Competition · Workouts · Sep 22, 2023

Can You Beat the Bot?

Earlier this month we launched a “Beat the Bot” Mitt Drill, our TOUGHEST workout drop in months. In this Mitt Drill workout, you’ll face off against a boxing bot to the ever-increasing speed of the “Swan Lake” theme. 

How does it work? Let’s break it down: 

  1. Track the lights as they travel from the center to one of six targets on the shield. When that light reaches the center that’s your cue to punch. 
  2. The bot starts you off easy with several seconds between punches. But don’t be fooled by the slower start because as soon as you build up a good streak the beat picks up and the punch combos get faster and faster… and faster. 
  3. Pretty soon it will feel like you need 6 hands to follow the light and keep up with the punches. 
  4. Then, as the workout comes to a close the combos wind down and you’re back to a regular tempo. 
  5. After the challenge ends, check your score and see where you landed on the Leaderboard!

It’s next to impossible to get a perfect score in your first match-up against the bot. It might even take you all week to get anywhere near a perfect score in our "Beat the Bot" challenge. But it's incredibly fun to try and keep up as the “Swan Lake” theme song builds in tempo. It’s a lot like racing down Rainbow Road on Mario Kart with no rails, narrow roads, and tight turns. Only this is the boxing version and your arms are flying at high speed in an attempt to keep up. 

Even our Trainers struggled with the challenge! As Jill says, “If you can do this… I’m proud of you. That’s hard!” And now it’s your turn! “Beat the Bot” is available to all Litesport users, both Basic and Premium. Try it out by navigating to Workouts > Mitt Drills > Beat the Bot: "Swan Lake Theme" by Kashido


Can you beat the bot or beat the high scores of Trainers JD or Jill? Time to find out. And don’t forget to check out our Instagram or head to our blog for even more updates and announcements—like new content dropping soon in Litesport!

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