Virtual Reality · Oct 27, 2022

Introducing Litesport Radio: Find the Perfect Genre for Your Workout

Get ready to experience Punch Tracks in a whole new way with the launch of our latest feature: Litesport Radio. Litesport Radio sorts over 550 Punch Track workouts into genres for quick music selection. Relive your favorite decade with Old School Hip Hop Radio. Or turn up the volume and box to the beat of your high-energy favorites on Dance/Electronic Radio.

We have over 15 radio stations live in the app today! All you have to do is find the right genre for your mood, select your Punch Track difficulty, and enjoy nonstop Punch Tracks on shuffle without interruption. And not only that but with this latest update, the music you love stays on the app for longer. 

Read on to learn more about this latest feature, and how you can pick and choose the right genre for your next workout.

What Is Litesport Radio?

Litesport Radio is a premium-only feature available starting October 27 on the Litesport app. Litesport Radio sorts over 550 Punch Tracks into genres and subgenres so you can easily find the right workout to match your mood and music tastes.

Think of it like Pandora, but for boxing. Once you select a Radio station and your preferred Punch Track difficulty, the Punch Tracks will play on shuffle and you can skip anything you’re not interested in. 

Radio stations live in the app today include: 

  • Pop
    • Newest Pop
    • Pop Classics
  • Rock
    • Modern Rock
    • Classic Rock
    • Hard Rock & Metal
    • 2000s Rock
    • 90s Rock
    • 80s Rock
  • Hip Hop
    • Modern Hip Hop
    • Old School Hip Hop
  • Dance / Electronic
  • Country
  • Latin/Reggaeton

There’s also a “My Favorites” Radio where you’ll find any song you’ve ever starred, or favorited, that no longer lives in the list of current Punch Tracks. This means you’ll never lose access to your go-to favorites! 

Why We Love Litesport Radio

Here are some reasons why we’re loving this new feature:

Access to a Growing Music Selection

With Litesport Radio, you now have access to over 550 Punch Tracks. And that list is only going to keep growing! We’re adding new music daily to our Litesport membership. And you’ll be able to find all that new music sorted into Radio stations on the app. 

Focus More on the Music You Love

We know there’s a big difference between classic rock, metal, and 2000s rock. So although you have access to a Rock Radio station, there are also six other rock subgenres to choose from. With access to sub-genre Radio stations, you can focus on the music you love most. And skip the ones you don’t.

Enjoy Your Favorite Punch Tracks for Longer

Not only do you now have a much larger Punch Track selection, but the Litesport Radio update makes it so that the music you love stays on the app for longer. Love a song? Add it to your Favorites. It will be there for you to replay on shuffle in your My Favorites Radio station even after that song retires from the live list of current Punch Tracks. 

This means that even if your favorite songs no longer appear on our Punch Track list, you’ll always have shuffle access with Litesport Radio and your My Favorites Radio station. This gives you more time to climb the Leaderboard, challenge your friends, and box to the beat of your favorite songs and artists.

Sign Up for a Litesport Membership Today

Ready to customize your workout with Litesport Radio? With a Litesport membership, you get access to Litesport Radio, top-charting music, unlimited workouts, and more ways to personalize and upgrade your workout. What are you waiting for? Learn more about Litesport membership and get started today. 

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