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Competition at Home: How Litesport Turns Your Workout Into a Sport

Have you ever wondered why it feels so good to be on the winning team, or how time seems to stop when you’re playing your favorite sport? What if getting fit was as simple as recreating that feeling in your own home?

That’s what we asked ourselves at Litesport — how can we replicate the motivation we feel competing in a sport with a first-of-its-kind home workout? The answer involves borrowing tips from sports psychologists.

What is Sports Psychology?

Sports psychology is the study of how psychological factors influence sports, athletic performance, exercise, and physical activity. It's led to studies investigating why we enjoy sports so much and what about them keeps us coming back for more. 

Here’s the shocking thing: the answer boils down to hormones. Many people are so passionate about their sports teams that if their team wins, they experience a rush of the hormone dopamine, creating an intense feeling of pleasure. Psychology Today describes dopamine as a "neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centers." It increases goal-directed activity by creating a reward-seeking loop that drives you to repeat pleasurable behavior. 

Not only do our hormones activate while watching sports, but also while engaging in any kind of competition. According to ASAPScience, we are constantly “looking to recreate the physiological excitement we can’t seem to forget” when our team wins big or we succeed in competition.

Thanks to endocrinology, we’re able to pinpoint exactly what keeps us coming back to a workout and tap into the brain’s natural motivation. 

Litesport's intelligent tech syncs lights, music, and tempo to create a unique challenge that - you may not even realize - is designed to keep you coming back. Through our beat-driven workouts you experience competition and achievement; we’re providing a hack by lighting up the pleasure center of the brain. In other words, we make your workouts fun. 

It’s well known that the biggest hurdle most people face in starting a workout is motivation, and yet, people willingly play games or watch sports for hours at a time without needing any encouragement. . Now you can experience those  same feelings right from home with Litesport. 

Created to motivate and engage

Enter Litesport founders Todd Dagres and Jeff Morin with an experience designed to help you tap into your natural motivation tendencies and hack your brain into enjoying your workout. 

"We set out to create a whole new category of at-home fitness so that working out becomes as fun and engaging as playing a sport,"

—Todd Dagres, Chairman and Co-founder of Litesport, and Founder of Spark Capital

By combining peoples’ natural interest  in game mechanics with a fitness experience, Litesport feels more like engaging in a sport than a workout you have to force yourself to get through. We’re here to turn any lack of workout motivation into workout excitement, one punch at a time.

In a study conducted by the University of Jacksonville, participants who worked out with Litesport perceived their exertion as much lower than their actual exertion, illustrating the power of an at-home sports experience compared to any average workout. More effective workout results that you actually look forward to doing? Yes, please. 

We’re making the future of fitness something that is not a chore: a high-intensity exercise with gaming and music. We’re trying to hack the brain by basically engaging you in this interactive challenge to get your mind and body in this flow state where time kind of flies by, and the pain you normally experience when you workout kind of gives way to joy.” 

—Jeff Morin, Co-founder and CEO and MIT-trained engineer

Level up your workout

Litesport is so engaging that you’ll forget you’re even working out as you become hooked on timing your hits with the runway lights that indicate which of the six targets to punch (and when). Choose from 600+ workouts - whether it’s a Punch Track that’s synced to the beat of your chosen music or a Trainer Class with one of our nine word-class instructors - and experience how you go from thinking about working out as a chore to thinking about how to improve your score. 

"It's not even like working out because it's so much fun!" - Shannon A. 

"A healthy addiction! I am addicted to Litesport! I love the 30 min instructor-led programs and then extend with a 2 or 3 song led training or punch tracks. It's always just one more song and it takes the chore out of exercising." - Ashley M.

"It's addicting" - Gloria E. 

"Litesport workouts are more like playing a sport!" - Ken B. 

"I’m a 50-year-old woman who has always hated working out. I love sports but I usually spend workouts thinking about “how much longer”, or “this really sucks”. I bought this on a whim... I love it! It’s good for my older brain, and it feels like a sport rather than a workout. I have done it every day for 2 weeks and it’s been fun to feel the progress." - Debbie 

Ready to level up your life and hack your brain into working out? Get a taste of the action with our 7-day free trial

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