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Litesport 2022 Year in Review: Most-Played Workouts, Top of the Leaderboard, & More

What a year it’s been! As a community across 2022, we’ve done everything from launching challenges to new products. And while it’s impossible to highlight it all, we’re certainly going to try… 

In 2022, we joined the metaverse and launched two new VR workouts (Mitt Drills and Total Body). We also hosted our first-ever Annual Throwdown and Summer Fitness Challenge. We made it easier to compete against friends and family. We gave away free swag. We boxed to the beat of Grammy-nominated artists. We expanded our Punch Track Library. We also welcomed several new Trainers to the Litesport team, including Aliyah Sims and Julian Devine “JD”.

We also met and boxed with some pretty cool people like Logan Paul, Matt James, Let’s Get Moving KC, Jason Markland, and more. We made appearances on The View, The Tamron Hall Show, and The Kelly Clarkson Show. And we’ve been hitting the streets in our Litesport Knockout series, challenging New Yorkers to see how many punches they can throw.

To say it’s been an exciting year would be an understatement. Let’s take a look back at 2022 with Litesport and all we’ve accomplished this past year. 

Top 2022 Litesport Stats

Here’s a summary of all the hard work you and the rest of the Litesport community have put in this past year, from punches thrown to the most-played workouts in the app: 

  • Top Fighter by Punch Count: @DavidB4920 with 1,389,375 total punches
  • Top Badge Earner: @dl72 with 32 badges
  • Top Punch Track: “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd
  • Top Trainer Class: 10 min Express 2000s Hip Hop Beginner with Christina (released 7/17/22) 
  • Top Sparring Session: 2 Song Sparring Session Hard Rock with Myles (released 2/27/22)
  • Top Mitt Drill Workout: 2 Song Mitt Drill Mixtape with GW (released 6/6/22)
  • Top Total Body Workout: 2 Song Total Body Dance Pop with GW (released 10/14/22)

And make sure to check out your Litesport stats in our 2022 Ringside Recap.

Top Fighters by Punch Count

Although we’re all champions, there are a few fighters who went extra hard this year. Here are the Litesporters who’ve logged the most punches across the past year, putting them right at the top of the Leaderboard for 2022:

  1. @DavidB4920: 1,389,375
  2. @Itgootopia: 1,328,378
  3. @Newman: 808,475
  4. @Ashmason: 685,830
  5. @ScottK2055: 664,725
  6. @Hollows3: 641,022
  7. @CodedParticles: 495,039
  8. @Fish: 447,699
  9. @Lbcube: 438,738
  10. @ShawnC3067: 406,631

Top Badge Earners

Hit a personal milestone and you’ll earn a Milestone Badge, located right in your Litesport profile. Badges are a way to quickly and easily track your progress along your Litesport journey toward that next tier of punch achievement. 

And these fighters have been working hard for that next milestone as the top badge earners of 2022:

  1. @dl72: 32 badges
  2. @Newman: 32 badges
  3. @Chauncey: 31 badges
  4. @PostRetroGaming: 27 badges
  5. @Itgootopia: 27 badges
  6. @DavidB4920: 27 badges
  7. @WhitneyD: 26 badges
  8. @EbonyF8057: 26 badges
  9. @ScottK2055: 26 badges
  10. @EmilioD626: 26 badges 

Top 5 Punch Tracks of 2022

So what exactly were we punching to this year? Well, we added some exciting new artists to our Punch Track Library like Machine Gun Kelly, Sam Smith & Kim Petras, Selena Gomez & Marshmello, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and more.

But the real winners were our top 5 most popular Punch Tracks of 2022, with the most plays across the year. Here they are, featuring “Blinding Lights” and “Bang Bang” at the top of the list for the 2nd year in a row:

  1. "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd 
  2. "Bang Bang" by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj
  3. "Believer" by Imagine Dragons
  4. "Despacito" by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee
  5. "good 4 u" by Olivia Rodrigo

Top 5 Trainer Classes of 2022

You’ve also spent a lot of time this year with our best-in-class Trainers. But some of the all-time favorites include these top 5 most-played Trainer Classes

  1. 10 min Express 2000s Hip Hop Beginner with Christina (released 7/17/22) 
  2. 10 min Express Hip Hop Beginner with Myles (released 3/5/22) 
  3. 15 min '80s Rock Anthems FOCUS: 3 Punch Combos with Jill (released 4/13/22) 
  4. 10 min Hip Hop FOCUS: Power with GW (released 4/19/22)
  5. 15 min Remixed Hits Beginner with Max (released 4/20/22)

Top 5 Sparring Sessions of 2022

And let’s not forget about our Sparring Sessions where your Trainer is the DJ, walking you through different punch combinations before you spar on your own to the beat of the music. Here are the top 5 most-played favorites of 2022: 

  1. 2 Song Sparring Session Hard Rock with Myles (released 2/27/22)
  2. 2 Song Sparring Session Pop Rock Battle with Chris (released 3/6/22)
  3. 2 Song Sparring Session Hip Hop vs. EDM Beginner with GW (released 3/21/22)
  4. 3 Song Sparring Session Guilty Pleasures Edition with Lissa (released 4/27/22)
  5. 4 Song Sparring Session Pop Battle with Jill (released 8/29/22)

Top 5 Mill Drill Workouts of 2022

We launched Mitt Drills in April of this past year for our VR fighters. This workout mimics pad or focus mitt training with your Trainer right there in front of you guiding your punches and coaching you on correct form.

It’s the next best thing to having a Trainer right there in the room with you. And these Mitt Drill workouts stood out as the top 5 most played:

  1. 2 Song Mitt Drill Mixtape with GW (released 6/6/22)
  2. 2 Song Mitt Drill Hip Hop with Jill (released 11/4/22)
  3. 2 Song Mitt Drill Mixtape Beginner with Myles (released 7/15/22)
  4. 2 Song Mitt Drill Guilty Pleasures Edition with Lissa (released 10/25/22)
  5. 2 Song Mitt Drill EDM with Aliyah (released 10/17/22)

Top 5 Total Body Workouts of 2022

We also introduced Total Body workouts to our VR fighters back in late September of this year. And you wasted no time pressing play and building up a sweat in this first-ever virtual reality full-body workout. This new VR experience got your arms and legs moving with new dynamic and interactive elements including battle ropes, speed bags, duck ropes, and more.

These were the 5 most popular Total Body workouts with the most plays across the past few months:

  1. 2 Song Total Body Dance Pop with GW (released 10/14/22)
  2. 2 Song Total Body Hip Hop with JD (released 10/11/22)
  3. 3 Song Total Body Pop Beginner with Max (released 11/25/22)
  4. 2 Song Total Body EDM Advanced with Anthony (released 9/28/22)
  5. 2 Song Total Body Mixtape with Jill (released 11/9/22)

New Features & Updates From the Past Year

2022 has been full of app updates, brand-new features, and product releases to improve your Litesport experience. Here’s a review of some of the most exciting changes from the past year: 

New App Features

In 2022 we made a lot of changes to improve your Litesport mobile experience. We kicked it off in February with easier navigation updates to your profile and home screen, followed by another easy-to-navigate update in April that combined the “Workout” and “Quickplay” tabs into one screen. 

Then in March and April, we added “Recommended For You” and “Recently Played” carousels on the homepage of the Litesport mobile app, along with new ways to filter your workout. In May, we added onboarding questions to personalize your Litesport experience. And in July we gave Premium VR members the chance to customize their workout with Playlists before opening this feature up to Litesport Go, Floor Stand, and Wall Mount premium fighters in October. Then in September, we expanded our Punch Track library to include 150 Punch Tracks.

It’s all thanks to your feedback. And we’re excited for even more features launching in 2023. Stay in the loop by joining our email newsletter or following along on our blog The Ring. 

Litesport VR

This year Litesport entered the metaverse with the announcement of our first-ever virtual reality fitness experience, Litesport VR, on January 5, 2022. With Litesport VR you can enter a virtual boxing ring for a full sensory workout without ever leaving your living room. Your trainers are no longer just on a screen in front of you, they’re interacting with you in a 3D world. 

Since launching we’ve been working hard to continuously improve the VR experience with updates and features like gesture scrolling, controller-free hand-tracking, custom workout playlists, passthrough mode, a brand-new Liteshield 2.0 design, a new VR World in the Litesport mobile app, and more. We also debuted two VR workouts in 2022 including Mitt Drills and Total Body

And in May, we launched a freemium subscription, which we call Basic, to give you a taste of the Litesport VR experience with access to a curated selection of 54 free workout options. 

Litesport Matches & Community Challenges

In January and February, we turned up the competitive dial by making it easier to compete against friends and make new ones in the Litesport community. That’s thanks to the launch of Matches in January and Community Challenges in February. 

With Litesport Matches you can challenge other Litesport community members to a head-to-head battle. And Community Challenges are your chance to join other fighters in the Litesport community in completing a set of workouts before time runs out. 

But it’s not just friends, family, and other fighters you can compete against. With Litesport VR you can head to the Community Hub to try and beat our Trainers’ high scores. Think you’ve got what it takes to be the best in the ring? Now’s your chance to prove it. 

Milestone Badges

In July we gave you even more motivation to step into the ring with the chance to unlock Milestone Badges. You earn badges by completing a daily or weekly workout streak, throwing a certain number of punches, or spending multiple days in the ring with Litesport. 

Badges are a gauge of your Litesport performance. They’re like trophies on the shelf, reminding you how far you’ve come and how hard you worked to get there. They also make for excellent motivation! When you’re this close to earning another badge, that could be the encouragement you need to get back in the ring and push for that next milestone.

Litesport Playlists & Radio

2022 was also a great year for workout customization thanks to updates like Litesport Playlists and Litesport Radio. Litesport Playlists originally launched for premium VR members in July before we opened it up to all Litesport Premium members in October. With Playlists, you can mix and match any Litesport class type for a seamless workout that auto-plays from one to the next without having to dig through the app. 

And Litesport Radio sorts over 600 (and growing!) Punch Track workouts into genres for quick music selection. Relive your favorite decade with Old School Hip Hop Radio. Or box to the beat of your high-energy favorites on Dance/Electronic Radio.

The options are endless since Litesport Radio features every Punch Track we’ve ever posted, even the ones we’ve retired from our Punch Track Library. Then, add your favorite Punch Tracks and classes to a Playlist to create the ultimate workout that you can play again and again. 

What People Have Said About Litesport This Past Year

This year we’re thankful and proud to be named the Best in Gaming at this year’s consumer tech CES 2022 showcase. We also got a Liteboxer Go shout-out from TechCrunch and Forbes called Litesport VR the “future of workouts”. 

Gaming Trend gave Litesport VR a big thumbs up with an excellent 90/100 review. And DigitalTrends said they had “the best cardio workout” of their life while boxing in Litesport VR. We also saw features in ReviewGeek and TechRadar and made several television appearances including The Tamron Hall Show and The View with Litesport Brand Ambassador and former Bachelor, Matt James. But it’s feedback from you, our Litesport community, that we love receiving the most. 

2022 Ringside Recap

It’s been quite the ride this past year for the entire Litesport community, but let’s not forget about your achievements! You’ve worked hard to beat your personal best, win Matches, earn a few badges, and top the leaderboards in 2022. 

You never gave up the fight, sweating with your trainers through hours of full-body workouts. You’ve been prioritizing your mental and physical health and building up your strength, confidence, and power in the process.

You’ve got a lot to be proud of. And now you can see all you’ve accomplished this past year with Litesport in your 2022 Ringside Recap. Open the Litesport app to find a shareable summary of your 2022 stats right on the home page. 

Your personalized Ringside Recap features: 

  • Your top activity and genre
  • Total punches thrown
  • Total active time
  • Total number of workouts
  • Percentage of good hits across the year

Your 2022 Ringside Recap is available on the home screen of your Litesport app from now till December 31. But you can save your Ringside Recap right to your phone so you always have it. 

We can’t wait to join you in the ring in 2023 for another year of life-changing fitness and fun.

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