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February Fighter of the Month: Ashley Mason

When we notice a fighter in the Litesport community going above and beyond, we want to take a moment to recognize them and all their hard work. They’re pushing themselves, never giving up the fight, and valuing their health with every punch. And that’s what the Fighter of the Month is all about. 

And what better way to kick off a new year than to highlight a member of the Litesport community who embodies this fighter spirit and mentality: Ashley Mason. 

Fighter of the Month: Ashley Mason

Ashley is part of the 1 million punch club, with 1,184,400 (and growing!) total punches. He’s one of our top 5 fighters of 2022 with over 685,000 punches thrown last year. Not to mention he’s also completed over 25 challenges and landed in over 880 leaderboard top tens. And he’s not stopping anytime soon.

But what really makes Ashley a Fighter of the Month is his dedication to the Litesport community. You can easily find Ashley in the Litesport Facebook group, giving kudos to other fighters, answering questions, and sharing his own wins with the community. 

It’s fighters like Ashley that make Litesport more than just a workout. He’s also a great example of what it means to work hard (and punch hard) in accomplishing your goals. 

We asked this fighter a few questions about his Litesport experience. Here’s what we learned about Ashley and why he chooses Litesport for his workout:

How did you discover Litesport? 

Ashley’s journey to Litesport started with an expensive Equinox membership. Weighing 30 to 35 lbs more than he wanted to, Ashley said yes to the steep monthly fee and annual commitment hoping it would offer the motivation he needed to lose the weight and get healthier. 

According to Ashley, “it was the best decision I ever made.” That’s because it was at Equinox that Ashley discovered his love for boxing. After quitting Equinox, Ashley started training with a heavy bag, but quickly got bored with the workout. So he did what we all do: he turned to Google for answers. In his search, he came across Litesport. And in March 2021, he placed the order.

In his own words, here’s why Ashley made the decision to hit the purchase button:

“I know the power of working out to music, so punching in sync with a song seemed like it would be motivating. I [also] liked that Litesport had targets to hit, so it would engage my brain as well as my body. And the variety of Trainers [made] me sure I would find someone I liked. And there was a money-back guarantee so… I figured if I really didn’t like it I could return it.”

Seems like good reasoning to us! 

What do you enjoy most about Litesport?

Like many fighters, Ashley loves the stress relief that boxing offers. But unlike punching a heavy bag, there’s more to the workout with Litesport. What made the difference for Ashley were the Trainers, the workout stats, and the fact that Litesport is constantly innovating, growing, and improving.

“The constant innovation and support, first the shield, then VR, and then Go, so many options, and it means when my hands need a break from the physical punching, I can still use the VR and/or the Go… Not to mention I no longer have to suffer withdrawals when traveling, I can keep punching with no break in my routine. As for support, both the community and the customer support are fantastic and motivating.”

What’s your current workout routine and how does Litesport fit in?

So how does this fighter stay in boxing shape? Before Litesport, Ashley did mostly weight lifting and very little cardio. But now, Litesport is his primary workout routine. 

In the morning, he starts his day by walking his dog for 30 to 40 minutes. After work, he hops on his Liteboxer Floor Stand or throws on his Meta Quest goggles for a VR workout.  

Why do you step into the ring?

Ashley’s motivation for working out is not just losing weight or staying in shape. It’s also about feeling good and creating the best version of himself. 

“I like how [Litesport] makes me feel, it helps keep me as healthy as possible, I am a little vain and like to look good, it lets me be a bit more relaxed eating bread, butter, and dessert.”

Do you have a favorite Litesport workout, Trainer, or class type?

Ashley is always ready to press play on a workout led by Trainers Jill or Lissa, who bring the energy he needs to keep punching. 

“Jill gives some great tips and checks, like calling out being too close to the shield, rotating, and pulling hands all the way back. And Lissa is just always moving at a furious pace…”

But he likes to mix it up, especially with any 30-minute workout that gets him off the platform for strength-building floor work. He loves repping out squats and glute bridges—and isn’t afraid to put his core to work. And while the Strength Training classes can leave him feeling sore the next morning, ultimately they could be helping ease some of the pain he’s experiencing.

“I have a bad back and since using Litesport, the flare-ups have really dropped off. I put it down to total body conditioning.”

Do you have any goals you’re working towards right now with Litesport?

For 2022, it was all about hitting that 1 million punch goal. But what is this fighter working on now that he’s accomplished that goal? 

“For 2023 I want to get through as many of the Trainer classes as possible that I have not done already. I have a secondary punch goal of 750,000 punches for the calendar year.” 

He threw 685,000+ punches in 2022, so we’re confident that this 2023 punch goal is well within his reach!

Do you know of someone in the Litesport community who should be our next Fighter of the Month? Send us an email to nominate a fellow athlete. 

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