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6 Reasons Why Litesport Is the Perfect Gift for the Fitness Lover in your Life

If you have a boxer or fitness lover — or someone who hasn’t been able to find a workout option that gets them excited! — in your life, the gift of Litesport could be just what they need under the tree this year. And with our biggest deals of the season happening now, there’s no better time to buy.

Here are six reasons why Litesport makes for the perfect holiday fitness gift: 

1. It switches up their routine with a more engaging and motivating way to stay in shape

One look at Litesport lets you know it’s not just another boring workout. We’ve taken the best parts of boxing and paired them with an interactive and beat-driven digital experience. 

There’s unlimited potential for a fun and engaging workout with several options for how to sweat it out, including:

2. It offers amazing physical & mental health benefits 

Boxing is a full-body strength exercise, targeting almost every major muscle group. Not only do all those jabs, crosses, and left and right uppercuts build upper body strength, but you need glute, core, and leg strength to bob, weave and deliver explosive power with every punch. 

Boxing is also the ultimate form of cardio. When lining up punch after punch your heart rate elevates and your oxygen input increases. Over time this helps strengthen your heart and lungs as your body learns how to efficiently increase your oxygen input and blood flow. 

There is also nothing more empowering than punching it out in the ring with Litesport. This results in not only physical health benefits, but mental health benefits like a boost in confidence, reduced stress levels, better sleep, and enhanced mental functioning.

Learn more about the health benefits of boxing

3. It’s great for all levels of fitness

Litesport offers an addictive full-body exercise that anyone can enjoy no matter their age or fitness level. We offer 600+ workouts with difficulty options for everyone, from beginners to experienced boxers.

Each Trainer Class is either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced and our Punch Tracks, Mitt Drills, and Total Body workouts offer three different levels of difficulty as well: easy, medium, and hard. So if you have someone in your family or friend group who’s looking for a fun way to stay in shape, with Litesport there’s a challenge waiting for them at their level of fitness.

Learn more about our beginner-level Litesport options.

4. It’s an effective cross-training workout for other sports

If you have an athlete in your family on the hunt for a new workout to add to their current regimen or a way to stay in shape in the offseason of their sport, Litesport could be a great addition to their routine. From team sports like soccer or baseball to individual sports like golf, running, weightlifting, or cycling, boxing can help fill the gaps they might be missing in their training. 

With Litesport, your athlete can improve their strength, cardiovascular endurance, explosive power, balance, agility, hand-eye coordination, mental toughness, and more. All of these are important skills needed for most other sports and activities. Plus, the thrilling nature of boxing makes it an exciting addition to any workout routine.  

Learn more about the cross-training benefits of boxing

5. It helps improve their boxing skills, form, and technique

If the fitness lover in your family is a current boxer or want-to-be boxer, then Litesport could be a great tool for improving their boxing skills and form from the convenience of their own home. It’s like having a personal trainer right in their living room, coaching them on correct boxing form and technique while pushing them to never give up the fight. 

Our trainers have years of fitness experience and come from a variety of backgrounds including boxing, careers as professional athletes, and dancing. With these pros, we offer some of the best total body fitness instruction around.

After completing a Litesport workout, they can then view their force, timing, and accuracy metrics in the Litesport app. By tracking their progress and pushing to achieve a personal best, they can get stronger and more confident with every class. 

So whether they need dedicated time to work on speed, power punches, strength, or boxing combinations, we’ve got the class for them to improve their boxing skills and technique, all while getting in a great workout. 

Learn more about how Litesport can improve a fighter’s boxing form with our FOCUS class series

6. It connects them to a community 

With Litesport, they can compete with other members of the Litesport community or go head-to-head with family and friends in a Litesport Match by competing for the highest score. 

They can also join our Litesport Facebook community for access to motivational resources, personalized tips and feedback from Litesport Trainers, accountability coaching, and more. This kind of community competition and support unlocks a whole new level of motivation and engagement, making Litesport more impactful than a workout done solo.

Learn more about our Litesport community

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