? Will we see you at Litesport HQ? There’s only one way to find out. 

Read on to learn more about how you can compete in the Annual Throwdown. Join our Litesport Facebook Community to stay in the loop on all challenge updates and to find out if you’re one of our weekly winners. 

What’s a Litesport Match?

Litesport Matches is our brand-new Litesport app feature that launched on January 6. Matches offer you the chance to challenge other Litesport community members to a head-to-head battle in the ring. 

The more Matches you start and finish, the more points you earn and the higher your chance of winning weekly prizes in the 2022 Annual Throwdown. 

How does it work?

Here’s how you can start challenging your friends to a Litesport Match with the workout you can win: 

  1. Complete any Punch Track, Trainer Class, or Sparring Session workout.
  2. After your workout finishes, click the “Create a Match” button.
  3. Challenge any of the fellow Litesporters you follow to compete against your high score in a Match by clicking the icon next to their username.
  4. After selecting all the fighters you want to challenge (you can challenge as many as you’d like!), click “Send Matches” to initiate the Match request.
  5. If your fellow fighter tries to beat your score by accepting and finishing your Match you both get one point towards the Annual Throwdown competition. If they don’t complete the Match then neither of you get a point.
  6. Head to the “Challenges” tab on the bottom navigation bar of your Litesport app to view the results. The fighter with the most points or Matches completed wins a prize for that week.

Create a Match

Don’t forget about the grand prize! The fighters with the most Match wins will compete in our first-ever Litesport Match Madness bracket competition, with the chance to join us live at Litesport HQ. 

So don’t just initiate boxing Matches, give it all you’ve got so you win as many as you can (and get a great workout in the process).

Can I challenge anyone in the Litesport community to any workout?

You can challenge anyone you’re following to a Litesport Match with a Punch Track, Trainer Class, or Sparring Session you just finished. You can’t start a Match with a workout you’ve already completed. 

Just make sure you’re following the fighter you want to challenge before you start your workout so they appear as an option when you create a Match. To follow someone, tap the icon next to their name on Leaderboards or search for a username from your Profile within Followers. 

Follow someone

How do I know if I’ve been challenged to a Match?

You can view all your Matches and their results in the “Challenges” tab on the bottom navigation bar of your Litesport app. All new Matches will pop up in your “Active” tab and feature an orange notification dot. Act fast though because Matches expire after 7 days.

You can check your “Completed” tab to see all the Matches from January 10 to February 6 that’ll count towards the Annual Throwdown competition*.

*Expired Matches will appear in your “Completed” tab but don’t count as a point towards the Annual Throwdown.

View Challenges

Now’s your chance to compete in the workout you can WIN! Join our Litesport Facebook Community today to stay in the loop on challenge updates and weekly Throwdown winners. 

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