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8 Fun Ways to Workout With the Family This Holiday Season

Tis’ the season to get together with your family, friends, and loved ones to celebrate the holidays and all that you’re thankful for this year. While fitness isn’t always a priority during the holiday season, there are plenty of fun ways for you and your family to get moving together. 

These eight fun and easy holiday fitness activities are not only a great way to keep everyone moving and healthy this holiday season, but they help bring your family closer together. (And fired up for some friendly competition!). 

Here are eight holiday fitness ideas for you and your family to try this winter:


1. Go For a Walk or Hike

Gather up the family and head outside to your local park or trail for a walk. It’s an easy activity to do together as a group and can be a great way to get out of the house and move your body. By fitting a walk into the holiday schedule, you can catch up with family members or friends while prioritizing your fitness. With all the holiday decorations and lights it could be a particularly festive way to get some exercise. As a reward, enjoy some steaming mugs of hot chocolate after you’re back!

2. Join a Holiday 5k

From Santa Shuffles to Holiday Dashes, there’s usually something going on around town for the holidays that’s fun for the whole family. 5k races bring the community together around a cause, making them accessible to anyone from the hard-core runner to the casual walker. 

Have fun with it and make family T-shirts or dress up in holiday costumes to celebrate. Not only are 5k races a fun family activity, but they’re also a great way to stay connected to the community during the colder winter months. 

3. Play Flag Football in the Backyard

There’s no better way to burn off restless energy (and calories!) as a group than heading outside for a family football throwdown. You can turn up the heat like Monica and Ross Geller from Friends or keep it light and easy. Assign team colors and captains and make your own DIY flag belts, buy some online, or play tag football instead. As long as you’re all moving and having fun, that’s the goal.

4. Do Yard Work or Chores Together

Get the whole family involved in yard work or house chores as you prepare for the arrival of your holiday guests. When done together even dreaded seasonal yard work like shoveling snow or raking leaves can be a fun (and sweat-inducing) activity. The same thing applies to indoor chores like cleaning as well. Assign each member of the family a room or task and make a game of who can complete their chore first. 

5. Try a Winter Activity

If you’re somewhere cold and experiencing your first signs of snow then this opens up a ton of possibilities for you and your family or friends. Head to the nearest hill to go sledding, try cross-country or alpine skiing, take a winter walk or hike, snowshoe, or go ice skating. These are great activities to do as a group, and you can keep each other warm and laughing as you’re breaking a sweat.

6. Learn a New Sport as a Family

If you don’t have any fitness activities you do together as a family or friend group, this could be the year to start. Whether it’s shadowboxing together in your living room or a game of indoor tennis, starting a brand-new activity could be a great way to both learn a new skill and have fun as a family. 

If you’re interested in learning how to box, Litesport is a great way for each of your family members or friends to practice your technique and have fun competing for the top score. 

7. Set Up a Family-Wide Litesport Competition 

Get the whole family involved in some friendly competition by setting up a Litesport Holiday Tournament. Create a tournament bracket and have family members or friends compete head-to-head in a Litesport workout to see who gets the highest score using our Leaderboards. It’s like your own version of March Madness, but holiday-themed. 

Winners advance to the next round until a champion is crowned. Up the ante by deciding on a prize that everyone wants to compete for, so the Holiday Champion walks away with more than just bragging rights. 

Can anyone in my family compete? Litesport offers a challenge for all fighters, with 600+ workout options and levels of difficulty tailored to everyone from the beginner to the experienced boxer. For your competition, we recommend choosing a beginner-level class so anyone can join. Make sure to set up the brackets such that fighters are evenly matched so that everyone can have a blast working out. (We recommend this free bracket generator!)

Bring the family together even if you’re not together: If other members of your family or friends have a Litesport at home, they can compete using their own Litesport. Leaderboards and Litesport Matches help you keep track of all the scores. This opens up the competition to friends or members of the family who can’t make it to the holidays this year. 

Pretty soon your family can be like Trainers Jill and Anthony, competing for the highest score: 


8. Take a Litesport Strength Class Together

Not interested in a boxing competition? Press play on a Litesport Strength Training classes instead. Our Trainers can help you and your family or friends build power and strength or relax into something a bit more restorative. 

Gather the family together for a total body workout. No matter what mood your family is in, we’ve got you covered. 

    Even if you can’t get the whole family involved in a holiday fitness activity this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t prioritize being active on your own! Check out our blog post How Boxing Can Help Beat the Stress of the Holiday Season for tips on how to fit fitness into a busy holiday routine. And make sure to join our Litesport community for the latest fitness challenges and motivation to make it through the holiday season. 

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